Ray's Runners

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 3

23 April 2076 (Thursday)
- 1600 Jian-Min does Matrix search to find out if they find Joanna’s team then searches for cameras. Kayless uses his Smuggling Routes to determine possible route.. Jian searches bug spirit activity. Kayless calls Raja and asks him to track Joanna and arrange transport to target location (Frankfurt).
- 1702: Arrive at airfield to catch flight out and arrive (0002/24 Apr). Kayless calls Rohrschach and leaves message that he’ll pay 1000¥ for 30 minutes of her time. Kayless runs to Bazaar to get Jian an MCT Fly Spy with ECM, chameleon suit and shock gloves.
- 2302: Rohrschach calls Kayless.

24 April 2076 (Friday)
- 0002 Arrive at a small airfield outside Frankfurt.
- OJ summons spirit to find Joann
- Kayless calls Piotr and they are take to Nightclub Paradies at 0145. They book rooms at Villa Kennedy.
- 0200: OJ summons spirit to bind until 0800.
- 0402: Get to rooms and get info.
- 1600: Everyone wakes up.
- 1700: Luigi shows up and takes them to Milan.
- 2330: Arrive in Milan.

- 25 Apr 2076 (Saturday)
- 0000 Get settled into B&B. Kalyess talks with local smuggler sand learns of deaths in Sarajevo.
- 0030: Jian searches for info on group (Joann’s).
- 0100: Jian finds smuggler form Milan to Sarajevo (Dragan).
- 0200: Dragan responds he is able to meet at port in 3 hours for 5000¥.
- 0500: Dragan meets party at port.
- 0530: Jian finds more info about ambush in Sarajevo.
- 0600: Turn around and arrive back in Milan.
- 1400: Synthia Schorders shows up and makes offer which the team refuses. Tells them she is with a different group of the Apep Consortium and that Corcoran is a master shedim who shouldn’t receive the heart.
- 1500: Jian searches for the orgs who ambushed Joann’s group and OJ summons a spirit of air.
OJ summons a spirit and seeks out a chem lab to see if he can get some KE-IV.

26 Apr 2076 (Sunday)
- 0600: OJ meets Jimmy Bob of Doctors Within Borders and give him the samples and they discover at 0900 that it is KE-IV.

27 Apr 2076 (Monday)
- 0930: The team discovers that the insect hive is in the old subways, buys a bunch of gear and make their way into the subway where they discover a strange tunnel with sentries and a couple of guys talking about something.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 2
We have a heart

23 Apr 2076 (Thursday)
- 0100: Syndell starts doing legwork on sales of items and discovers there is a sale taking place at Place X, which is a neutral meeting place in the Grand Bazaar. She also looks into 10000 Daggers and finds they are a mercenary unit based out of Istanbul and are also responsible for the security at the bazaar. She checks into the Loose Cannons and finds they are the sellers of the heart. She discovers they have a dead drop in order to contact them. She leaves a message for them to contact her.
- 0900: Neferiez of the Loose Cannons contacts her and they get into an altercation and Syndell ends up hanging up on him.
- 1200 OJ calls Raja and asks him to reserve space in Place X for a soire for 40-50 guests during the same time as the sale.. Kayless also begins looking for two safe houses: one close by and the other a little further out. He also purchases some explosives and detonators as well as some slap patches with Neurostun.

The Plan:
- OJ invites many luminaries to the party and has the strike team from Joanna Krstic acting as security
- Syndell plants fake evidence on the spare commlinks pointing to the Loose Cannons as terrorists who attached the party.
- Kayless gets two bombs ready, one for the “shitty” safe house and one for planting in Place X.
- OJ casts physical mask on Kayless and Covon making them look like member of the loose cannons and they are to enter Place X after the party starts and during the meet.
- 1230: OJ arrives at Place X and ensures it meets his standards. Sundell is in a bag in the back of the Toyota Gopher parked outside the Bazaar so she can monitor matrix traffic.
- 1400: Kayless and Covon show up outside Place X and they discover Yuri and Hiver outside Place X. They decide to attack them and Place X goes into lockdown. Inside, the strike team starts attacking the other Loose Cannons and takes them down along with their customers. OJ is able to retrieve the heart and they make their way to the hotel. The team splits up so they can plant the evidence and such.
Joanna and her team show up at OJs hotel and politely ask for the heart. They get paid for the mission and Joanna departs.
- 1500: OJ gets a call from Raja because a guy by the name of Hamid wants to meet with the team concerning the heart. OJ sets a meet up at the Sultan’s Lappe for 1600.
-1600: The team met with Hamid of the Kurdish resistance and discovered the heart can be used to open a gateway to allow bug spirits to come across. He offered the team 100,000¥ each in order to retrieve it and bring it back to the Kurds.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 1
Off to Istanbul

- 20 April 2076
- The team has spent several weeks to make improvements and receive a call from Jane. She informs them they have a Job offer from an Evan Corcoran in the Federal District of Columbia. All expenses will be paid just to listen to the job. Their flight takes off at 1800 to the FDC.
- 21 April 2076/0400: They land in FDC where a limo picks them up and takes them to one of the nicer hotels in the area. Kayless checks into safe houses in the FDC and thinks the best place to find them would be the Anacostia Barrens.
- 0500: They meet with Corcoran and negotiate for 50,000¥ each, up to a party of 5. Corcoran informs them an artifact lent to the George Washington University for study was stolen. Ehran lent them the artifact (the weird heart they found in Karavan). Corcoran’s agents believe the heart is enroute or already in Istanbul and will be sold there. The team reviews security footage of the heist and believe the group who committed it are The Loose Cannons, the same group they encountered back in Europort.
- 1900: The team boards a private charter aircraft and depart for Istanbul.

- 22 April 2076
- 0520: The team arrives in Istanbul, rent a Toyota Gopher from the local Avis and depart for their hotel, the Sura Hagia Sophia. The Avis employee tells them to contact his cousin Raja if they need anything for their stay.
- 0700: They arrive at their hotel, get settled in and call Raja to see if he can assist in finding one of the Loose Cannons, Yuri, whom they believe would be the one most likely to stand out.
- 0900: They go to the Grand Bazaar and Kayless sets loose his fly spies to see if they can find any of the Loose Cannons via facial recognition. OJ summons a spirit of air and sends it to search for Yuri as well. While they wait for the drones and spirit to do their things, they decide to do a little shopping for information (and stuff). They discover rumors of a sale taking place this coming Saturday at the Grand Bazaar for an item to a group of Kharijites (servants to the great dragon Aden). They also meet Sam (a talismonger) who shows OJ a beautiful, obviously magical, walking cane. OJ assenses it, but cannot determine it’s exact powers, so Sam tells them he will call his cousin (Izzett, son of Kadir) to come look at it for him.
- 1400: Izzett, son of Kadir, arrives at Sam’s shop and they look at the cane. Izzett reveals it has a sordid history and is cursed. Over a century ago, it belonged to a British officer who used it to take out his displeasure on his servants, and all who saw him while he had it, felt he had a presence about him which demanded respect. When he used it during his tirades, he became a vicious person and would not stop unless he exerted a huge amount of self control (or was forced to stop). OJ purchases it and immediately begins the bonding process.
- 1900: OJ also decides to bind his spirit of air and spends the next 6 hour doing so (finished 23 April 2076/0100).

New Dawn, The Finale
Boom...oops, we forgot something

- 6 Mar 2076
The team is able to move up the stair wells and encounter heavy resistance at the top floor landing. Once they overcome the guards, they find the hallways deserted and make their way into Hiroshi Yakashima’s office. He is there waiting for them and, to their surprise, congratulates them on their efforts. He offers them the chain and OJ lets him know the building is going to be destroyed shortly. Non-plussed, Hiroshi grabs a katana and wakazashi and tells them to take what they wish. He then exits, they take the chain and they make their escape from the facility. Fortunately for them, a pack of dogs attack officers awaiting outside which assists with their own distraction and they make their way back to their safe house. As they depart, they trigger the explosives they’ve planted and down comes the building. On the way to the safe house, OJ suddenly remembers they were supposed to some information out of the host for their Yakuza hosts. They decide to send the children on a run against the Yakashima facility in the bay and the kids come back with pay data.
- 1600: They get back to the safe house and contact Ken about getting out of Neo-Tokyo. He tells them they are to go to the Port Tokyo Harbor and catch a ride on the freighter “Calico Ghost Town” which departs at 2000. The trip will take four days to travel from Neo-Tokyo to Cara’Sir (Portland).
- 7 Mar 2076: The first day goes well and they contact their fixers back in Seattle to order some great.
- 8 Mar 2076: A heavily armed group arrived in a helicopter and attacks the ship. The team is able to take out the attackers and destroy their helicopter in the process.
- 10 Mar 2076: They arrive in Cara’Sir, deliver the chain and travel back to Seattle. Once in Seattle, they take some time to work out, learn some new skills, and do all the fun stuff they need to do to get better.

New Dawn, Part 6
Sushi chefs are too cool

1 March 2076 (Sunday)
- 0700: The team boards Sergei Viper’s Banshee and make their way to Neo-Tokyo. On the way, the children look into Yakashima and Neo-Tokyo. They discover the CEO they seek collects various artifacts, but he does not appear to be a mage himself. They do discover they’ve recently been working with the Atlantean Foundation on a variety of projects, most of which have to do with gene modifications on their personnel. They discover Yakashima has two different facilities (though there could be more), but their primary target is the one in Neo-Tokyo (not in the bay). They team discovers there are four primary Yakuza groups running things in Neo-Tokyo and decide to approach the Watada-gumi in order to introduce themselves and their intentions.
- Upon arriving in Neo-Tokyo, they discover the news is filled with reports of a rogue band of terrorists who attacked the Yakashima building a day ago. Apparently a well armed terrorist group launched rockets and grenades at the building, then charged in with machine gun fire. NTPD responded within 30 seconds with heavily armed drones and SWAT units and cut them down. All terrorists were killed and investigations were ongoing to identify them.

3 Mar 2076 (Tuesday)
- 1500: The team goes to the Watada House as they heard that is the place to meet the Watada-gumi and they aren’t wrong. OJ ensures they bring an appropriate gift along and are greeted by Ken Muratomi in a private dining room of the Watada House restaurant. OJ successfully navigates through Yakuza etiquette requirements and strikes a deal. The team will be allowed to stay in one of the Watada safe houses and they may conduct their operation against Yakashima, provided they bring Ken data concerning Yakashima’s arrangement with the Atalantean Foundation. While there, OJ asks Kayless to figure out how much they would need to blow up the Yakashima building and asks Ken if he can supply it (for a price of course).
- The team settles into their safe house and gather more legwork on their target so as to determine the best method of entry. They discover the Sushi En will cater lunch this coming Friday at noon, so they decide they are going to hijack the catering truck at the Sushi En parking lot, load it with themselves, and the explosives and bluff their way into the underground parking lot at Yakashima.
- They also have the children probe Yakashima’s computers and discover a person claiming to be Sweetwater in the host. She claims to not know how she got there, but she will help them penetrate the facility, since she knows Kayless will get her out. She tells them she is in the Matrix lab, but believes the item they seek is on the third (top) floor in Yakashima’s office.

6 Mar 2076 (Friday)
- 1115: The team gets dressed in their ballistic masks and SWAT armor and wait for the Sushi chefs to come out to their vehicle. They observe three chefs (one older and two younger) approach the catering truck and OJ confidently and with great intimidation steps in front of them. Using his Japanese language skills, he threatens them…and all three Sushi chefs look upon him and tell him to back off. OJ, taken aback, begins speaking with the eldest and discovers this Sushi chef has no fear of the team and is as hard as stone…the same goes for his two compatriots. OJ then changes tactics and asks if they might be able to get a ride to the Yakashima building. The elderly Sushi chef agrees and tells the team to go ahead and hop in the back with the other two. As they make their way through Neo-Tokyo, one of the younger Sushi chefs makes sushi nigiri for each of the team members to try while the other sharpens his knives. Cosgrey and Covon observe the skill with which each uses their blades and discover these guys are far better with bladed weapons than they are. The elder Sushi chef calls from the front of the vehicle that the team is to not cause any mayhem until after 1300, as that is when the lunch break ends and they receive their tips. Starting anything prior to that will probably result in them losing their tips for the day.
- 1145: The elder Sushi chef guides the truck into the parking garage, makes small talk with the security guard and parks next to the underground entrance. As the team exits the vehicle, they discover they are in an absolute blind spot, the guard and the cameras cannot see them where they parked. The Sushi chef makes an off-hand comment about having done this before. They wish the runners luck and once again remind them to wait until after 1300 and the three Sushi chefs haul in their carts.
- The team begins penetrating the facility and make their way to the Matrix lab where Sweetwater told them they’d find her. On their way to the lab, they find the security cameras are under her control so the team remains undetected. They get into the lab and are not able to find Sweetwater, though she tells them from the main console that she is here. They decide to head down to the detention block to see if she might be there. When they get to the detention block, they encounter two guards and take them out…though not before one of the guards triggers the alarm. Surprisingly, the alarm only remains on for three seconds before it’s silenced. They find Sweetwater in a cell with a VR rig on her head. They safely disconnect her and head on out.
- Kayless goes about setting up the charges to destroy the building and the runners make their way up to the basement level, only to find four guards checking each room. They engage the guards in combat and the alarms go off again. They are able to disable the guards, but the element of surprise is now gone.

New Dawn, Part 5
Wedding reception fun

- 25 Feb 2076 (Tuesday)
- 1800: Ruthless and OJ head to the arcane library to research the mysterious heart they have in their possession and discover it’s called “The Black Heart”. It is apparently a very old artifact with unknown powers and various magical groups seek it. They decide they need to get it to Ehran and contact him. He is definitely interested in it so asks they bring it safely and secretly to him when they are done retrieving the chain. The team then spends the next couple of days just relaxing and preparing for the wedding reception.

- 27 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 1900: The wedding reception begins in the dirigible, the Aman Iki. It is a wonderful affair, with music, dancing, food, speeches and all sorts of celebration! Around midnight, the gift presentation begins with the young couple receiving everything from silks and linens to goats and sheep. Near the end of the presentation, Oni makes an appearance carrying a chest of gems, jewels, silver, and gold. There is a slight disturbance related to his entrance, but OJ quickly calms the tribes and invites his friend to seat himself at the head table.

- 28 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 0200: After Oni seats himself, Tapio of the Kizilkristal, comes in and shares that their gift (the chain) has been stolen. OJ quickly goes into action, asking Oni to search the dirigible and the team goes off to investigate. Oni returns and says there are seven individuals with devices on the catwalk between the passenger section and the balloons. The team goes charging up and engage the enemy. As they fight their way through the operatives, they discover the devices are actually vector thrust drones, which are launched through the very skin of the dirigible. The team creates a pincer with Oni on one end and Covon leading the way on the other. As Oni advances, the operatives launch their drones as quickly as possible and then leap from the catwalk. One of the operatives is brought down, one of the operatives gets caught in the dirigible machinery, but the rest execute the most wonderful dives from the catwalk and break through the dirigibles outer skin into the open air…where they deploy airfoils from their suits.
- The Kizilkristal interrogate them and discover they are operatives from the Yakashima corporation in Neo-Tokyo and the chain is headed there. Enraged, Prince Ostrander demands the Kizilkristal bring him the head of Yakashima’s CEO and immediately formulates a plan to retrieve the chain. The Kizilkristal dispatch a multi-tribe strike team as soon as they land (0700) and arrange transport for the Prince and his team.

New Dawn, Part 4
Banshees and wedding...is there a link?

- 24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The team arrives in Karavan and conduct some research on the different tribes which comprise the moving city. They believe their primary focus should bee the Lhasso (the tribe which works on every armament and military piece of gear which comes into town). Before heading off, they ask Ruthless to summon a spirit to search for Stepan Martinez. Kayless also sends out his Fly Spies to see if they can find him using facial recognition. Unfortunately, neither method reveals Stepan’s presence. Kayless takes the lead with the Lhasso and they discover such an individual might go to the Asma to sell such an item.
- 0800: The team decides to head over to the Pjelykosts tribe since they are the magically inclined group. Though they do not find the chain there, they discover Stepan might have gone to the Asma to sell it. A Pjelykost gentleman approaches OJ and Ruthless and works on recruiting them into the tribe’s magical group. After much discussion and seeing the roving library, both agree to join the group the following night.
- 0900: Chang was asked to retrieve information concerning Stepan and reveals he took a job out of the city. It appears he conducted some sort of trade in the city before he left. She also tells them about this nice old lady who needed help carrying some stuff when the lady dropped her cigar box. The team makes their way back to the Banshee and discover an old heart inside the box. Ruthless assesses it, but it doesn’t really exist on the astral plane. Not knowing what it is, they store it in the Banshee, only after Kayless agrees to fetch some cigars for Sergei the rigger.
- 1000: The team gets to the Asma and discover Stepan was there, but the merchants could not afford his asking price: a long range vehicle with several gerry cans of fuel. They sent him to the Seljukok.
- 1030: The team heads over to the Seljukok and meet McGregor, a Scottish weapon smith who sells Kayless a wooden sword with which he may “train” Jian-Min. Unfortunately, Kayless discovers Jian-Min is far more athletic than he expected for a 9 year old.
- The beautiful Princess Yasamine approaches the most charismatic character she spots (OJ) and offers to gift him the information he seeks. Note she offered to gift it to him twice. OJ accepts and realizes only after getting close to the Sultana’s tent that she used the word “gift” twice. They enter the tent, where the Sultana is deep in planning a raid with her various war-chiefs, but sends them off as soon as Yasamine tells her of the great news. The Sultana immediately begins negotiating her dowry with OJ. Though OJ attempts to convince the Sultana that he and his bride need to reside in Seattle due to his other obligations, the Sultana is obstinate and insists the Prince, the future leader of the Seljukok, just lead from the front…or at least set up the wonderful corporate style training structure he described…that really sealed the deal for her. He was able to get her to agree to let him get married (tonight per her choice), but hold off on the reception for two nights, then grant him 1 year and 1 day before he must return to take his place. This translates to OJ returning on 27 Feb 2077 once he ties up what he needs to do!
- The Sultana reveals the chain was gifted to the Kizilkristal who own the two dirigibles which guide the city. The Kizilkristal are not allowed to get rid of any gifts for at least one year from which they received it. She agrees to set up a meet for Prince Levi Ostrander (aka OJ) and his team (now members of the tribe) tomorrow.
- 1800: Between the end of the negations and 1800 Kayless trades his services (automotive) to get the kids food and wedding clothing. The wedding takes place and there are huge celebrations throughout the entire city. You would have thought it was the wedding reception, but that is yet to come!

25 Feb 2076/Tuesday
- 1300: Levi…err…OJ leaves the nuptial tent and purchases some B&E gear for our 9 year old technomancer Jian-Min.
- 1500: The team goes to meet the Kizilkristal and enjoy a tour of the 3 deck dirigible. They also discover the Kizilkristal is hosting the wedding reception in the main ball room the next night and are very happy to treat the newlyweds to a night aboard in the honeymoon suite. OJ broaches the subject of the chain and is able to convince the Kizilkristal rep that they would like to have the chain as a wedding gift. He things it would not break any traditions and both tribes enter negotiations.
- 1700: They finish the dirigible tour and both Ruthless and OJ head over to the Pjelykost and start on the ritual to become members of the magical group. While those two are off doing that, Kayless calls Rorschach, Sequoia, and Jane Foster to share the wonderful news about OJs wedding. Jane seems really surprised and they discover they are all in Karavan right now. Jane meets OJ and Covon to hang out with them. Unfortunately, Jian-Min decides he’s going to sneak out of the Banshee and explore the town on this own…causing his adopted father no end of frustration….Kayless now realizes how difficult raising young, technomancer children can be. Jane takes pity on him and sends one of her spirits to escort the young child back to the Banshee.

Where's the chain?
Second Tigers, Drunken Monkeys, and Wendigos named Yuri

21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 2100: Syndell decides she’s going to hack into Bennett’s home node and try to find any files related to the compass. She successfully cuts through the node and discovers there was a theft at her mansion a few days ago. The team reviews the video footage and see three individuals with the same Chinese symbols on their outfits, which translates to “Second Tigers”. They decide to go to bed and check into this in the morning.

22 Feb 2076 (Saturday)
- 1300: Syndell wakes up and she and Kayless review the footage again together. She does some more matrix searches and finds they are a team of runners who usually hang out at the Drunken Monkey, which turns out to me a merc bar.
- 2200: The team heads down to the Drunken Monkey and find one of the Second Tigers hanging out there with about another five customers…a really light night at the bar. They get into a verbal altercation with Lung Ping, the Second Tiger leader and lure him outside where they capture him and take him to be questioned. After questioning him, they discover the Second Tiger’s decker must have swiped the chain while they tried to make their way out of the mansion. The decker, Stepan Martinez, departed for Karavan a couple days ago to look for work. This is typical of him. The team asks around and discover Karavan is a traveling city and it’s currently on the Afghan border. While conducting their legwork, they discover Sergei happens to be headed that way. They contact Sergei who agrees to take them along and will depart the next day at 1000.

23 Feb 2076 (Sunday)
- 1000: The runners meet with Sergei, load up and take off for what sounds like a long trip.
- 1200: Unfortunately, while trying to skirt the Maya Cloud around Tibet, a tendril of magic reaches out and causes the Banshee to crash land in the Himalayas. The team sends out spirit scouts and discover there is some sort of dual natured creature not far away. They set up a defensive position and both Sergei and Kayless begin working in shifts to get the Banshee up and running again. Needless to say, it’s exceptionally cold up there!
- 1700: The spirits come under attack from a large furry creature who is exceptionally stealthy. The team has one heck of a time trying to hit the creature, but Ruthless saves the day when she stunbolts it a couple of times, knocking it unconscious. They secure the creature and discover he is able to speak. Yuri the wendigo reveals he was extremely hungry and didn’t mean to scare the team. He begs for food and the team gives him rations. After the banshee is repaired, the team releases Yuri with some of their rations.

24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The banshee finally comes into a valley and the team finds Karavan. Sergei speaks with the various “aircraft controllers” and gets permission to land. As the banshee approaches, their commlinks chirp and they discover the local laws (the yassa) downloaded. They review them and Syndell reminds everyone to NOT accept gifts. The children begin asking various questions about the yassa’s meaning and Kayless does his best to explain it to them.

Time to get the compass
Let's play pirates or submariners...or something like that.

-19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1800: The team contacts Beauregard and agree to meet him at 2000. Syndell sends a message to Shadow to let him know about the TM children…after she berates Kayless about suddenly becoming a father and not taking proper steps to protect the children.
- 2000: They meet with Beauregard and discover his fiancee (Tia Ying) is going to be forced to marry a local sheung fa (overboss) of her triad. He knows where she is to get married and that she is currently held at his minions on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. He can provide assistance in penetrating the facility, but reveals the compass is not going to be delivered until 1500 the day of the gala and it will be delivered via the boat docks beneath the museum.
- 2200: Syndell starts conducting matrix searches on various topics and is able to reveal the rough time and probable route Tia Ying’s escorts will take with the boat. They contact a local smuggler, Sergei Vipin, to see if he has a submersible which they plan on using to ambush the enemy boat. He does and they meet him at the docks around 0800 the next morning.

- 20 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 0830: The team uses a multi-prong attack to disable the boat, emerge from the submersible and rescue Tia Ying in true pirate fashion…without the sabers, cannons, and swinging from ropes…okay, maybe not true pirate fashion.
- 0900: They get back to the hotel and start researching information Beauregard gave them about the current owner of the compass, Hsui Li Bennett. They discover she has a large mansion and outsourced security. They discover her security will escort the compass to the docks via boat and they decide to repeat their previous success.

- 21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 1330: They meet with Sergei, ride out to attack the escort team and…succeed just as easily as they did the first time. They contact Ehran who tells them he will meet them at the hotel this evening.
- 2000: They meet with Ehran and discovers the compass is the right one…but the chain attached to it is a fake. Without the chain, it’s “almost” useless. Ehran tells them they must go and get the chain. The team wants more money, so Ehran agrees to assist them with the various “issues” they face, e.g. helping OJ lose the bone spikes, helping Kayless find a Delta clinic, etc.

Exit the pyramid, downtime, and Hong Kong
Geez, archeology is tough!

- 5 Jan 2076 (Sunday)
- The team emerges from the eastern pyramid and face some serious opposition on their way out. Fortunately for them, Covon and Syndell are still waiting for them and they escape. They make their way back to Sarajevo and catch a flight back to Seattle with a smuggler whom Jane arranged to meet them.
- The runners take some time to purchase some equipment, conduct some training, and all those fun things they do during downtime.

- 16 Feb 2076
- They receive a call from a Johnson asking they meet at a corner cafe late in the evening. When the team arrives, an elf in make up runs up to them, transfers 5000¥ to their accounts and runs off. To their dismay, a security team comes running around the corner and mistakes them for the elf for some reason. After a brief firefight, Ehran the Scribe shows up and offers them a ride in his limousine while they discuss business.
- He wants them to travel to Hong Kong to retrieve Shantaya’s Compass from the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Artifacts. He offers them a private ballistic shuttle, hotel, and transportation in Hong Kong. They agree to go and complete the mission for 25,000¥. He also offers an option to get equipment for them instead of conducting a cash payout for any item they desire. King takes advantage of it and gets SWAT armor with a helmet and a better fake SIN. Ruthless requests a sword focus and a fake SIN. Payless and Covon both go for fake SINs.

- 18 Feb 2076/0015: The team gets to the airport, loads their gear and takes off for Hong Kong.

- 19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1000/The group lands safely in Hong Kong and meet with Penelope Wang, who is an assistant to Ehran. They check their equipment and load up in a diplomatic flagged Nightsky. They are brought to a luxury hotel (The Peninsula Hotel), check in and decide to have lunch and contact Hacker A to do some research on the hotel and compass. They discover there is a big event to be held at the Museum of Ancient Art in a few days, at which the compass will be displayed. They ask Penelope to arrange a special visit to the museum so they can check it out.
- 1500/They arrive at the museum and receive a guided tour. During Kayless’ drone scouting, he encounters two children living in the air ducts. After some confusion, he discovers they are Technomancer orphans. Kayless arranges for the children to leave the museum and takes them back to the hotel, where he decides he’s going to adopt them. The children perform some actions, such as transferring funds from a pair of Atlantean Foundation Reps to Kayless’ commlink. They also order a lot of “food” (read: junk in front of it) and act as typical 11 and 9 year old orphan technomancer children. The team discovers the kids know Beauregard (who works at the museum) is having some problems and might be willing to help the runners in exchange for help.


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