Ray's Runners

New Dawn, Part 5
Wedding reception fun

- 25 Feb 2076 (Tuesday)
- 1800: Ruthless and OJ head to the arcane library to research the mysterious heart they have in their possession and discover it’s called “The Black Heart”. It is apparently a very old artifact with unknown powers and various magical groups seek it. They decide they need to get it to Ehran and contact him. He is definitely interested in it so asks they bring it safely and secretly to him when they are done retrieving the chain. The team then spends the next couple of days just relaxing and preparing for the wedding reception.

- 27 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 1900: The wedding reception begins in the dirigible, the Aman Iki. It is a wonderful affair, with music, dancing, food, speeches and all sorts of celebration! Around midnight, the gift presentation begins with the young couple receiving everything from silks and linens to goats and sheep. Near the end of the presentation, Oni makes an appearance carrying a chest of gems, jewels, silver, and gold. There is a slight disturbance related to his entrance, but OJ quickly calms the tribes and invites his friend to seat himself at the head table.

- 28 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 0200: After Oni seats himself, Tapio of the Kizilkristal, comes in and shares that their gift (the chain) has been stolen. OJ quickly goes into action, asking Oni to search the dirigible and the team goes off to investigate. Oni returns and says there are seven individuals with devices on the catwalk between the passenger section and the balloons. The team goes charging up and engage the enemy. As they fight their way through the operatives, they discover the devices are actually vector thrust drones, which are launched through the very skin of the dirigible. The team creates a pincer with Oni on one end and Covon leading the way on the other. As Oni advances, the operatives launch their drones as quickly as possible and then leap from the catwalk. One of the operatives is brought down, one of the operatives gets caught in the dirigible machinery, but the rest execute the most wonderful dives from the catwalk and break through the dirigibles outer skin into the open air…where they deploy airfoils from their suits.
- The Kizilkristal interrogate them and discover they are operatives from the Yakashima corporation in Neo-Tokyo and the chain is headed there. Enraged, Prince Ostrander demands the Kizilkristal bring him the head of Yakashima’s CEO and immediately formulates a plan to retrieve the chain. The Kizilkristal dispatch a multi-tribe strike team as soon as they land (0700) and arrange transport for the Prince and his team.

New Dawn, Part 4
Banshees and wedding...is there a link?

- 24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The team arrives in Karavan and conduct some research on the different tribes which comprise the moving city. They believe their primary focus should bee the Lhasso (the tribe which works on every armament and military piece of gear which comes into town). Before heading off, they ask Ruthless to summon a spirit to search for Stepan Martinez. Kayless also sends out his Fly Spies to see if they can find him using facial recognition. Unfortunately, neither method reveals Stepan’s presence. Kayless takes the lead with the Lhasso and they discover such an individual might go to the Asma to sell such an item.
- 0800: The team decides to head over to the Pjelykosts tribe since they are the magically inclined group. Though they do not find the chain there, they discover Stepan might have gone to the Asma to sell it. A Pjelykost gentleman approaches OJ and Ruthless and works on recruiting them into the tribe’s magical group. After much discussion and seeing the roving library, both agree to join the group the following night.
- 0900: Chang was asked to retrieve information concerning Stepan and reveals he took a job out of the city. It appears he conducted some sort of trade in the city before he left. She also tells them about this nice old lady who needed help carrying some stuff when the lady dropped her cigar box. The team makes their way back to the Banshee and discover an old heart inside the box. Ruthless assesses it, but it doesn’t really exist on the astral plane. Not knowing what it is, they store it in the Banshee, only after Kayless agrees to fetch some cigars for Sergei the rigger.
- 1000: The team gets to the Asma and discover Stepan was there, but the merchants could not afford his asking price: a long range vehicle with several gerry cans of fuel. They sent him to the Seljukok.
- 1030: The team heads over to the Seljukok and meet McGregor, a Scottish weapon smith who sells Kayless a wooden sword with which he may “train” Jian-Min. Unfortunately, Kayless discovers Jian-Min is far more athletic than he expected for a 9 year old.
- The beautiful Princess Yasamine approaches the most charismatic character she spots (OJ) and offers to gift him the information he seeks. Note she offered to gift it to him twice. OJ accepts and realizes only after getting close to the Sultana’s tent that she used the word “gift” twice. They enter the tent, where the Sultana is deep in planning a raid with her various war-chiefs, but sends them off as soon as Yasamine tells her of the great news. The Sultana immediately begins negotiating her dowry with OJ. Though OJ attempts to convince the Sultana that he and his bride need to reside in Seattle due to his other obligations, the Sultana is obstinate and insists the Prince, the future leader of the Seljukok, just lead from the front…or at least set up the wonderful corporate style training structure he described…that really sealed the deal for her. He was able to get her to agree to let him get married (tonight per her choice), but hold off on the reception for two nights, then grant him 1 year and 1 day before he must return to take his place. This translates to OJ returning on 27 Feb 2077 once he ties up what he needs to do!
- The Sultana reveals the chain was gifted to the Kizilkristal who own the two dirigibles which guide the city. The Kizilkristal are not allowed to get rid of any gifts for at least one year from which they received it. She agrees to set up a meet for Prince Levi Ostrander (aka OJ) and his team (now members of the tribe) tomorrow.
- 1800: Between the end of the negations and 1800 Kayless trades his services (automotive) to get the kids food and wedding clothing. The wedding takes place and there are huge celebrations throughout the entire city. You would have thought it was the wedding reception, but that is yet to come!

25 Feb 2076/Tuesday
- 1300: Levi…err…OJ leaves the nuptial tent and purchases some B&E gear for our 9 year old technomancer Jian-Min.
- 1500: The team goes to meet the Kizilkristal and enjoy a tour of the 3 deck dirigible. They also discover the Kizilkristal is hosting the wedding reception in the main ball room the next night and are very happy to treat the newlyweds to a night aboard in the honeymoon suite. OJ broaches the subject of the chain and is able to convince the Kizilkristal rep that they would like to have the chain as a wedding gift. He things it would not break any traditions and both tribes enter negotiations.
- 1700: They finish the dirigible tour and both Ruthless and OJ head over to the Pjelykost and start on the ritual to become members of the magical group. While those two are off doing that, Kayless calls Rorschach, Sequoia, and Jane Foster to share the wonderful news about OJs wedding. Jane seems really surprised and they discover they are all in Karavan right now. Jane meets OJ and Covon to hang out with them. Unfortunately, Jian-Min decides he’s going to sneak out of the Banshee and explore the town on this own…causing his adopted father no end of frustration….Kayless now realizes how difficult raising young, technomancer children can be. Jane takes pity on him and sends one of her spirits to escort the young child back to the Banshee.

Where's the chain?
Second Tigers, Drunken Monkeys, and Wendigos named Yuri

21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 2100: Syndell decides she’s going to hack into Bennett’s home node and try to find any files related to the compass. She successfully cuts through the node and discovers there was a theft at her mansion a few days ago. The team reviews the video footage and see three individuals with the same Chinese symbols on their outfits, which translates to “Second Tigers”. They decide to go to bed and check into this in the morning.

22 Feb 2076 (Saturday)
- 1300: Syndell wakes up and she and Kayless review the footage again together. She does some more matrix searches and finds they are a team of runners who usually hang out at the Drunken Monkey, which turns out to me a merc bar.
- 2200: The team heads down to the Drunken Monkey and find one of the Second Tigers hanging out there with about another five customers…a really light night at the bar. They get into a verbal altercation with Lung Ping, the Second Tiger leader and lure him outside where they capture him and take him to be questioned. After questioning him, they discover the Second Tiger’s decker must have swiped the chain while they tried to make their way out of the mansion. The decker, Stepan Martinez, departed for Karavan a couple days ago to look for work. This is typical of him. The team asks around and discover Karavan is a traveling city and it’s currently on the Afghan border. While conducting their legwork, they discover Sergei happens to be headed that way. They contact Sergei who agrees to take them along and will depart the next day at 1000.

23 Feb 2076 (Sunday)
- 1000: The runners meet with Sergei, load up and take off for what sounds like a long trip.
- 1200: Unfortunately, while trying to skirt the Maya Cloud around Tibet, a tendril of magic reaches out and causes the Banshee to crash land in the Himalayas. The team sends out spirit scouts and discover there is some sort of dual natured creature not far away. They set up a defensive position and both Sergei and Kayless begin working in shifts to get the Banshee up and running again. Needless to say, it’s exceptionally cold up there!
- 1700: The spirits come under attack from a large furry creature who is exceptionally stealthy. The team has one heck of a time trying to hit the creature, but Ruthless saves the day when she stunbolts it a couple of times, knocking it unconscious. They secure the creature and discover he is able to speak. Yuri the wendigo reveals he was extremely hungry and didn’t mean to scare the team. He begs for food and the team gives him rations. After the banshee is repaired, the team releases Yuri with some of their rations.

24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The banshee finally comes into a valley and the team finds Karavan. Sergei speaks with the various “aircraft controllers” and gets permission to land. As the banshee approaches, their commlinks chirp and they discover the local laws (the yassa) downloaded. They review them and Syndell reminds everyone to NOT accept gifts. The children begin asking various questions about the yassa’s meaning and Kayless does his best to explain it to them.

Time to get the compass
Let's play pirates or submariners...or something like that.

-19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1800: The team contacts Beauregard and agree to meet him at 2000. Syndell sends a message to Shadow to let him know about the TM children…after she berates Kayless about suddenly becoming a father and not taking proper steps to protect the children.
- 2000: They meet with Beauregard and discover his fiancee (Tia Ying) is going to be forced to marry a local sheung fa (overboss) of her triad. He knows where she is to get married and that she is currently held at his minions on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. He can provide assistance in penetrating the facility, but reveals the compass is not going to be delivered until 1500 the day of the gala and it will be delivered via the boat docks beneath the museum.
- 2200: Syndell starts conducting matrix searches on various topics and is able to reveal the rough time and probable route Tia Ying’s escorts will take with the boat. They contact a local smuggler, Sergei Vipin, to see if he has a submersible which they plan on using to ambush the enemy boat. He does and they meet him at the docks around 0800 the next morning.

- 20 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 0830: The team uses a multi-prong attack to disable the boat, emerge from the submersible and rescue Tia Ying in true pirate fashion…without the sabers, cannons, and swinging from ropes…okay, maybe not true pirate fashion.
- 0900: They get back to the hotel and start researching information Beauregard gave them about the current owner of the compass, Hsui Li Bennett. They discover she has a large mansion and outsourced security. They discover her security will escort the compass to the docks via boat and they decide to repeat their previous success.

- 21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 1330: They meet with Sergei, ride out to attack the escort team and…succeed just as easily as they did the first time. They contact Ehran who tells them he will meet them at the hotel this evening.
- 2000: They meet with Ehran and discovers the compass is the right one…but the chain attached to it is a fake. Without the chain, it’s “almost” useless. Ehran tells them they must go and get the chain. The team wants more money, so Ehran agrees to assist them with the various “issues” they face, e.g. helping OJ lose the bone spikes, helping Kayless find a Delta clinic, etc.

Exit the pyramid, downtime, and Hong Kong
Geez, archeology is tough!

- 5 Jan 2076 (Sunday)
- The team emerges from the eastern pyramid and face some serious opposition on their way out. Fortunately for them, Covon and Syndell are still waiting for them and they escape. They make their way back to Sarajevo and catch a flight back to Seattle with a smuggler whom Jane arranged to meet them.
- The runners take some time to purchase some equipment, conduct some training, and all those fun things they do during downtime.

- 16 Feb 2076
- They receive a call from a Johnson asking they meet at a corner cafe late in the evening. When the team arrives, an elf in make up runs up to them, transfers 5000¥ to their accounts and runs off. To their dismay, a security team comes running around the corner and mistakes them for the elf for some reason. After a brief firefight, Ehran the Scribe shows up and offers them a ride in his limousine while they discuss business.
- He wants them to travel to Hong Kong to retrieve Shantaya’s Compass from the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Artifacts. He offers them a private ballistic shuttle, hotel, and transportation in Hong Kong. They agree to go and complete the mission for 25,000¥. He also offers an option to get equipment for them instead of conducting a cash payout for any item they desire. King takes advantage of it and gets SWAT armor with a helmet and a better fake SIN. Ruthless requests a sword focus and a fake SIN. Payless and Covon both go for fake SINs.

- 18 Feb 2076/0015: The team gets to the airport, loads their gear and takes off for Hong Kong.

- 19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1000/The group lands safely in Hong Kong and meet with Penelope Wang, who is an assistant to Ehran. They check their equipment and load up in a diplomatic flagged Nightsky. They are brought to a luxury hotel (The Peninsula Hotel), check in and decide to have lunch and contact Hacker A to do some research on the hotel and compass. They discover there is a big event to be held at the Museum of Ancient Art in a few days, at which the compass will be displayed. They ask Penelope to arrange a special visit to the museum so they can check it out.
- 1500/They arrive at the museum and receive a guided tour. During Kayless’ drone scouting, he encounters two children living in the air ducts. After some confusion, he discovers they are Technomancer orphans. Kayless arranges for the children to leave the museum and takes them back to the hotel, where he decides he’s going to adopt them. The children perform some actions, such as transferring funds from a pair of Atlantean Foundation Reps to Kayless’ commlink. They also order a lot of “food” (read: junk in front of it) and act as typical 11 and 9 year old orphan technomancer children. The team discovers the kids know Beauregard (who works at the museum) is having some problems and might be willing to help the runners in exchange for help.

Frankfurt, Faustions, Theft, Phaistos, and Bosnia
Sneaking (v): depends on whom you ask

- 4 Jan 2076/1900: The team dresses up and heads off to the gala. They rub elbows with the various high ranking magical and educational leaders of the world. Kayless plants his drones in various areas and is finally able to get them into an air duct which also opens into the servants passages.
While planting their drones, they notice the Apep Consortium (who sent their buddy Georgiy Abolev) also planting cameras.
The team finds the “secret” entrance to the passages and manage to sneak into them, using both Ruthless and Horra as distractions. Once back there, both Kayless and OJ must work together to crack the various security devices protecting the doors. They succeed (barely) and discover a secret library/ritual area downstairs. They find the Phaistos disc and in true Indiana Jones fashion, swap it out for a book (of similar weight). They sneak out with the disc and hand it off to Jane, who reveals she must conduct a ritual to discover the true discs location…it appears this is a copy made with elements from the original disc.
Low and behold, the trail leads to an archeological dig in Bosnia, to be exact, the Bosanska Pirimida Sunca about 30 km north of Sarajevo. They do some research and discover it’s a wartorn land with UN forces attempting to enforce the peace. They also discover Aztechnology has been leading a dig at the pyramid site.
- 5 Jan 2076 (Sunday): The team arrives in Sarajevo, do some more legwork, get a Humvee and head off to the dig site. They set themselves up on the ridgeline near the northern pyramid and observe a veritable tent city/armed camp set up between four pyramids. Their best estimate is that there are 300+ individuals here. They also discover (to their dismay) that the area is an astral shallow, which means all magical effects are clearly visible to anybody.
They decide to leave Covon with Kayless’ sniper rifle on the ridge with Jane. The rest of them decide to sneak to the pyramid they need to enter, overcome the two guards, and enter the tunnels below. They discovered the tunnels thanks to Kayless’ drones.
They sneak upon the guards, but the only one able to achieve surprise is Ruthless who casts a Flamethrower spell unsuccessfully. Horra takes the initiative and opens up with her unsilenced machine pistol (oops…did I mention this is a valley?). Kayless is up next and decides he will follow suit and opens up with his unsilenced automatic shotgun (oops…did I mention this is a valley?). Ruthless, not wanting to be left out, draws her Ruger Super Warhawks and opens fire as well…do I need to mention it is also unsilenced? Do I need to mention…it’s a valley? OJ remains in stealth mode and attacks with his rapier. They finally take down the two guards and enter the pyramid.
The team descends about 200 meters and follow the tunnel to a large chamber. To their surprise, it’s filled with trees, water, plants, and birds…though the drone saw (and sees) nothing but a big black cavern. OJ shoves Kayless through the portal to the chamber and discovers it’s some sort of Astral Gateway…since Kayless’ body is now laying in a pile on the floor, but they can clearly see him standing in the idyllic area. They all enter and the same thing happens to their bodies.
They meander through and see the Phaistos disc upon a pedestal which is on a dais. There is a male and female elf standing to either side of it. After an odd conversation about creators, anguished, and other stuff, they tell the elves of the party that one of them must offer to become an anguished in order to receive the disc. There’s is much debate and OJ finally agrees. He immediately falls to the ground in pain and spikes erupt from his skin…from this entire body. They destroy his clothes and armor and he discovers they do the same when he returns to his body.
With the true Phaistos disc in hand, the idyllic area disappears and they decided to head out the eastern passage, in the general direction of their waiting humvee and Covon.

Frankfurt and the Faustians
Gala (n): another reason to dress up!

- 2 Jan 2076/0700: The team arrives in Frankfurt, AGS and find out the Faustians have a gala scheduled for Saturday (4 Jan) evening. This gala has apparently been in planning for quite some time, but Jane is able to get them tickets to it through one of her many well connected contacts. Kayless contacts the hackers and asks them to check into a variety of topics.
- 0900: Kayless and Ruthless decide to head down to the Hauptwache (the main pedestrian zone in Frankfurt) to check to see how much they can get for the jewels from Oni. The jeweler reveals the jewels are worth 40,000¥, but only offers 2000¥ for them. They decide to sell him the jewels and head off to the hotel.
- During the downtime in Frankfurt, OJ decides he wants to learn to ritually spell cast and Kayless starts reading up on the proper ways to smuggle.
- 1300: Hacker A calls with info concerning Meyer (the recently deceased head of the Faustians) and AZT.
- 1800: The team reaches the Faustian manor (where the gala will be held) and see there is still a huge security presence there, to include snipers, patrollers (biodrones), wandering patrols, and strange bunnies…yes, little furry bunnies.
- 1900: The team heads over to the red light district and get some information on the Interpol investigation into Meyer’s death. Ruthless also summons a spirit to search for the Phaistos disc, which leads directly to the manor. However, the barriers in place won’t let it narrow down the exact location.

- 3 Jan 2076/0100 (Friday): Hacker B calls back with info related to the Dr. Faustus society, various artifacts, and Hans Winokur (the temporary leader of the society). OJ summons and binds a beast spirit and the rest of the team just relax.
- 1500: Hacker A gives them info on who attended Meyers funeral and later that day, more info about Meyer.

- 4 Jan 2076/0300 (Saturday): Hacker B calls in with the manor floor plans and later that morning, info on the Frankfurt Bank Association’s big party being held the same night.

Europort fun!

1 Jan 2076
- The runners are at the Loose Cannon’s warehouse and decide to do some more digging into the Regulus Detention Center. They contact their hacker contacts and give them an entire list to research. They also ask Widget (the Loose Cannons’ hacker) to research the same. After waiting a few hours, they decide they don’t want to wait any longer.
- Priest decided he had so much fun at the university in Hamburg, he left the party and went back to school.
- Knowing this job would take more manpower than they currently have, Covon reaches out to former associates (King and Horra) and ask them to come along for this mission. They gladly agree. King is a Nocturne (Night One) who used to serve with Covon on the Tir border. Horra is also an elf whom Covon met in Seattle.
- 0600 The team climbs into the chopper and they fly off to the detention center. They are able to land without issue and discover all AROs are in Dutch (which none of them happen to speak or read). Fortunately, the Loose Cannons tell them which door to enter.
They get to the sally port door and once again face a language barrier, but their new member, King, uses his knowledge of German to get a rough translation. Once they enter, OJ is very happy to find the guards also speak English…after all, this is the Netherlands!
The team discovers they’ve arrived during morning chow and see a long line of prisoners entering the chow hall. Two guards take their “prisoner” to in processing (who happens to be the Face from the Loose Cannons). Kayless looses his drone to try to figure out where Malcolm is located, and they discover solitary is behind one of the security doors leading from the main area. They ask Widget to hack the door, but she fails repeatedly…so she sends her sprite to access it. The sprite not only opens the door, but is also able to gain control of every door in the facility.
The team locates Malcolm and begin cutting through the door, which alerts security and the entire facility goes into lockdown. The runners are under concealment and get nervous when two guards enter solitary. King jumps one, but is dismayed when the guy shrugs off the damage. OJ tells Kayless to go ahead and partake in the combat while he continues cutting through the door. The team fires and fires and fires round after round into the guards, but they can’t seem to penetrate the armor. Oni shows up, which causes one of the guards to flee into a cell and lock himself in and the rest of the team focus fire on the other one and finally take him down. They know the alarm has gone off, so they take Malcolm and get out.
Kayless takes control of the chopper, but an inner voice tells him to come back and land…which he begins obliging. Widget then takes control of the chopper and she too takes the chopper to land…so OJ takes control of her thoughts and convinces her to fly away.
-0700 They make it back to the warehouse and discover Malcolm didn’t want to be rescued…he’s afraid an SK team is after him and that he doesn’t have much longer to live. He tells the runners about sending the disc to Frankfurt to a Hermann Meyer.
The team does some research and discovers the late Hermann Meyer was found dead, apparently killed in some sort of ritual. He was also a member of the Dr. Faustus society. All of Meyer’s possessions now belong to the Faustus society, which includes his manor house in Frankfurt. Of course, in a mere two nights, Hans Winokur, the current leader of the society is holding a huge gala there.
The runners decide it’s time to head to Frankfurt and work with Jane to get transportation there. Kayless is able to find another smuggler who is able to transport his drones to Frankfurt.
Oh, did I fail to mention the team left the Loose Cannon’s Face at the Regulus Detention Center?

Got Wagner, now off to Europort

29 Dec 75
- 1400 The team makes it back to the Hotel Stella Maris and speak with Wagner. He informs them that he will give them the information he has if they get him out of Hamburg. They agree and arrange transport for him back to the UCAS with Brunhilde. Once they place him in the transport, he reveals the thief’s name is Malcom Carella from Europort. He is the leader of the Loose Cannons.
- 1900 They meet with Red Anya to sell off the items they recovered asks Jane to get them some travel visas (which will be ready 30 Dec 75 at 1900).

30 Dec 75
- 0800 The team wakes up after a wonderful sleep and contact one of the deckers to research the Loose Cannons. At noon they receive the information that they usually hang out at the Rhapsody Blues, a bar in Europort.
- 1900 They get their visas and drive to Europort and check into the Bastion Hotel around 2300.

31 Dec 75
- 0000 Ruthless summons a spirit of air and sends it to search for the disc…once again to no avail. They also ask the deckers to check into local New Year’s Eve customs and get more info on Malcolm.
- 0800 The deckers have the information they requested and they discover Malcolm is currently being held in protective custody at the Regulus detention center. They also discover Corolla is set to be moved to general populace from solitary in 48 hours (2 Jan 76).
- 2130 they get to Rhapsody, speak with the owner, a formorian from Scotland and discover the Loose Cannons have a meet that evening. They decide to listen in on them and then follow them home. They overhear that the Loose Cannons are planning a raid on the detention center to rescue their leader (Corella). The team thinks it’s a horrible idea so decide to meet them at the Loose Cannons’ hangar to offer them a better plan. The Loose Cannons’ plan is to insert a prisoner transfer, land on the helipad, then use overwhelming force to break him out.

1 Jan 76
- 0330 The team meets the Loose Cannons at the warehouse and they offer the optional plan, which the Loose Cannons like. OJ convinces them they have to go this morning, while people might be hung over and while there might be a more skeleton crew at the detention center.

Hamburg trip
Woohoo, a non-feral city!

25 Dec 75 (Merry Christmas)
- Jane contacts the team and asks them to meet Mr. Aaron Johnson at club Infinity for a job offer. She explains he is her employer.
- 2300 The team goes to Infinity and meet Mr. Johnson for the first time and discover he is none other than Ehran the Scribe, former Prince of Tir Tairngire. He asks them to retrieve the Phaistos Disc, which was stolen from the Heraklion Museum. He agrees to pay them 10,000¥ and a 60,000¥ finder’s fee. He explains that Jane has a hound on her trail and has already departed for Hamburg, AGS. They are to meet her there in 72 hours. Ehran gives them 5000¥ each for travel expenses. He informs them they are to meet with a contact in Hamburg named Hardy Wagner, who can provide them information concerning the thief.

26 Dec 75
- 0000 OJ booked a first class flight to Hamburg and will arrive at 1000 local. The rest of the team reach out to Rhinegold to see if they can get a smuggler willing to take them from Seattle to Hamburg. Rhinegold puts them in contact with Brunhilde, a Japanese smuggler, who wears a helmet over her long curly blond locks and carries a spear at all times. She is more than happy to take them over for the right price.
- 0400 The remainder of the team meet Brunhilde and they take off for Hamburg. She plays Wagner throughout the duration of the flight and Kayless engages in a very long discuss with Covon about Tir history, politics, and culture…of which Covon is very knowledgable.

27 Dec 75/1200
- The team arrives in Hamburg where OJ meets them with a VW Sleipnir minivan (for them). He was able to rent a BMW 400GT for himself and Covon. OJ spent the entire day sight-seeing and overall enjoying himself as he familiarized himself with Hamburg. Jane isn’t due to arrive until 29 Dec at midnight.
-1400 They get to the hotel, unload, and take showers. They decide they need some basic equipment and discover a local fixer named Red Anya. They meet with her about an hour later and ask her for a few items. She agrees to get them the items and asks them to come back the following day.
- 2100 The team decides to go out for the evening with Ruthless and Priest finding the local university and joining in parties there. OJ and Kayless head off to the Tower Bar to find out a bit more about the local scene and what’s going on. OJ and Kayless call it an early evening and get back to the hotel at 0300 (28 Dec) and Ruthless and Priest roll in at 0600 after having had breakfast with the college students.

28 Dec 75
- 1500 The runners meet up with Red Anya and get their requested items. They return to the hotel and make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant (for 2315).
- 2315 They get to the restaurant and begin having a nice meal.

29 Dec 75
- 0000 Jane arrives and they go over their plans. They call the number for Wagner and get a voice drop instead of a live person. Jane provides them Wagner’s address, so they depart for there arriving at 0100. They discover Wagner’s place has been burned via phosphorous grenades and different accelerants. They find nothing of use at the apartment. It is at this point, Kayless sends some fly spy drones to follow a local Hansec patrol. After recording them for several hours, they discover nothing of value.
- 0600 Jan Brecht contacts OJ and informs him they are to meet tomorrow at a place and time he will designate, but they must come unarmed and install a CARE package to their commlinks. Oj “agrees”, but they decide they will try to find Hardy via a different method.
- 0700 Kayless calls the deckers Ehran offered to provide assistance and asks them to research a variety of topics, including Wagner. They discover he is a two timing info broker connected with the Penose (a Dutch gang) and is good friends with the Water Rats (a local smuggler gang). They finally get a pic of Wagner and decide to send spirits to search for him. They also send a spirit to find the disc (to no avail).
- 1200 The spirits track Wagner to a location 20 meters below the streets of Hamburg, directly below a park. They contact the decker and get maps for the sewer system and decided to head in.
- 1300 They get to the park, find a manhole cover, and follow the sewers down until they reach a bunker door. They are able to cut through the bunker door and discover Wagner hiding down there. As they are speaking with him, a team ambushes them, knocking OJ unconscious and causing some minor injuries to the runners. Upon awakening, OJ discovers his bound spirit has now gone free and is willing to negotiate a pact with him. They get the heck out of there after collecting the enemy team’s equipment and head back to the hotel.


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