Ray's Runners

The hunt for the ring of ouroboros - legwork and negotiation attempt
how I stopped worrying and learn to love the face who can negotiate

Covon takes the captured Rusty Nail Ork out to the roadmaster and stays guard to watch him. Kayless scans the crowd looking for anything odd, realizing that these are working stiffs, the rugged type that drink their paycheck away each week; he is the one sticking out as he is overdressed.
Covon and FNG are able to get Bertrand the Rusty Nails Ork to agree to be a contact for a favor they may need. Covon gives him a burner commlink, one of the metalink commlinks the team keeps in the roadmaster and the team headquarters, to use for this contact.
Kayless decides to stop in a drive through to give the guy a bottle of cheap liquor while Covon provides 1,000¥ to the Ork. The mages in the group (Ruthless, Ange, and FNG) all began assensing the Ork.
The team grabs a good meal and sleeps until 11:00 (they arrived at 03:00)

Sunday morning 30August2076
The team decides to perform some legwork on the location of soiree. Kayless realizes that the location of the house is in an extremely wealthy location, a gated community where the nouveau riche live, a community that value security + privacy. The area has contracts with both Lone Star and KE for response teams; if an event would occur both Lone Star and KE would arrive on the scene. Luckily for the team each corp would use their own response, not coordinating with the others, unfortunately they each use HTR teams.
FNG and Ange know that both KE and Lone Star will respond with HTR teams with a response time in minutes.
The team decides to look for a helicopter for ingress/egress. Kayless is able to locate many chop shops in the area, one of which specializes in aircraft. The team rolls into the chop shop, with Kayless leading the negotiation. He flounders by trying to impose his force of will on the fixer whom owns the chop shop, to sell him a specific helicopter. The fixer does have one in the shop, but it was checked in under the name “Smith” not “Magnus Magnusson”.
Ange steps in to try to see if the fixer is able to procure a vehicle for the team. The price of the vehicle will make it six weeks; negotiation between Ange (defaulting) and the fixer has the new deal to be two weeks when the shop can try to get a vehicle in the 6 week delivery time.
The team heads outside for Ange to use a spirit of earth to conceal the team. Covon and FNG are going to sneak around the facility to find the helicopter. They find the helicopter in an outside attached lot under an awning to protect the craft and other crafts. Covon and FNG search for security around the area. Cameras have the whole area, with a fence that is locked using chain and a lock. The aircraft has the blades folded up, under the awning, and sitting on a wheeled platform to be moved by tugs.
The team decides to steal the craft now, at 13:00 on Sunday when the chop is fully staffed. Ange is going to summon a spirit of air with one service. She asks the spirit to conceal Kayless while Ruthless levitates Kayless over the fence into the storage area.
Kayless releases his flyspys, each with the area jammer and directional jammer into the storage area. Kayless enters the craft and connects as a rigger to find that the craft is in perfect working order, except it is missing a vehicle ID. This is a stolen craft…
The team pulls off the awning and rolls the craft out from under the roofed area to the landing area in a stealthy manner. After locking the blades in place, kayless starts up the rotors in a stealthy manner, opening the doors to let FNG and Covon into the craft, while directing the Fly Spys to return to the Roadmaster 10 minutes after taking off. Ruthless and Ange ride in the Roadmaster back to the hippy camp, chasing after the stolen helicopter.
Upon arrival at the hippy camp Kayless paints the vehicle and works up a list of mods to do to the vehicle.
Spoof Chip – threshold complete, 500¥, no slots
Landing Drone Rack – medium x1 – threshold 14, 10,000¥, 4 slots, weapon slot
Landing Drone Rack – micro x1 – threshold 8, 1,000¥, 1 slot, weapon slot
Heavy Flexible Concealed weapon mount – threshold 24, 10,000¥, 9 slots
Two days for delivery on the weapon mount; one day delivery on the other items with a total of 21,500¥. Kayless pays 23,000¥ to Rorshach.
Covon decides to call Sweetwater to find a vehicle facility, one that can be had for cheap (trying recoup their losses), that still has all the equipment available. Sweetwater was able to find a facility for 30,000¥; covon pays 40,000¥ to her for the vehicle facility. He labels it “Covon’s Cave” and sends the GPS coordinates to Kayless to come see his “ninja-man cave” or “elf-cave” that he just purchased.
The rest of the team sleeps and rests for the next two days. Covon learns free fall. FNG increases his free fall to 2. The micro rack took 5 hours to install on day 1; the medium rack took 7 hours. Day 2 kayless works on installing the weapon mount, giving up after 7 hours of trying. He did another 6 hours and gives up again. At the end, Kayless payed 3,600¥ for a professional to come install the weapon mount. Ruthless summoned and bound a spirit of man and spirit of fire. Ange just rests for the three days.
Thursday morning 03September2076
The team decides to check on the container vessel, during the matrix search Kayless was lucky enough to come across some news articles about container ships being hit by pirates in the area early this week. Pirates are using this as a living, the vessels will cut their losses of a few containers, unwilling to risk the ship and just pull on insurance for replacement value, while the pirates use this as a form of living (somali pirates?!?). This vessel is specifically listed as being hit by pirates.
Ruthless and Ange astrally project onto the ship and found that two of the five containers are no longer containing magical items. Two are stacked full of reagents with one having a small amount of foci.
Covon looks on the matrix to verify the soiree is still on. Even with all the pirates operating, the soirée is unaffected. He then decides to call Victor Runningmountain to see if he has any information on these containers being smuggled somewhere. Covon pays him 500¥ for the knowledge that a few groups are working in the area; one team is newer and headed up by a former Naval Commander (former Lt. Cmdr. Titus West) because this is a highly coordinated and targeted attack.
Covon called Jane Foster to get info on the appraiser, Olympia. He finds she is well respected in her field and sometimes teaches at a local MIT&T branch. Ange checks to find that she is teaching a course for Autumn semester – archeological techniques in unearthing artifacts.
Ange and Ruthless head to the local MIT&T branch. After class Ange begins small talk with Olympia and attempts to plant a crawler into her briefcase. Olympia notices the crawler, becomes suspicious and calls campus security. Both Ange and Ruthless head out into the quad.
Covon and FNG find the facility parking lot to the north-west and decide to ambush the professor. Kayless drives up the block near the lot with magecuffs at the ready. As soon as she appears Covon and FNG shock Olympia to unconsciousness, put her in the Roadmaster, then pick up Ange and Ruthless. Covon heals Olympia to consciousness.

Hunt for Ring of Oroboros - legwork part 1
The Great Artifact Rush, artifact 1

The team was previously offered a job by Laurent from the Atlantean Foundation, they are to find and recover four artifacts. The pay is a meager 9,000 per person per artifact; Kayless is able to smoothly negotiate 12,000 per person per artifact and if all four are delivered successfully then each person on the team will be given a chip by Laurent.

The team decided to see what the other power player in The Great Artifact Rush, Draco Foundation, would be wiling to pay. Covon negotiates with Moreau a price of 10,000 per person per artifact to be delivered, with a condition that Moreau is NOT buying the coins of lucky. He is merely paying courier service of finding, collecting, and returning them.

The team hears rumors that Simon Andrews is interested in the artifacts and upon contacting him they are informed that he is willing to pay 1,000 per person for all information surrounding the artifact – who had it, where was it, how the players are able to acquire it, and anything useful they know about it.

Playing the other side yet again, the players hear that Lin Yao Chang is interested as well. He is willing to pay 3,000 per player if he can examine each artifact for one day.

With that the team is given the contact details of an information broker whom may be able to assist – Jonathan Packard.

Now the legwork begins -

First up is the Ring of Oroboros, which the team is given a heavily redacted file a decker sold to the information broker, this part is free. The first hit is always free…

The team begins draining the information broker of anything he knows about the ring: Where was it last known location? (The Grand Bazaar in Turkey where it was sold in a black market auction); Who sold the ring? (a gang known as “the 40 thieves” whom are known for their secrecy in both seller and buyer); Where is it going? (a Seattle warehouse for cleaning, authentication, and inspection); Where will it go from the warehouse? (it will be shipped via guarded convoy to another location, which has eluded the information broker); Who is appraising the ring? (A woman named Olympia Pichette); and Who bought the ring? (an unknown technocrat).

Kayless has heard some rumors about the warehouses in this area. Right next to the shipping wharf is a huge complex of warehouses, temporary storage warehouses. Companies can rent the warehouses for days, weeks, or months as needed for temporary holding space as goods are shipped into and out of Seattle.

Ange hit the streets to find out more information about the artifact expert Olympia Pichette, Kayless helps with some of his street contacts in digging up rumors. The team is able to find Olympia’s P2.1 that shows her CV (MIT&T alum with a bachelors degree in magical history and PhD in artifact magic). They also hear she runs a consultancy business where they clean, repair, identify, and authenticate magical items and artifacts.

Covon tries Jane Foster to help do some research, but is unable to reach her.

Ange and Kayless again hit the streets together to see if there are any rumors about the technocrat whom bought the ring. They hear it was a nouveau riche technocrat who made his money with some lucky investments by the name of Rudolph T. Donovan, III.

Kayless sits down to study the logistics of smuggling such an item from The Grand Bazaar into Seattle by way of sea port. He realizes that it would be done by placing it in a shipping container, one of thousands on the same ship (security by obscurity). At this point Kayless realizes he needs some matrix support to continue finding useful information. He calls his children whom successfully negotiate 50 per question and a bag of candy.
1) They are able to find satellite images which show a container ship that left Turkey at the same time and has a very circuitous route which will land in Seattle in 1-2 weeks, depending upon weather conditions, before continuing on to South America.
2) What artifacts does Rudolph T. Donovan, III have besides the ring? None
3) What business dealings does he have in The Grand Bazaar? None, all transactions are done through secure middlemen, just like shadowrunning
4) Does he own a shipping company? No
5) Is anything being transported in his name? no
6) Other business associates he has? Far too many to list, he is a former low level executive of an AA corp
7) Any notes on the shipping container? It is a red one, no specific details given as it is on the ships manifest
8) What ship is it being transported on? The HWCS Yucatan

Ang decided to see what rumors show about the security of Heavy Weight Container Ships. She finds that it has a few riggers that take shifts navigating the ship and a skeleton crew to keep the automated systems running. The ship loads and unloads itself, with little input from a rigger. The ships usually have heavy ECM to protect the rigger and robotic systems along with fire suppression systems that can be used offensively to deter pirates attempting to board the ship.

While Kayless finishes paying his child for information he is offhandedly informed that there is a soiree being held by Rudolph, which is how they were able to locate information on him. The invite is shared with the team, specifying the party will be at his newly purchased house, complete with boat dock and accompanying yacht, the week following the arrival of the artifact.

Ang decides to astrally project herself and travel to the ship to assense it. The ship is able to be located via satellite imagery; ang doesn’t find anything magical outside of the ship. She decided to use 5 of her spirits to help her search each of the 2,000 containers and the hull of the ship. The find that 5 containers contain magic of some type; three are completely full while two have smaller amounts. Neither Ang nor the spirits have seen the ring to know what it truly looks like and cannot locate it quite that easily. They are able to locate which containers out of the 2,000 so the team is able to watch for it as it is unloaded.

At this point the team realizes they need a safe house to work out of as they do traditional footwork, putting the synth-leather to the pavement so to speak. Kayless and {Brian} work together on finding a safe house that meets the teams needs – a 2 bedroom furnished apartment on the 10th floor of a 12 floor building that rents to executives on short term leases for business meetings. The flat has a clear view of the port as they needed. All of this for the low price of 300 a day; the team rents the flat until the Saturday after the party, a total of 14 days for 4200 out of the team fund.

The team heads out to survey the warehouse on foot. A long building with no windows, with doors on each of the short sides and an angled cheap metal roof make this building look like it was put up quickly and cheaply. Basic security with maglocks on doors that stay open most of the time, reminding the team of a hanger, except a small side door near one end that goes into an office room.

It is owned by a company known as Empire Rentals, with a huge AR sign emblazoned on the sides showing an attractive elf woman and rugged ork male speaking about the security, cleanliness, and ease of renting a warehouse from Empire Rentals. Other than the ad, no one notices any untoward activity; all the drones and workers mill about as to be expected in a warehouse/shipping setting. There are a few people that stand out as unsavory types, mafia men who take a cut of some dealings. Nothing unusual for an area populated by longshoreman and teamsters.

Kayless searches some of the dark matrix and finds that underground rigger games are held regularly in this area, each Saturday night late to early Sunday morning games are held in a different warehouse as area is available.

After a full day of legwork the team decides to call this Friday evening to an end, grabbing some chow and a nights sleep.

Ang decides to do some assensing in the area, {Brian} also joins in. The building has some geomancy wards on it, which Ang quickly realizes is to help keep the structure intact not a defensive ward. As they are assensing Kayless releases his flyspys to swarm around the area and look for any ECM, but nothing is found.

Covon and {Brian} head up to the roof of the safe house to assess the warehouse line of sight and sighting trajectory where they notice that they cannot get a clear sight picture to any door, only the long side and the roof.

The team heads back to the warehouse Saturday night late to attend the rigger games. Kayless dresses to impress rather than participate in the game and places a be (200 on 1:10 odds). He notices some commotion in the corner after placing his bet and releases his flyspys to record the happenings.

Covon and Ang decide they need to see how this FNG can handle himself. They take {Brian} over to where a group of 8 gangers are hanging out. A quick scan reveals these are members of the Rusty Nails, a gang that the team has encountered previously, whom gave up quickly without a shot fired. Not this time – Covon and {Brian} both continue to antagonize until the Nail draw their stun batons.

A few second later and most of the Nails are dead, with a couple knocked unconscious. Covon handles one as he usually does – restrains and disarms him, then heals him to garner information. Unfortunately the team was a little rough and it takes a few hours before the Ork comes to his senses.

The Great Artifact Rush part 2
Plan and (hopefully) execute

Covon and Ange are joined once again by Ruthless, Lycus the adept, and Jian-Min the technomancer on Thursday, 23rd July 2076. The team does some more legwork on Dr. Amanda Stroh and the lab where she works. They find nothing new on the target besides she has a corp sin and no criminal sin, but did find the lab performs unspecified research. The team also tries to investigate why Amanda keeps working for the corps when she is extracted back and forth – none of their contacts come up with anything specific, only that she was born to corp parents and has always been in the corp-drone life. The team then decides to do a stakeout of the lab.

Covon decides to contact a smuggler, Viktor Running Mountain of the Cascade Ork tribe, for some help in smuggling Dr. Stroh out of seattle. Viktor is able to pass along contact info of a fixer in Salish-Shide – Damon Price. Background on Damon shows he is a generalist when it comes to being a fixer, always trying to get as much money as possible with as little danger; he is not the most courageous man. Damon does try to stick with moving people via coyotes as it gives him maximum profit with little personal risk and exposure.

Ange calls Damon for some info. He is able to find a position, but will take two days (Saturday, 25th July) and cost 3,000. After some failed negotiations Damon is willing to find a position matching what the team needs for 4,000.

On Friday Damon calls Ange back with info about a corp within the Salish-Shide that has an opening for a parazoology researcher, someone with arcane knowledge and research ability. Phoenix Biotech is looking for a person that has a valid, unrestricted sin, and a CV capable of passing the HR department review (they must be able to actually perform the job). The company is based in Denver, with a satellite office in Seattle, but the position is in the field in Salish-Shide.

Jian does research on Phoenix Biotech finding that they do research to find ways to create new implants for the biotech and cybertech markets, finding inspiration in parazoology and parabotany.

The following day (Saturday) the team decides to do some physical surveillance of the lab.
The lab is two stories, with the main floor lobby being glass front and along the sides of the building partially. Across the other two sides of the building are other two story corp locations, one of which has a soy café, and a park behind the lab consisting mostly of some trees, a fountain, and benches where the employees have lunch frequently. The lab has an airbridge to cross the street out from for the employees to reach the worksite from a residence hall. The lobby of the lab is guarded by three guards, one behind a desk checking ID and bags, with two more posted in conspicuous locations. None of the guards carry heavy weapons, these are mostly to show a physical presence. The building has cameras in the lobby and also along the roof top. Lycus uses some crazy parkour to scale building and investigate the roof. The roof has one door to the building, secured with a maglock, and no visible air vents for a possible entry point.

Jian does matrix surveillance and find the host is a rating 8 host with patrol IC running constantly and two spiders. It doesn’t seem to have any obvious technomancer backdoors.

Ange and Ruthless begin assensing the site finding that there are two watcher spirits (both summoned from separate mages) and a force 6 air spirit guarding the site.

Ange, Covon, and Lycus all call their fixers to see about getting a fake sin at rating 6 for the doctor. Lycus can get one for 20,000 and it will take a week; Ange is able to also get one in 1 week for 20,000. Covon gets extremely lucky when he calls Jazz from the Ork Underground. Jazz just happens to have one sitting around that matches the doctors CV very closely. It will take only three days (to be delivered on Tuesday 28th July) and will cost only 9,000 to setup.

The team stay at the site until evening watching as the late, dedicated, researchers leave around 20:00. Guards also change out a little after this – a van pulls up to the entrance, two guards exit taking up recon positions as three guards walk from the van to the lobby and replace the three on duty. Then the van pulls away with the two recon guards and three replaced guards.

The team follows the van to a site a few blocks away, another residence style hall that seems to contain only security personnel and a garage full of security vans. The team notices a bowl noodle vendor along the street. They stop to grab some (well, for covon a lot) of food and see if the guy has some info. Nothing really actionable, unfortunately, so the team heads home for some needed rest.

The team shows up the following morning (Saturday, 25th July 2076) to find the lab was attacked just minutes prior! A barricade separates the trid news media from EMTs and other emergency personnel who are helping injured researchers. Firefighters are working to stop some small blazes that are under control. The team asks around and searches the matrix finding clear video showing a vehicle pull up to the front, a team of people hop out and open fire on the lab. They rush in, pulling out someone and taking off with surgical precision.

Covon is able to tell they have some military training or at least some background while Ruthless notices that the obvious leader of the team is none other than Commander Titus even though he is not in uniform! Some quick small unit tactics combined with local area knowledge from Covon and Lycus point that the team would want to lay low for a two or three days in a very defensible yet remote site. This will let any heat die down before they deliver the doctor to wherever they are destined. The team find the perfect location, an abandoned airport just outside seattle proper.

The team heads to the team HQ, grabbing gear suitable for a heavy conflict and drive to about 1km of the airport. Jian sends his flys-spy drone in to look around, giving the team a rough map of the area when it is suddenly destroyed. The team is able to deduce that the shot was suppressed and came from the control tower. Knowing they are dealing with a sniper the team is frozen, just perceiving the site from afar. They notice that a few hanger type buildings have some Orks from an obvious gang (the hooks, a relatively unknown and new ork gang known for their penchant for violence and excessive greed) patrolling and swapping positions from three that guard the fuel depot.

After a very furious and dangerous combat the team is able to kill the sniper in the control tower and one razor guy, with the rest of the runner team escaping on a VTOL craft. Not before (former) Commander Titus telling the team that this will not be the last they see of him.

The team find Dr. Stroh bound in the corner of the maintenance shed. Now that she is “safe” team only needs to get her to her new life. Easy as a milk run.

The great artifact rush – prelude part 1
The end of something and the beginning of another

After subduing the spec-ops team sent to the team’s rented safe house in Australia, a decision is made to head back to Seattle and quickly. The team finds a coyote (Magnus) whom is able to take them the following morning, which turns into a rather uneventful ride. Upon arrival in Seattle the members split off, heading into their own bolt-holes to rest and re-equip. Covon takes the sextant and meets up with a new runner for support – Ange (pronounced ahnj) an elven witch that he has heard of, but never ran with before.

Covon sets up a meet with the Johnson in a local city park, a very antiquated spy-trid-esque hand off, on Tuesday, June 9th, 2076. Covon heads out to buy a new jeep before he and Ange scout the local park to setup defensible positions. Ange will take a sniper position on top of a nearby building while Covon does the exchange. After a good meal and a full nights rest both runners head to the local park at 14:00, a full two hours early.

Mr. Johnson arrives, sitting next to Covon, and nonchalantly picks up the duffel bag holding the sextant. A couple pleasantries later, Covon and Mr. Johnson part ways. This was the easiest meet the team has ever had, a pure milk run!

As the two runners leave they notice a go-gang driving around making a ton of noise. Ugh, Seattle life is not what it used to be. Sounds of gunfire reverberate when the team receives a call from an unidentified number. The caller at the end introduces himself as Moreau, the Mr. Johnson is working for Moreau to handle this run. Moreau is in need of the runners help directly – Mr. Johnson is being attacked at the park, risking the loss of the sextant. The team needs to only cause enough of a disturbance that will delay the gang so the Mr. Johnson can escape. Moreau will pay the runners a cool 7,000¥ for a (hopefully) short and easy afternoon.

The team is able to delay the Ork gang through judicial use of smoke grenades and spirit concealment ability for Mr. Johnson to escape. Moreau calls the team to send the payment and thank the runners, informing them to call him when they are ready for a new job.
The team takes five weeks of downtime to heal, rest, and improve themselves. During this time the team can’t help noticing the newest tag line in the news trids – The Great Artifact Rush. It seems that some new artifacts have been appearing all around the world and corps have been in a rush to snatch them for research and to further their own (P&L driven) agenda. These endeavors has become so heated and to become a blitz, spilling over out of the shadows and into the mainstream consciousness. Any and every situation is being attributed to The Great Artifact Rush; every murder is seen as a possible connection to an illicit meeting to exchange info on an artifact; every fire an arson used to cover a theft attempt; every explosion is envisioned to be criminal elements blowing their way into a building to steal information on artifacts. Not all of this is true, of course.

Anchors Aweigh - part 2
Good thing everyone can swim

Friday evening is spent relatively uneventfully; Covon is preparing gear and snacking on milcorp spec protein-energy-microbe-enhanced bars; Ruthless is working at the little portable stove to get some cookies made; Kayless, as usual, tinkers away on his drones. All while Da’ Stroker is doing some legwork on the infil and exfil plan setup. The plans unnerve him so much that he decides to bow out, rather than infiltrate a warship using only his deck and his grenade launcher (not the best for such close, tight quarters). Luckily he knows a few chummers hard on their luck and needing a score, both relatively new to the scene – Lycus an infiltrator with that edge which only comes from being magically adept and Elvis a decker of some skill both in the matrix and in meatspace. They are accompanied by the rarely present Horra, who decides to join in the reindeer games.

Saturday morning everyone meets at the safehouse, to reevaluate the plan with the new team capabilities, handle a little more legwork, and ensure there is the level of professional mistrust among new associates. Once business is concluded, they set out for diving and climbing instruction at the beach.

The instruction takes place at a beachside bungalow styled shack, a complete dive shop with recreation vehicles, sporting equipment, and a portable climbing simulation wall. This is clearly a place more suited for vacation activities than high quality instruction, but the proprietor, a jovial dwarf of no small demeanor, makes it known that the team is getting first rate lessons. Climbing in the morning, lunch break, then diving in the evening (to better enjoy the bio-luminescent critters!) the team is in for a full day. As they are climbing out of the water during diving instruction the team is greeted by a large group of sailors, headed up by a stern looking man in charge.

Some tense conversation, and failed negotiation, the team is taken into custody. Boarding the CSS kittyhawk as and thrown in the brig, the team has to plot how to get out, find their gear, acquire the target, and find a new egress plan.

The team is interrogated by the XO, Commander Titus West. Cmdr. West appreciates Covon’s direct and honest approach, realizing that the team is really a covert unit appearing as if they are shadowrunners trying to infiltrate the carrier group. How else would the team have such confidential information? The commander arranges for the team to collect their standard issue gear from the quartermaster.

After getting dressed and geared the team makes a new plan to acquire the sextant. Horra will attempt to seduce the Captain to get into his quarters, from there she will subdue him and steal the sextant. The rest of the team will prepare the ex-filtration – blowing a hole in the side of the ship’s hull, creating a separate diversion, and escaping to swim to shore.
Horra is able to seduce her way into the captains quarters, past the stationed marine outside. She informs the captain of the mutiny in his midst headed up by the XO. The captain orders the XO to be detained, starting a huge commotion aboard the ship, and then successfully subdued the captain with a slap patch. The team meets at the aft launch ramp, finding a couple of Zodiac Scorpio. Launching the craft the team uses a spirit from Ruthless for concealment and the team’s stealth abilities to navigate to shore. Hopping in the van at the training location, the team head back to the safehouse.

Upon arrival at the safehouse not all is as it seems. There is no foot traffic, no random people wandering about their day; searching the matrix the team finds a group setup in ambush. Covon directs some small unit tactics and the team assaults the ambush! After a very lengthy fight, the CAS special force team is subdued, restrained, and healed (as much as can be, those that were not killed). Now the team only need to return the sextant, collect their payday, and head home for some much needed R&R.

Anchors Aweigh - part 1
Everything in Australia is poisonous

Covon, Kayless, and Ruthless all received a group call in the late afternoon from a strange number. A clearly inexperienced “Mr. Johnson” got their contact info from a friend of a friend who knows a guys… He contacts the team as he is in need of someone experienced in property retrieval, something that needs to be returned to him and his client. Kayless agrees to a meet where they can negotiate terms and learn more of this job, agreeing to meet at a local dive bar Tuesday afternoon at 22:00.
Once the team hangs up the call they realize that they only know to meet a “Mr. Johnson” at a local dive bar at 22:00 tomorrow, but nothing more about who this is – no other description, no photo, no identification to find the person in the bar. Kayless asks around about the dive bar, to see what types of rumors exist, only to find that it is a rather inconspicuous location, a bar where locals go to drink away their paychecks and sorrows.
Arriving at the dive bar an hour early the team realizes this is not the typical meet locale, rather this dive bar has an open mic spoken word night, filled to the brim with beatnik artistic types. Covon scans the crowd and finds the Johnson, sitting in a corner booth waving profusely at the team. No one in the bar even acknowledges the runners, everyone is transfixed on the person on stage at the mic. The Johnson activates a small white noise generator while Kayless commands a flyspy drone to circle above the group with its directional jammer active to give the team more privacy.
Mr. Johnson tells the team that he is willing to pay 50k per person on the team and 10k upfront (for a total of 60k) if the team is able to retrieve an object for him. He needs this object returned in the next few weeks. Kayless attempts to fast talk the Johnson, hoping to compliment him enough that the job will pay more. Some crude negotiation later and the Johnson is willing to pay 75k per team member with a 15k being an advance. The team accepts and gets down to the specifics of the run.
The team needs to retrieve an item known as the Sextant of the Worlds, which has shown up in a recent CAS navy photo. This artifact is in possession of Captain Samuel J. Barret, CASN, and Captain of the newly commissioned CSS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier. The item was given to Capt. Barret by an unknown person whom asked for him to act as a courier, delivering the item during the stop-over in Thailand to a buyer.
The carrier is on deployment as part of the Carrier Strike Group 1 (CSG1) and is sailing along with Carrier Strike Group 2. The ship has just left port in Lima, Peru and will stay over this next weekend in Melbourne, Australia before continuing through the Asia Pacific islands to port again in Thailand. The team must retrieve this item from the captain’s display case in his quarters aboard the CSS Kitty Hawk and return it to Mr. Johnson before the ship arrives in Thailand, where the item will be transferred.
Mr. Johnson passes the team a portfolio of information – schematics and deck plans of the ship; bills of lading; crew manifest; bios of the CO, XO, CMC, and Master at arms; ships schedule. Mr. Johnson is also able to arrange for transportation and rental vehicles for the players if the need arises.
Assaulting a carrier is no joke and not to be taken lightly, whether at sea, via air, or even in port, the team decides to arrange some prep as they travel to Australia. Upon arrival the team needs a scuba instructor, a climbing instructor, two grapple guns with stealth wire and catalyst rods, two Lampreys, four sets of diving gear (one troll sized), and four wet bags. Kayless paid the 7,000 deposit for safe return of both Lampreys and 9,500 for gear/instructors. The team then uses another 5,000 per person from the advance to pay for a coyote to get to Australia with a subsection of gear.
Before leaving town the team decides they need some matrix support on-site; Kayless calls Sweetwater to convince her to join the team. She is bothered by the idea of sneaking onto a military vessel at sea, hacking state of the art, cutting edge matrix equipment onboard the ship, then sneaking away. Last time she got caught and was in a black site for months on end. She is willing to provide matrix support and overwatch, but Kayless is unable to convince her to go with them in person. Covon calls Rorschach whom is able to track down a kiwi combat decker who goes by the name of Da’ Stroker. This new ally is not only up for the mission, he is craving the thrill of such a dangerous op. Da’ Stroker passes the team a VR marker for a bar in Sidney where he will await the team (bar tabs on them!) and also sets up local transportation for the team to go to a safe house.
The team lands in Sydney uneventfully Thursday morning early, hops in the transportation van, and heads to a local safe house. This is a tenement style apartment building full of local gangers of all different colors and flavors. The team unpacks gear in their little 2 bedroom (if you can call it that) flat. Covon then approaches some of the nearest gang leader and asks for some paid security of their flat. After some “rough” Covon style negotiation (read: knocking all five of the gangers unconscious, restraining them, healing them, and then continuing to want to pay the gang for security) a price of 1,500 for a month is agreed on both sides. The Rusty Nails will keep watch over the safe house and alert the team to anything untoward.
The team gets some local flavor info from the Rusty Nails, including a local bar known as Jim’s as a place of potential info. This bar just happens to correspond to the same dive bar Da’ Stroker sent. Heading over to Jim’s, the team meets up with Da’ Stroker, has some drinks, then heads back to the apartment to describe the run in detail.
The team formulates a plan of assault, while still needing to hash out the details such as a path through the carrier, and some more legwork. Sailors from the carrier had a disturbance while on shore leave in Peru (after a fight a bar caught on fire, which then spread to consume the whole block…) forcing the command to limit shore leave to a small section of sailors at a time and for limited time blocks. After this the team decides to break for the evening before starting their diving and climbing lessons in the morning Friday, leading up to a daring infiltration and ex-filtration of a new CAS aircraft carrier on Saturday.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Finale

27 Apr 2076
- 1030: The team launchers their assault against the nicely dressed ork bug spirits and after a long battle including grenades, drones, sniper rifles, spells, they overcome the entire group. They recover the heart and make their way out. Luckily Kayless has his Fly Spy drones out and sees a group heading the way they came, so they are able to avoid them. They make their way to a luxury hotel and decide to rest and recuperate.
- 1100: OJ calls Jane Foster and offers to give her the heart for Ehran. She calls back several hours later and agrees to send a representative to retrieve the heart and she offers them the same amount they would have received from Corcoran (50,000¥). OJ also asks for an Ares MP Lancer.
- OJ calls Lotta Blossom and invites her to come to Milan to party for a week.
- Kayless calls Brunhilde to arrange transport back to Seattle. He also invites her to come to Milan to party for a week.
- After they party for the week, they depart for Seattle and arrive in Seattle on 4 May 2076.

- Covon spends the next two weeks learning a new martial arts technique (12 May 2076)
- Ruthless increases her Perception from 3 to 4 (4 days-8 May 2076)
- Kayless increases his Charisma from 3-4 (4 weeks), learned Chinese (1 day), and improved his Pilot Watercraft from 1-2 (2 days) (4 Jun 2076). Kayless purchases Control Rig (beta, Rating 2) and Tailored Pheromones (Rating 3), which take a month to get.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 3

23 April 2076 (Thursday)
- 1600 Jian-Min does Matrix search to find out if they find Joanna’s team then searches for cameras. Kayless uses his Smuggling Routes to determine possible route.. Jian searches bug spirit activity. Kayless calls Raja and asks him to track Joanna and arrange transport to target location (Frankfurt).
- 1702: Arrive at airfield to catch flight out and arrive (0002/24 Apr). Kayless calls Rohrschach and leaves message that he’ll pay 1000¥ for 30 minutes of her time. Kayless runs to Bazaar to get Jian an MCT Fly Spy with ECM, chameleon suit and shock gloves.
- 2302: Rohrschach calls Kayless.

24 April 2076 (Friday)
- 0002 Arrive at a small airfield outside Frankfurt.
- OJ summons spirit to find Joann
- Kayless calls Piotr and they are take to Nightclub Paradies at 0145. They book rooms at Villa Kennedy.
- 0200: OJ summons spirit to bind until 0800.
- 0402: Get to rooms and get info.
- 1600: Everyone wakes up.
- 1700: Luigi shows up and takes them to Milan.
- 2330: Arrive in Milan.

- 25 Apr 2076 (Saturday)
- 0000 Get settled into B&B. Kalyess talks with local smuggler sand learns of deaths in Sarajevo.
- 0030: Jian searches for info on group (Joann’s).
- 0100: Jian finds smuggler form Milan to Sarajevo (Dragan).
- 0200: Dragan responds he is able to meet at port in 3 hours for 5000¥.
- 0500: Dragan meets party at port.
- 0530: Jian finds more info about ambush in Sarajevo.
- 0600: Turn around and arrive back in Milan.
- 1400: Synthia Schorders shows up and makes offer which the team refuses. Tells them she is with a different group of the Apep Consortium and that Corcoran is a master shedim who shouldn’t receive the heart.
- 1500: Jian searches for the orgs who ambushed Joann’s group and OJ summons a spirit of air.
OJ summons a spirit and seeks out a chem lab to see if he can get some KE-IV.

26 Apr 2076 (Sunday)
- 0600: OJ meets Jimmy Bob of Doctors Within Borders and give him the samples and they discover at 0900 that it is KE-IV.

27 Apr 2076 (Monday)
- 0930: The team discovers that the insect hive is in the old subways, buys a bunch of gear and make their way into the subway where they discover a strange tunnel with sentries and a couple of guys talking about something.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 2
We have a heart

23 Apr 2076 (Thursday)
- 0100: Syndell starts doing legwork on sales of items and discovers there is a sale taking place at Place X, which is a neutral meeting place in the Grand Bazaar. She also looks into 10000 Daggers and finds they are a mercenary unit based out of Istanbul and are also responsible for the security at the bazaar. She checks into the Loose Cannons and finds they are the sellers of the heart. She discovers they have a dead drop in order to contact them. She leaves a message for them to contact her.
- 0900: Neferiez of the Loose Cannons contacts her and they get into an altercation and Syndell ends up hanging up on him.
- 1200 OJ calls Raja and asks him to reserve space in Place X for a soire for 40-50 guests during the same time as the sale.. Kayless also begins looking for two safe houses: one close by and the other a little further out. He also purchases some explosives and detonators as well as some slap patches with Neurostun.

The Plan:
- OJ invites many luminaries to the party and has the strike team from Joanna Krstic acting as security
- Syndell plants fake evidence on the spare commlinks pointing to the Loose Cannons as terrorists who attached the party.
- Kayless gets two bombs ready, one for the “shitty” safe house and one for planting in Place X.
- OJ casts physical mask on Kayless and Covon making them look like member of the loose cannons and they are to enter Place X after the party starts and during the meet.
- 1230: OJ arrives at Place X and ensures it meets his standards. Sundell is in a bag in the back of the Toyota Gopher parked outside the Bazaar so she can monitor matrix traffic.
- 1400: Kayless and Covon show up outside Place X and they discover Yuri and Hiver outside Place X. They decide to attack them and Place X goes into lockdown. Inside, the strike team starts attacking the other Loose Cannons and takes them down along with their customers. OJ is able to retrieve the heart and they make their way to the hotel. The team splits up so they can plant the evidence and such.
Joanna and her team show up at OJs hotel and politely ask for the heart. They get paid for the mission and Joanna departs.
- 1500: OJ gets a call from Raja because a guy by the name of Hamid wants to meet with the team concerning the heart. OJ sets a meet up at the Sultan’s Lappe for 1600.
-1600: The team met with Hamid of the Kurdish resistance and discovered the heart can be used to open a gateway to allow bug spirits to come across. He offered the team 100,000¥ each in order to retrieve it and bring it back to the Kurds.

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 1
Off to Istanbul

- 20 April 2076
- The team has spent several weeks to make improvements and receive a call from Jane. She informs them they have a Job offer from an Evan Corcoran in the Federal District of Columbia. All expenses will be paid just to listen to the job. Their flight takes off at 1800 to the FDC.
- 21 April 2076/0400: They land in FDC where a limo picks them up and takes them to one of the nicer hotels in the area. Kayless checks into safe houses in the FDC and thinks the best place to find them would be the Anacostia Barrens.
- 0500: They meet with Corcoran and negotiate for 50,000¥ each, up to a party of 5. Corcoran informs them an artifact lent to the George Washington University for study was stolen. Ehran lent them the artifact (the weird heart they found in Karavan). Corcoran’s agents believe the heart is enroute or already in Istanbul and will be sold there. The team reviews security footage of the heist and believe the group who committed it are The Loose Cannons, the same group they encountered back in Europort.
- 1900: The team boards a private charter aircraft and depart for Istanbul.

- 22 April 2076
- 0520: The team arrives in Istanbul, rent a Toyota Gopher from the local Avis and depart for their hotel, the Sura Hagia Sophia. The Avis employee tells them to contact his cousin Raja if they need anything for their stay.
- 0700: They arrive at their hotel, get settled in and call Raja to see if he can assist in finding one of the Loose Cannons, Yuri, whom they believe would be the one most likely to stand out.
- 0900: They go to the Grand Bazaar and Kayless sets loose his fly spies to see if they can find any of the Loose Cannons via facial recognition. OJ summons a spirit of air and sends it to search for Yuri as well. While they wait for the drones and spirit to do their things, they decide to do a little shopping for information (and stuff). They discover rumors of a sale taking place this coming Saturday at the Grand Bazaar for an item to a group of Kharijites (servants to the great dragon Aden). They also meet Sam (a talismonger) who shows OJ a beautiful, obviously magical, walking cane. OJ assenses it, but cannot determine it’s exact powers, so Sam tells them he will call his cousin (Izzett, son of Kadir) to come look at it for him.
- 1400: Izzett, son of Kadir, arrives at Sam’s shop and they look at the cane. Izzett reveals it has a sordid history and is cursed. Over a century ago, it belonged to a British officer who used it to take out his displeasure on his servants, and all who saw him while he had it, felt he had a presence about him which demanded respect. When he used it during his tirades, he became a vicious person and would not stop unless he exerted a huge amount of self control (or was forced to stop). OJ purchases it and immediately begins the bonding process.
- 1900: OJ also decides to bind his spirit of air and spends the next 6 hour doing so (finished 23 April 2076/0100).


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