Ray's Runners

Hamburg trip
Woohoo, a non-feral city!

25 Dec 75 (Merry Christmas)
- Jane contacts the team and asks them to meet Mr. Aaron Johnson at club Infinity for a job offer. She explains he is her employer.
- 2300 The team goes to Infinity and meet Mr. Johnson for the first time and discover he is none other than Ehran the Scribe, former Prince of Tir Tairngire. He asks them to retrieve the Phaistos Disc, which was stolen from the Heraklion Museum. He agrees to pay them 10,000¥ and a 60,000¥ finder’s fee. He explains that Jane has a hound on her trail and has already departed for Hamburg, AGS. They are to meet her there in 72 hours. Ehran gives them 5000¥ each for travel expenses. He informs them they are to meet with a contact in Hamburg named Hardy Wagner, who can provide them information concerning the thief.

26 Dec 75
- 0000 OJ booked a first class flight to Hamburg and will arrive at 1000 local. The rest of the team reach out to Rhinegold to see if they can get a smuggler willing to take them from Seattle to Hamburg. Rhinegold puts them in contact with Brunhilde, a Japanese smuggler, who wears a helmet over her long curly blond locks and carries a spear at all times. She is more than happy to take them over for the right price.
- 0400 The remainder of the team meet Brunhilde and they take off for Hamburg. She plays Wagner throughout the duration of the flight and Kayless engages in a very long discuss with Covon about Tir history, politics, and culture…of which Covon is very knowledgable.

27 Dec 75/1200
- The team arrives in Hamburg where OJ meets them with a VW Sleipnir minivan (for them). He was able to rent a BMW 400GT for himself and Covon. OJ spent the entire day sight-seeing and overall enjoying himself as he familiarized himself with Hamburg. Jane isn’t due to arrive until 29 Dec at midnight.
-1400 They get to the hotel, unload, and take showers. They decide they need some basic equipment and discover a local fixer named Red Anya. They meet with her about an hour later and ask her for a few items. She agrees to get them the items and asks them to come back the following day.
- 2100 The team decides to go out for the evening with Ruthless and Priest finding the local university and joining in parties there. OJ and Kayless head off to the Tower Bar to find out a bit more about the local scene and what’s going on. OJ and Kayless call it an early evening and get back to the hotel at 0300 (28 Dec) and Ruthless and Priest roll in at 0600 after having had breakfast with the college students.

28 Dec 75
- 1500 The runners meet up with Red Anya and get their requested items. They return to the hotel and make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant (for 2315).
- 2315 They get to the restaurant and begin having a nice meal.

29 Dec 75
- 0000 Jane arrives and they go over their plans. They call the number for Wagner and get a voice drop instead of a live person. Jane provides them Wagner’s address, so they depart for there arriving at 0100. They discover Wagner’s place has been burned via phosphorous grenades and different accelerants. They find nothing of use at the apartment. It is at this point, Kayless sends some fly spy drones to follow a local Hansec patrol. After recording them for several hours, they discover nothing of value.
- 0600 Jan Brecht contacts OJ and informs him they are to meet tomorrow at a place and time he will designate, but they must come unarmed and install a CARE package to their commlinks. Oj “agrees”, but they decide they will try to find Hardy via a different method.
- 0700 Kayless calls the deckers Ehran offered to provide assistance and asks them to research a variety of topics, including Wagner. They discover he is a two timing info broker connected with the Penose (a Dutch gang) and is good friends with the Water Rats (a local smuggler gang). They finally get a pic of Wagner and decide to send spirits to search for him. They also send a spirit to find the disc (to no avail).
- 1200 The spirits track Wagner to a location 20 meters below the streets of Hamburg, directly below a park. They contact the decker and get maps for the sewer system and decided to head in.
- 1300 They get to the park, find a manhole cover, and follow the sewers down until they reach a bunker door. They are able to cut through the bunker door and discover Wagner hiding down there. As they are speaking with him, a team ambushes them, knocking OJ unconscious and causing some minor injuries to the runners. Upon awakening, OJ discovers his bound spirit has now gone free and is willing to negotiate a pact with him. They get the heck out of there after collecting the enemy team’s equipment and head back to the hotel.

Midnight, Finally Done?
Woohoo, downtime!

20 Oct 75
- The team finally has all the pieces together, the map and the sextant. They give Jane the sextant who departs for parts unknown. Jane arranged for them to spend some time at a local resort, lodging and basic food paid. Before they take her up on her offer, they fly their GMC Banshee with Sonora back to Chicago to collect the bounty.
- They land in Chicago, turn her over, then make their way back to San Bernardino so they can take some much needed rest.

21 Oct 75
- 0000 they check into the lodge, get some rest and begin working on doing things such as learning new spells, binding foci, and improving skills.

27 Oct 75
- The team head back to Seattle and OJ starts selling everything they don’t need, including the Banshee. They continue improving skills and purchase new items, including some cool cyberware for Kayless. While recuperating, Kayless ask Rorschach to look into Sweetwater’s disappearance, but they are still not able to determine what happened. An interview with her university dorm roommate reveals some men in black came in the day after she disappeared and took all her stuff.

24 Dec 75
- The team has completed all their training, healing, cyber installs, and are now ready to get back in the game. After all, OJ needs more money to make reach his retirement goal!

Midnight, Part 4
Are we there yet?

- 19 Oct 2075
- 1500 M: After departing the campground, the team heads back to the chop shop they discovered upon arrival and ask the guys at the shop if they can repair his drone. The guys are able to get it quickly repaired and they decide to head off. Before doing so, they have Relnar check on the next stop, Day Fork.
- 1845M: the team arrives in Day Fork and start schmoozing the locals. They discover Winding Joe is transporting Sonora and her team to San Bernardino and they discover the route he would normally take after they speak with Blitzen (another smuggler). They have a long conversation with her and find passing through the Mojave Desert is the fastest, though not safest route to take.
- 2100 M: They take off through the Mojave and through sheer luck and good rigging skills, they make it to Ontario, CFS almost three hours before Sonora is scheduled to arrive.

20 Oct 2075
- 0640: The team lands in Ontario, CFS where Jane’s contacts from the Ancients picks them up and takes them to a safe house in San Bernardino. They ask the Ancients where someone might land a Banshee, so the Ancients lead them to three different places. Payless determines two places are likely landing spots and OJ checks to see which one would make the better ambush site. After checking all three, they decide the third is the best and go about making the 1st one totally unusable (demolitions and spirits). They then set up their ambush at the third site.
- 0850: A couple of humvees show up with several gang members and a couple of guys dressed in military armor. Once the Banshee shows up, Sonora and her last surviving team mate get out…only her team mate falls and breaks her neck…oops. OJ steps out and informs the other party that the sextant belongs to him…at which point the ambush is sprung. Through judicious use of drones, spirits, luck, and lots of ammo, the team overcomes all the obstacles and defeats all the opponents. They knock Sonora out and take one of the gang members alive. They then decide it’s time to head back to the safe house and ask the Banshee rigger for a ride, who just so happens to be Rhinegold, whom they met back at Sweetwater. No explanation was given as to why Winding Joe wasn’t the smuggler Sonora arrived with.

Let’s see what happens next week…

Midnight, Part 3
Shotgun wedding (or how to get a Banshee cheap)

18 Oct 2075
- 1000M: Jane has finished her next ritual and revealed the sextant is in Denver already.
- 1400M: The team, well rested after an 8 hour nap, wake up to pot roast, potatoes, carrots, and fresh apple pie. They take their fill and discover their rigger is missing. Upon checking around, they find the Stoffels came and grabbed him a few hours ago and took him away. Further investigation leads them to discover Papa Stoffel took him to the local church to force him to marry his pregnant daughter (apparently, this is a regular stop for Ricky). OJ goes to the airfield to speak with other riggers about possibly using them to go the rest of the way to Denver…however, another plan forms in his mind. The team go to the church, where Stoffel family guard it with shotguns and determination. They attend the wedding (on the groom’s side of course), attend the reception, then try to convince Papa Stoffel to let Ricky take them the rest of the way to Denver for a nice big payment for the happy couples future. Papa Stoffel’s having none of this. His new son-in-law is staying right there in town, living in an addition built onto the family home, and is going to learn how to farm. Once he’s earned enough, the family’s going to help him build a nice home for him and his new family…all nice and close to Papa Stoffel and his brothers. OJ’s mind goes into overdrive and they offer to purchase the Banshee to help the young couple start right…so off they head to the airfield. While there, OJ subtly influences Papa Stoffel to sell the Banshee to them for a mere 50,000¥ to start the new family off right. Amazingly, Papa Stoffel agrees, which angers Ricky enough that he breaks out to throttle OJ. Well, fortunately for OJ, the Stoffel boys know how to use the butt end of a rifle just as well as the shooting end! The deal is made, money transferred and the team get the hell out of Sweetwater.
- 1900M: The team lands in the Sioux sector of Denver and Kayless begins looking for someplace to get an SUV. They eventually find a rental place and get it on their security company account.
- 2100M: The team has Relnar start searching for auctions or special events.
- 2200M: Jane starts the ritual and OJ attempts to bind a spirit.
- 19 Oct 2075
- 0200M: Jane finishes the ritual and they narrow it down to the Ute sector, in fact a very remote part of the Ute sector, nearly on the outside border.
- 1400M: The runners get over to that side of the Ute sector and discover a campground filled with yurts. They discover the last one, nearest the forest has Sonora in it. Therefore, they begin sneaking around the campground, through the woods…and discover another team set up with LMGs pointed into the campground. They decide to start taking out the gunners…and the whole place erupts in suppressive fire, shotguns, SMG fire, yelling/screaming poorly clad people running around, pillars of fire going off….yeah, chaos. In the end, seven local mercs and a dozen or so Triad soldiers are dead or dying. They team loses some ammo and a drone to the action. They also see three guys all dressed in black, chanting in Latin, who were responsible for the pillars of flame, but also healing the people. They decide not to engage them in any form. Unfortunately, just as they finished the last of the mercs, they hear and see another Banshee in the woods. They barely spot Sonora getting into it and it takes off before they are able to stop it. They check out the dead mercs and discover Sonora is on her way to San Bernardino, CFS…looks like another trip is ahead for the team.

Midnight, Part 2
Siege, travel, battle, travel...sounds like a series set in New Zealand

17 Oct 2075
- The entire team is finally in Chicago and ready to rock and roll!
- 1410L: OJ and Syndell finally make it to Chicago and meet up with Kayless and the boys from Calumet. After some discussion, OJ and Syndell tell Kayless he has joined up with the wrong side. They feel the the Greek and the mafia are not exactly the best people with whom to side…so they come up with a plan….
- THE PLAN: they contact the Spire and The Union and decide to assist them with defeating the Mafia. OJ convinces the Mafia’s leader (a large troll, who has seen far too many King of the Rings movies that the best plan is to charge up to the front gates with a large amount of explosives strapped to another troll, then detonate it. In addition, all the Mafia forces need to charge at the same time so as to confuse the sensors on the weapons drones. Finding this a brilliant plan, the troll sets his men to work and they end up charging in. Of course, OJ and Syndell arranged for the Union troops to show up after the charge is under way, so they can mop up what’s left. Kayless is in charge of distracting a group of mafia soldiers on the other side of the Spire with his drone…which does distract them…in fact, so well they get slaughtered.
- 1600L: The Spire is safe, the Union soldiers have mopped up, and The Greek is in custody. Wingman, the Spire leader informs the team that Sonora already left and is on her way to Denver. He offers to take them there via one of his riggers, Ricky Steelsky. The team loads up up into Ricky GMC Banshee and they make their way to Denver.
- 1900L: The Banshee crashes suddenly and the team discovers the electronics were fried by a couple of Thunderbirds. After several hours (2200L), the Banshee is back up and running.
- 18 Oct 2075
- 0100L: The Banshee starts descending for an unknown reason, so Syndell and Kayless check on the rigger, only to discover he is unconscious and an unknown technomancer is attempting to land the Banshee. Syndell sees their destination is an open field filled with a welcoming party. Both of them enter the Matrix and being a full blown assault to take the Banshee back. They eventually succeed and Kayless is able to fly the Banshee to the next stopping point.
- 0130L: Ricky is finally coming out of his unconsciousness and informs the team this is his refueling point. They need farmer Bob to enter the codes (biometric actually) into the refueling station in the garage, so OJ and Kayless go to the farmhouse to find him. Oops, the drones discover farmer Bob’s family dead in the kitchen with mysterious sores covering their bodies…but no farmer Bob. OJ decided to just crack open the security on the fuel and they begin dispensing it. Before they are able to finish fueling (80% complete), two pick up trucks filled with armed people show up at the farm and jump out. OJ comes up with plan to distract these people long enough that they are able to finish fueling, jump in, and get the hell out of there. OJ’s spirit lets him know the leader of this group has this weird taint to his aura.
- 0430M: The team lands in Sweetwater, where they have a layover to refuel, rest, and wait for patrols to pass. Bus driver George takes the team to the local diner, where they enjoy such things as eggs, bacon, coffee, flapjacks, and all sorts of good home cooking. Thereafter, bus driver George takes them to the boarding house, where Georgette leads them to their quaintly appointed rooms. OJ is just about crawling out of his skin right now since he’s not sure he likes home made quilts, doilies and oil lamps. The team then passes out from their exhausting trip and full stomachs.

Midnight, The Beginning
Man, it's cold out here!

15 Oct 2075
- The team has spent the last few months recuperating from their trip to Lagos. They have attended classes, shopped for new items, spent time in martial arts courses.
- Ruthless receives a call from Jane Foster about a potential job, so they arrange to meet at the Gray Line in Chicago to cover the details.
- 1800: Ruthless, Kayless, and Covon meet her there and they discover she wants to continue the hunt for the sextant. She tells them the sextant is in Chicago, but she’s not sure how long it will be there. She’s not able to provide further details here, because she’s afraid there might be ears listening. The team happily agrees to 10,000¥ each and another 100,000¥ for the team upon successfully retrieving the sextant. Note: Go and retrieve the artifact will get the team paid. Travel and lodging will be provided. She tells the team to meet her at the airport in no more than four hours so they can get on their way to Chicago.
- 1840: Having discovered it will be negative 15 degrees Celsius in Chicago thanks to a freak winter storm, the team meet up with Eugene to get some cold weather gear and trade items. They get fitted, pick out a whole lot of item, then make their way to the airport. While heading to Eugene’s, they decide they need a decker for the job and contact Relnar who agrees to do so for 1000¥ per day.
- 2010: They arrive at the airport and finally depart once the plane is loaded. During the flight, Jane reveals the map will identify the general area of the sextant, but the ritual takes four hours and is extremely taxing. She reveals that a mage named Sonora has the sextant and Sonora has been on the run. She tells them that there are others after the map, but doesn’t know who the other parties are.
16 Oct 75
- 0345 local: They arrive in Chicago, pick up their rental SUV and make their way to the hotel 5.5. They discover how poor the Chicago infrastructure truly is when they leave the airport grounds and must plow through snow drifts and poor roads. At the exit ramp, they discover the Tollkeepers, who accept their toll payments and they check in.
- 0600 local: Jane can now do a ritual with the Piri Ries map to determine the general location of the sextant and it reveals a 10 km x 20 km area of Chicago. Jane and Ruthless both take part in the ritual and when it’s done at 1000 local, Ruthless discovers she has been drained of all magic. Jane explains that this is a side effect and her magic should return in 12 hours.
- 1000 local: With the ritual complete, Kayless tasks Relnar with conducting Matrix searches on a variety of subjects. They hang out in the hotel.
- 1800 local: Ruthless has her magic back.
- 1900 local: Kayless and Covon head to the Pog Mo Thoin, a trading post, to see if they can get some information from Sean, the owner. In addition, Jane tells them to ask Sean for a new t-shirt size small since hers got destroyed in Lagos. Kayless decides to leave Relnar, Ruthless , and a drone there to protect the map (Relnar is still doing matrix work anyway).
- 2000 local: Kayless come upon a group of people who are under attack by wild dogs. They dispatch the dogs fairly quickly, though one of the women is lost to the pack. They escort the remaining people to their commune and provide them some supplies and also receive some information concerning the area.
- 2200 local: They finally arrive at the Pog Mo Thoin and speak with Sean. He tells them he hasn’t heard of this woman, but a good place to get information would be the Archangel Bounty Redemption Center. They have an active Matrix connection and bounty hunters should know something, maybe. Relnar comes back with information on Sonora: she’s a big league, international runner who takes a lot of Aztechnology jobs. She’s a female Latina mage, but as far as description, well, no one really knows what she loos like because her face keeps changing. She apparently uses altskin whenever she’s in LA, which is where she normally works out of. She also has a solid team to support her.
- 2300 local: Kayless and Covon get to the ABRC and Kayless subscribes to the local bounty boards. They discover there is a 50,000¥ bounty on her and 5000¥ on each of her team mates. They find out a bounty hunter by the name Bosco is also looking for her and they go into the sleeping area to check him and the rest of the bounty hunters out. They identify the likely magically active and then make their way back to the hotel.
17 Oct 75
- 0100 local: Covon and Kayless get back to hotel and Jane begins her ritual at 0200 (without Ruthless).
- 0600 local: Ritual done and sextant is still in the general area. Relnar’s searches reveal that Sonora might be trying to find a way out of the city. He finds there are a couple of smuggler groups on the area, one at Calumet (mafia run) and one at the Spire. The one at Calumet is lead by Don Roland “The Greek” Stephanopoulos. They decide to head to Lake Calumet to check to see if Sonora was there.
- 0900 local: Ruthless, Kayless, and Covon head off into the snow (with the SUV) and encounter a pack of gabriel hounds about two hours into their trip. They didn’t realize they were gabriel hounds, except Ruthless astrally perceived them and saw the deception. They are able to drive them off easily.
- 1100 local: The team reaches Lake Calumet and get a quick introduction to “the Greek”. Between Kayless quick thinking and Ruthless Doppel Keks, they earn the admiration of “the Greek”. He says they turned the girl away and she probably went to the Spire. They need help right now because they have besieged the Spire and don’t have a way to break the siege. They will be happing to help the runners get her, if the runners help them break the siege at the Spire. Ruthless and Kayless both agree, so they hop into a chopper, drop off some guards for the hotel, then finally land at the Spire shortly after 1400L.
- 1410 local: Time to take the Spire!

Dusk, The Conclusion
Ghouls and formal attire

5 Jul 2075/0001 (Friday)
- Syndell arrives in Lagos and contacts OJ to let the rest of the team know she’s in country. She makes her way to the Novo Porto hotel to find Calas recovering from his earlier bout with food poisoning.
- OJ, Ruthless, and Covon decide to head down to the hotel to pick up the remainder of the team, then fly to the palace with the statue and prisoner in tow. Unfortunately the truck runs out of gas on the way down, so they have to hoof it. Fortunately for the team, judicious use of a spirit of air gets the trio there rapidly.
- 0200-0400 The entire team flies to Ife where the Oni’s advisor rewards them mightily with 100,000 Naira….after OJ gets offended with the first offer of 50,000.
-0600-0800 The team flies back to Lagos and OJ convinces Syndell of the need to go shopping….which Syndell gladly does.
-1000 After a fruitful shopping trip, they arrive at the hotel and crash after the night’s activities.
-1800 Jane shows up and says she wants to take them to Lagos Island so they can get some outfits for the next night’s auction (black tie affair) as well as treat them to some real food. The group is ecstatic and join her.
- Unfortunately for them, their okada drivers take a detour through a really nasty part of town and they discover a ghoul party about to commence, with them as the main course. Calas demonstrates how effective a shotgun can truly be, while the rest of the team barely hold off their hungry attackers. Eventually, Jane looks to OJ and tells him she’s had enough and casts some sort of massive spell which leaves the ghouls dead…all of them. She then passes out from the casting.
- 2000 They finally make it to Lagos Island, check into a hotel and do yet more shopping. They eat a hearty dinner and retire for the evening.

6 Jul 75/Saturday
- 1900 The team arrives at the auction, held in the Global Sandstorm building and watch as artifact after artifact is sold. Eventually, the Piri Ries map comes up, but Jane is quickly outbid. The final sale price, 2.1 million Nuyen. Jane tells OJ her employer wants the map and to get it. At this point, OJ brings up the very poor wording of the original agreement and demands a second payment equal to the first to retrieve it (17% of the value). Well, needless to say, Jane is vexed, but she finally comes to an agreement to increase the overall payment. She has also learned to word her future deals with runners exactly. Thanks OJ!
- 2115 The winner of the bid, Medjay. He collects the map and while he is doing so, the Apep Consortium and Azzie teams make their way to the garage. Assuming they will probably attempt to take the map, Syndell waits until Medjay enters an elevator, then has a sprite use gremlins on it….forcing it to move very slowly, then release the brakes the last four floors. The team takes the other elevator and discover the other two teams waiting in their vehicles for Medjay.
Syndell hacks the vehicles, locks the doors, and disables them with the occupants still in. Once the elevator crashes, they rush to secure the map, to find Medjay still alive, bruised, but alive. Fireballs start enveloping the team and Medjay, so Syndell blacks out the windows on both vehicles (so the occupants can’t see out) and the fireballs finally stop. They find Medjay has been knocked unconscious and they take the map case and make their escape. Jane meets them and they make a dash to the airport where they catch a flight out with Innocence and eventually make it back to Seattle. They receive their pay and each head off to their domiciles to spend some much needed time relaxing, training, and probably…more shopping.

Dusk, Part 4
Dang, we're racking up the miles...

- 4 Jul 2075 (Thursday)
- 1200/OJ and Kayless finish speaking with Hippo and they head to the Novo Porto to get the rest of the team. Unfortunately, cat on a stick doesn’t agree with Kayless and he ends up spending the rest of the day in his room. Ruthless is feeling much better though and is ready to get out of the hotel! Both Ruthless and OJ summon some spirits for the upcoming visit the the Dancing Ork (Silence’s usually hangout), but are so exhausted from the summoning, they rest for a couple more hours.
- 1400-1600/They head up to the Dancing Ork (in Agege) and not so subtly enter the brothel to find Silence. They are apparently so distracted with the run down, dirty, putrid joint, they don’t notice as Silence makes his way out of one of the back rooms and out the back door. It is only through pure chance (really, really pure chance…one could say an act of the Almighty), that Ruthless notices the rear exit door shutting. Ruthless decides to check it out and sees the person they seek trying to climb onto the roof of the next building. She goes into full action and attempts to capture this guy and realizes she is not the grappler of the party. She calls for help and Covon and OJ get out there to subdue him.
- 1600-1800/They head back to the Novo Porto via okada and wait for the thief to awaken. Once they do, they successfully interrogate him to discover he stole the artifact for Uzochi Oluleye. He already gave Uzochi the artifact so he has no idea where it’s at. They call Jane to pick up Silence and she does so at 2000.
- 2200/They head over the Three Friends because they remember they saw Uzochi there. When they arrive, they discover he hasn’t been there, but Hippo let’s them know he is throwing some sort of get together tonight around midnight at his compound in….Agege. The runners realize they have to rush to get back to Agege.
- Midnight…they arrive at the compound to discover chanting coming from the courtyard, while guards patrol the exterior. Ruthless goes astral and sees a half dozen guards inside as well as a couple of mages around an artifact in the courtyard. They decided to climb the wall and get on top of what appears to be a living complex. They do so wonderfully and start throwing flash bang grenades and ball lightnings throughout the courtyard. Covon discovers he is far better at hitting targets up to 12 meters away with his knives than at close range, and these AK-97s are not all that bad. After nearly a dozen seconds, they dispatch all the opposition and grab not only the statue, but Uzochi and toss all of them into the white Toyota pick up truck they found in the courtyard. Covon jumps behind the wheel and OJ tells him to head off to Ife while he takes his place behind the medium machine gun mounted in the bed of the truck.
- 5 Jul 75/0002 (Friday): It’s off to Ife…what will happen on their 168 km drive?

Dusk, Part 3
Dinner with the Oni and a happy Hippo

3 Jul 2075 (Wednesday)

- Kayless finally arrives in Lagos and meets up with OJ and Covon. Priest and Ruthless have come down with a terrible stomach virus and can’t make it out of the Novo Porto hotel.
- Since Kayless wasn’t able to bring all this toys along, they decided to head up to the Dudu Dud Oja (arms market in Agege). There, Kayless is like a kid in a candy store and gets loaded up.
- Jane arranged for them to fly to Ife via Innocent. He gets them there safely, though they are shot at enroute. Once they arrive, they discover the palace is massive with loads of guards and red-robed priests who escort them around the entire time. Their room is beyond beautiful and they had down to the viewing in the basement levels of the palace.
- They split up to see if they can spot Samriel and the sextant; they spot the former with a group of elves, but not the latter. OJ sees this large map on display and an internal voice tells him this thing is of great power.
- After the viewing, the head up to the formal dinner with the king. Also at the table are the other individuals interested in various artifacts:
- Geogiy Abelev: a Russian archeologist who keeps thugs around him at all times.
Dr. Raoul Menendez: an Aztechnology exec whose guards do not hide they are Aztechnology security.
- Medjay: a Nubian who has no entourage and fits in with every group
Dr. Julianna Smyth: a collector from Hong Kong who has a couple of bodyguards and an assistant
— Katherine Silveroak: an elven lady accompanied by three clearly trained bodyguards and Samriel (who appears less a part of their group and more as a hanger-on).
- Kayless, who has never attended such an elaborate affair, does a fantastic job emulating the other guests and makes it appear as he attend formal banquets on a regular basis. During the course of the meal, Kayless notices Katherine’s snide remarks concerning the meal, the setting, and just about anything (in Sperethiel). Sickened with her comments, Kayless turns to the head of the table (at which the Oni is sitting) and in his best Sperethiel, tells the Oni how wonderful this entire affair is. Much to his confusion, the Oni asks an advisor to translate, but the advisor simply shrugs her shoulders and whispers that she believes he was very appreciative based on his body language, though his words were unintelligible. In fact, none of those who spoke Sperethiel had any clue as to what he said.
- They finish dinner around midnight and are escorted back to their rooms. About 0100 Thursday morning, the palace guard burst into everyone’s rooms and begin searching for a missing artifact, a small statue to be exact. Not finding it, they switch out the guards and dispatch units to find it. Jane is able to discover that the statue was prized by the Oni and it appears an Igbo agent stole it. OJ and Kayless attempt to question several people, but the guards do not talk. However, one of the servants says it was probably an Igbo thief who took it to dishonor the Oni. OJ is able to surreptitiously pass on information to the guards that the elven contingent probably has the statue and they receive further attention from the guards.
- Jane asks the runners to retrieve the thief and the artifact and bring both back to the palace (with the thief alive) so she can gain the Oni’s favor and get an invite to the auction itself.
- 4 Jul/0700: The team flies back to Lagos with Innocent and OJ calls Hippo so they can meet and see if he can get some information about the possible suspect. Hippo agrees to meet them at 1000 at the Three Friends.
-1000: After sampling some of the local cuisine (cat on a stick), OJ is able to discover that an Igbo thief by the name of Silence is probably the culprit. OJ thanks Hippo with a 10,000 Naira fee and agrees not to reveal where the source of this information, which makes him a very happy Hippo indeed.

Dusk, Part 2
Shopping in Lagos

2 Jul 2075 (Tuesday)
- Realizing they really need their face, Ruthless contacts Obnoxious Jones and tells him about the run their on. He comes to Lagos and meets them at the market. They discover how far their Naira actually go and purchase quite a few items they need (and some they may need in the future).
- The begin their search for Samriel and find no one matching his description has checked into any of the local hotels. OJ gets and idea to check out the evening activities where influential members of Lagos society may go. He finds a place called The Three Friends where local fixers apparently conduct business. There he finds two men, Hippo Kojoli (a very large and well connected fixer) and Uzochi Oluleye (an older human male, who is an elder amongst the Igbo). OJ decides Hippo is the better person to befriend. OJ easily makes acquaintances with the man and Hippo directs him to an antiquities dealer at the Leventis store named Kayin.
- Off they go back to the market and meet Kayin. He tells them he knows of this Samriel and that the elf is probably in town to go to the black market antiquities auction the Yoruba king is putting on this weekend. In fact, the king (Oni Adegoke) is holding a viewing of the items up for auction and Kayin might be able to get them in…if they perform a small service for him.
- Kayin asks them to just head into Surulere to retrieve and iron mask he would like to have. The team checks into this Surulere and discover 100% of the populace were wiped out during the VITAS outbreak and is thought to be haunted. The team makes it to the edge of Surulere and discover a rather high border has been erected made of garbage. They sneak into the district and almost make it to the house undetected. A young girl is sitting on the steps of the next door house crying and tells OJ she needs help finding her brother who is in the house. She fears for his life. OJ wants to just move on, but disembodied voices goad her (Priest). When it looks like the team is going to continue on past, dark figures come rushing out of the house and attack the concealed runners.
- The team is evenly matched and after the girl’s friends start getting hurt/knocked unconscious, she calls for a truce. She and OJ come to an agreement that she will allow them to get the mask if he delivers cadavers to the border on a specified date at a specified time. He agrees and they retrieve the mask and take it back to Kayin.
- True to his word, Kayin has arranged for them to take part in the viewing. OJ mentions to Kayin that he needs several Area Boys to pick up some items from the Surulere border on the specified date and time.
- The team returns to the hotel to get some rest before heading to the airport to catch a flight to the palace at Ife (about 186 km from Lagos).
- Realizing they really want their decker, rigger, and physical adept along, they place calls to each to see if they’re available.
- In reviewing the details of the arrangement with OJ, Ruthless realizes she forgot to mention that Jane will split the finder’s fee for the item (a sextant), which comes to about ¥50,000 for the party to split as they will.


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