Shadowrun Sourcebooks allowed


As sourcebooks become available, there will no doubt be questions as to what is allowed and what is not. I would like this to be a group consensus.

When it comes to a home game, I usually allow all sourcebooks to be used without restriction, until a situation comes up that will throw everything out of whack.

So far, here is a list of sourcebooks currently available and my thoughts on them:

- Shadowrun 5 sourcebook: good to use, none of the optional rules are used at this moment, however, we can review them if there are ones we are interested in checking out.

- Run & Gun: good to use except for the clearly optional rules labeled RG.

- Street Grimoire: valid for use. Obviously, blood magic, toxic magic, and insect shamans are not permitted.

- Run Faster: good to use.

- Chrome Flesh: good to use.

- Data Trails: good to use.

- Rigger 5: good to use.

- Stolen Souls: looks like all the spells, adept powers, and gear are fine to use.

- Hard Targets: good to use.

- Lockdown: good to use.

- The Vladivostok Gauntlet: good to use (only two pieces of gear).

- Aetherology: good to use.

- Coyotes: there are no additional rules or gear. Please refrain from reading beyond page 24 as these are some interesting plot hooks.

- The Assassin’s Primer: good to use (only new qualities and one piece of gear).

- Gun H(e)aven 3: good to use.

- Sail Away Sweet Sister: good to use.

- Shadow Spells: good to use.

- SIF: SIoux Nation: good to use.

- SIF: Sioux Nation: Butte: good to use.

- SIF: Sioux Nation: San Francisco: good to use.

- Bullets and Bandages: looks like everything is valid for home game use

- Nothing Personal: good to use.

That’s it for now. As new books come out, we can address those.

Shadowrun Sourcebooks allowed

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