Ray's Runners

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 2

We have a heart

23 Apr 2076 (Thursday)
- 0100: Syndell starts doing legwork on sales of items and discovers there is a sale taking place at Place X, which is a neutral meeting place in the Grand Bazaar. She also looks into 10000 Daggers and finds they are a mercenary unit based out of Istanbul and are also responsible for the security at the bazaar. She checks into the Loose Cannons and finds they are the sellers of the heart. She discovers they have a dead drop in order to contact them. She leaves a message for them to contact her.
- 0900: Neferiez of the Loose Cannons contacts her and they get into an altercation and Syndell ends up hanging up on him.
- 1200 OJ calls Raja and asks him to reserve space in Place X for a soire for 40-50 guests during the same time as the sale.. Kayless also begins looking for two safe houses: one close by and the other a little further out. He also purchases some explosives and detonators as well as some slap patches with Neurostun.

The Plan:
- OJ invites many luminaries to the party and has the strike team from Joanna Krstic acting as security
- Syndell plants fake evidence on the spare commlinks pointing to the Loose Cannons as terrorists who attached the party.
- Kayless gets two bombs ready, one for the “shitty” safe house and one for planting in Place X.
- OJ casts physical mask on Kayless and Covon making them look like member of the loose cannons and they are to enter Place X after the party starts and during the meet.
- 1230: OJ arrives at Place X and ensures it meets his standards. Sundell is in a bag in the back of the Toyota Gopher parked outside the Bazaar so she can monitor matrix traffic.
- 1400: Kayless and Covon show up outside Place X and they discover Yuri and Hiver outside Place X. They decide to attack them and Place X goes into lockdown. Inside, the strike team starts attacking the other Loose Cannons and takes them down along with their customers. OJ is able to retrieve the heart and they make their way to the hotel. The team splits up so they can plant the evidence and such.
Joanna and her team show up at OJs hotel and politely ask for the heart. They get paid for the mission and Joanna departs.
- 1500: OJ gets a call from Raja because a guy by the name of Hamid wants to meet with the team concerning the heart. OJ sets a meet up at the Sultan’s Lappe for 1600.
-1600: The team met with Hamid of the Kurdish resistance and discovered the heart can be used to open a gateway to allow bug spirits to come across. He offered the team 100,000¥ each in order to retrieve it and bring it back to the Kurds.



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