Ray's Runners

DNA/DOA, Part 1
Throwback Sundays

Game date: 11 May 2075

Obnoxious Jones receives a call, which he sends direct to voicemail. An apparently brand new Johnson (and we mean inexperienced) leaves a message that he has a short notice job for them. OJ calls back and speaks with Mr. Johnson, who tells them that they are to meet him at the Space Needle.

They arrive at the Space Needle and meet in a private booth. The job is simple; they are to break into an Aztechnology biotech research facility and recover data files related to the experiments conducted there as well as whatever samples they can recover. Mr. Johnson provides them with a van filled with gear and agrees to pay them 150,000 nuyen (half up front).

The team agrees to the job and takes a look at the van, which meets their satisfaction (for the most part). Syndell does some research on the facility and finds that a Dr. Owens and Dr. Peterhoff are the lead researchers who do not get along. Dr. Peterhoff actually runs the place as his own personal lab. It appears that an incident occurred a day or two ago and the place has been put on lockdown along with several Aztlan reps being flown in.

The team locates the entry point and discover a large number of denizens in the sewers, whom they avoid (except for a couple of ghouls). They are able to penetrate the facility and find that the place has been torn apart and amber lights are flashing everywhere. They overcome a couple of orcs (that used to be guards) and find Peterhoff. They convince him they are there to rescue him, the data, and the samples, and get ready to make their way out.

Unfortunately, a Spirit of Fire manifests and begins Fearing the team. Through a lot of teamwork, the team is able to take down the spirit, but Ruthless leaves thoroughly drained.

They make their war to wharf 114, where they are to meet Mr. Johnson. They set up their snipers and OJ and Syndell approach the ship. Unfortunately for the, Mr. Johnson is not there and it appears they have met with a different party. Ruthless notices incoming helicopters and APCs, so the team decides to bug out. They contact Rohrschach to get a safe house and make their way there.

The team learns that Aztechnology hit the ship and docks with a large number of military personnel and caused extensive damage. As of right now, they are hiding out at the safe house and have asked Rohrschach to find buyers for the professor, data, and samples.

What will happen next?

Splintered State #5
How long to go 45 stories?

Game date: 19 Apr 2075

So, the team survives the landing on the roof of Brackhaven Investments. While they are getting ready to infiltrate the building, two deckers assault BI security node. Once the deckers get in, they are able to take out a few of the IC programs, but have to exit before they exceed their GOD score.

Syndell easily hacks the maglock on the door and Missy takes the lead. Missy just barely notices the infrared trip beam emitters before stepping through the door. Once again Syndell works her decker magic and shuts them down.

As the runners are making their way down the stairs two Spirits of Air and two Spirits of Fire manifest and start attacking the rear of the party…which happens to be the two Dalmation drones. Security guards emerge from the 50th floor, whom Covon and Missy engage.

Ruthless casts two massive Lightning Balls taking out not only the Spirits, but the drones as well. Missy efficiently eliminates the majority of the guards while Covon realizes javelins are not as effective as his shock gloves. Syndell hacks into a guard’s commlink and does so well she is able to monitor their communications throughout the remainder of the infiltration.

Ruthless and Missy discover that neither of them are set up for Astral Combat when they peer into the astral and discover two astrally projecting mages. Ruthless calls up a very strong Spirit who rips the mages to shreds.

Kayless sets up booby traps using the salvaged grenades from the drones and they proceed towards the tenth floor as stealthily as possible. Kayless detonates the grenades after they’ve proceeded roughly 20 floors, causing further mayhem and confusion amongst the threat response team.

Once they reach the 10th floor, they are able to secure the server room and Syndell hacks the data node. It’s nearly child play because Syndell gets the data within a few seconds. Unfortunately, the team is spotted as they enter the 10th floor and threat response is sent to engage them. Ruthless gleefully pulls out her monofilament chainsaw and cuts a hole into the other stairwell and they begin climbing the stairs to “safety”.

Instead of heading to the roof, they decide to enter a different floor and escape through the windows. They are once again spotted and threat response is re-routed to their location. Ruthless breaks out the chainsaw and cuts a nice hole through the exterior windows and casts levitate on herself, Syndell, and Kayless…just barely able to keep from knocking herself out from drain.

Missy and OJ also levitate out, while detonating smoke grenades behind them. (OOC: how did Covon get out?)

As they make their escape, they hear threat response calling in “Drexel”. Shortly after finding a safe spot to hide, a few of the time see the distinct form of a small western dragon land on the BI rooftop. They make good their escape and meet their MCT contact to hand over the data.

The team is paid their 100,000 nuyen and earn 11 KP each.

The team also earns 1 point each of Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness due to their actions.

Kayless starts ordering a lot of items from Rohrschach.
OJ takes rapier lessons and orders some items as well.
Ruthless takes some time to increase her magical knowledge (initiate). Complete on 19 May 2075).
Covon takes time to learn Iaijutsu with his new katana.

Splintered State 4
Meetings, set ups, and flights

Game date: 9 Apr 2075-Tuesday

- Takafumi Maeda from MCT leaves a message on Obnoxious Jones’ commlink offering the team 200,000 Nuyen for the information from Dietrich.
- Karen King from Ares leaves a message on Syndell’s commlink offering the team 200,000 nuyen for the information from Dietrich.

Obnoxious Jones calls Maeda back to ascertain if he really wants the information on the commlink or a portion of it. Maeda wants all of it related to Brackhaven.

Syndell does the same with Karen King, but is insulted and decides not to deal with her.

Game date: 12 Apr 2075-Friday

Obnoxious Jones sets up a meeting at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with the MCT rep (Kiyoko Inoue). He and Syndell meet her, make the exchange, and get out as another group shows up at the meet. As they depart, they see that Kiyoko had an entourage of bodyguards who confront the other party.

At the same time as the meet, Missy (a friend of OJs from Chicago) and Covon “ambush” the office where Kayless is located (using Ares weapons and dressed as Ares personnel. The entire incident is recorded, the previous conversation with Karen King re-worked, to make it look like Ares has the information from the commlink.

Game date: 19 Apr 2075-Friday

MCT contacts the runners and offers them a job infiltrating Brackhaven Investments and retrieving information found on a server on the 10th floor of the building. MCT provides them various equipment, weapons, and an equipment fund to accomplish the mission. They also provide them the means to get to the roof of the building while a demonstration is happening outside.

Syndell reaches out to her decker friends and asks that 10 deckers assault the BI Matrix system while the team infiltrates the facility. They pay the deckers 500 nuyen each to attack the system.

While gliding towards the roof (from the Seattle Space Needle), Syndell attempts to hack the antiaircraft weapons on the roof, but has a difficult time of it. The weapon activates, but she is finally able to crash the targeting software, causing it to fire randomly in the airspace around the building. The team lands safely and prepares to infiltrate the building.

Putting it all together

Hey guys, been trying to get my matrix working correctly. You don’t know how embarrassing it is to have a gremlin going around messing up my matrix when I’m a decker.

So here it is in short form.
The commlink revealed contacts that were coded numerically and a meta-device holding fragments of files created by Seth Dietrich:
S. Dietrich: MIA UCAS FBI agent, uploaded a file and then went missing 11/2074
File linked Brackhaven to conspiracy against Ork Underground

Frag 1: evidence linking “bill” to FBI Agent Kowalski’s death
Kowalski: (last investigating J. Grey, was murdered, no suspect, thorough agent)
J. Grey: resigned and left for Caribbean League after financial scandel with Sunset Realities where they purchased deeds for pennies on dollar

Frag 2: no evidence of “bill” and Brackhaven except both work for city/state
Brackhaven: heir to Brackhaven Investments, Governer of Seattle, friend of J Grey, anti-metahuman

Frag 3: Brackhaven’s press secretary (Edmund Jefferies) had connections to Copycat killer through Mather
Mather: Knight Errant VP, missing, planner found with coded names/transactions
financial ties to Brackhaven
Jefferies: Embezzeled city funds to hire shadowrunners to disrupts pro prop 23 rallies and burn ork underground

Frag 4: “Bill’s safe house” found data chips with plans for operation called Daybreak…

Bill is ?? Williams James the supervising corporate liaison of the Seattle Public Works???

Seth Dietrich:
went undercover as he suspected someone within UCAS FBI of covering up for his investigation
Hired out as a SR
Found info, attempted to set up a meet with Jefferies to see if he would turn on “Bill”
Vague memories of blood and the Rover landing in the Sound (see news story of bodies found)
Woke up at Shaman Glass Child’s place with no memories of previous month and the statement that he wasn’t welcome, though the “spirit that walks with him” is welcome
Woke up approx 1month later within a Shaman CIrcle without memories
Woke up approx 1 month later arguing with OXYCODE (who described a complete personality change)
Last Entry on comm: Indicates that someone unfamiliar with a comm is doing the entry. ?spirit who walks with Seth??

I’m still researching more info but we have to ask ourselves—- WHY are we doing this??? I’m not having a good feeling about this one!!!

Seth had what a Shaman describes as a spirit that walks with him after a meeting during this investigation.

Agent Kowalski was murdered during her investigation into this

Kayless’ “friend” decker was discovered during our investigation and is probably in danger— Kayless did you manage to contact her???

Seth is now dead

Oxycode is dead and his contact with this investigation is that he had the comm and that he had a conversation with Seth while he was “Not himself”

Seth’s SR team is all dead

Tauren is currently missing

Splintered State 3a
Got the data (or, reading assignment time!)

Team, Syndell has asked me to pass this on to you. She is having a hard time with her Matrix connection where she is hiding out. It seems the local Matrix provider is messing around with updating the local router and she has intermittent service.

She says this came from combining the information from the two different commlinks.

- Covon

If you’re reading this then something has gone wrong with my investigation. Also if you’re reading this, then hopefully you are some- one who can be trusted to use the information in this file wisely, or at least you can get it to someone who will. Forgive me if I ramble—I have a lot to cover, and very little time for organizing it. My name is Seth Dietrich, special agent, UCAS Federal Bureau of Investigation, Seattle Office. For the past nine months I’ve been conducting an off-the-books investigation into a man known only as “Bill.” I don’t know exactly who Bill is, but I know who he works for: Governor Kenneth Brackhaven of Seattle and Brackhaven Investments.

Over the course of my investigation, I have discovered that Governor Brackhaven is linked through Bill (his main covert or shadow operative) to various crimes such as conspiracy, murder, and domestic terrorism as part of a coordinated effort to undermine and/or cause the failure of Proposition 23 and Project Freedom. I have also found evidence that links Governor Brackhaven to various terrorist groups such as Alamos 20,000 and the Humanis Policlub. I also have evidence that specifically links Bill to the murder of FBI Agent Jennifer Kowalski, with whom this investigation originally began.

I took over from Agent Kowalski on March 25, 2074, when she requested my assistance. My previous case investigating Congress- man James Grey was terminated when the congressman died in an unexplained plane accident in the Carib League. I had not been assigned anything new, so I decided to help Agent Kowalski. When I was unable to find her at her apartment or through her commlink RFID system, I alerted my section chief at the Bureau. Two days later, Agent Kowalski’s body was found hung from a flagpole on Renr- aku Corporation property near Downtown Seattle. An official investigation was launched, but I was not assigned to it. When I returned to my office station, I found that an encrypted file had been left for me. The encryption was good, but my hacking skills were enough to break it. I discovered that Agent Kowalski had done the very thing I am doing now, leaving a trail for someone to follow should it become necessary.

I had considered informing my superiors, but I realized that they had no interest in finding Agent Kowalski’s killer. Other suspicious activity led me to believe that there was a cover-up underway. For details, see file #4455-Echo. On my spare time, I began looking through the files. The main focus of the investigation was a man known only as Bill. Different names were listed, but ultimately they were all dead-end aliases. The file also indicated that Bill was currently working as a covert operative for Brackhaven Investments, specifically for Karl and then Kenneth Brackhaven. Various clues and leads listed in the file suggested Bill was involved in several ongoing oper- ations. His current suspected identity was William James, supervising corporate liaison of the Seattle Public Works. These operations covered a multitude of federal crimes that included blackmail, theft, fraud, and murder. And while the files never indicated any direct link between him and Kenneth Brackhaven, there were recordings of several meetings between him and the governor. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me start with.

The beginning of my investigation was an exercise in frustration. Despite my best efforts, both in the Matrix and on the streets, I could not find evidence of any solid connection between Brackhaven and Bill, other than they both work (in very different ways) for the city/state. I was about ready to give in and go to my supervisor when my suspicions were confirmed about a cover up in Agent Kowal- ski’s death. Her autopsy reports were altered to make her death look like a suicide, but the originals indicated carefully hidden trauma to the throat, consistent with a mono-garrote (see file #4459- Beta).

Complicating matters was my supervisor began to suspect I was looking into the case. I was promptly suspended on falsified charges and placed on administrative leave. With no further recourse, I was forced to enlist help from less-than-conventional means— shadowrunners. Using a previous undercover identity that the bureau did not know about, I began masquerading as a new-to-Seattle hacker looking for work. After participating in several low-key runs for a month to prove my skills and to enhance my reputation, I was able to make several contacts, including a young hacker going by the handle of Tauren. In a roundabout way, it was this association with Tauren (and, through him, Project Freedom) that gave me my first break in the case. Using Tauren to network with other hackers and others in the shadow community, I was able to locate a secret node in the Seattle Public Works server that Bill was using for his private files. My attempts to hack the file were largely successful, and I was able to secure several files written in code. This was not the normal code that a decryption program could deal with, it was an old-fashioned code that had to be de-cyphered with a key. Still, I put my best agents on the task in hoping I could get lucky. Two weeks later, I got a break.

The files were incomplete but had enough information that indicated that Bill was indeed working as a handler and liaison between Brackhaven, Alamos 20,000, and Humanis. There were references to things such as Firefly and Stonewall, but at the time I had no clue what they really were. I wished that I had, because it may have saved several lives. Firefly referred to the operation by Alamos 20K that firebombed the Ork Underground. While Bill was not directly involved, he provided the logistical and intelligence support that had made the bombings possible. Had I only been better at my job, then perhaps those children would be alive today.

When I wasn’t helping Tauren with Project Freedom business, I kept myself sane (mostly) by focusing on what I could while also investigating possible persons of interest indicated in Jennifer’s file as either possible Brackhaven collaborators, potential allies, or pos- sible threats. See file #4462-Romeo for my notes.

As my investigations continued, I also found myself swept up into the various events surrounding Prop 23 in both the Underground and on the regular streets of Seattle. As the situation became more and more desperate for Project Freedom, I found myself becoming less and less objective and drifting away from my own investigation. Granted, if my investigation were to pan out, then it would benefit everyone. But still, I made the decision to temporarily break with Tauren and his crew and strike out on my own. I knew where I was going could backfire horribly and I didn’t want it to blowback on Project Freedom. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself. In reality, with everything going on, I didn’t quite know what I was doing.

To regain my focus, I went back to my legwork, chasing down anyone, any lead I had to try to find Bill. Ever since I found his original home node, I had hoped he wouldn’t realize that he had been compromised. But I was wrong again, and by the time I cracked his code, he was long gone and I was back to square one. While I was busy beating my head into a wall, my friends back at Project Freedom were facing their own troubles. Tauren’s father, another hacker named MacCallister, who went by the handle of Bull, had been doing his own investigation into Brackhaven, specifically in connection to his daughter’s murder. He had found a connection to Edmund Jefferies, Brackhaven’s press secretary, through a man named George Mathers. Mathers had secretly contracted the copycat killer that murdered MacCallister’s daughter, and now he was going after him. But someone was out to take care of MacCallister before that could happen. Another bomb ripped through the Underground and almost killed MacCallister.

When I heard about this, something clicked in my mind, and I went back to my notes and realized what Stonewall was—it was a reference to a plan to remove MacCallister from play. Again, I was figuring it out, but too late to do any good. Thankfully, MacCallister survived. I tried to go back to the Underground, to spill my guts and tell them everything hoping it would prevent more tragedies. Too bad I never made it there. MacCallister wasn’t the only one who had gotten someone’s attention. On my way to the Underground, my car was ambushed, and I was taken prisoner.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke up in an old meat locker in Tacoma. Of course I didn’t know that at the time, but it was a trivial detail compared to the beatings I received. For two days, a troll and an ork used me as their personal punching bag as they tried to get me and talk. I almost did—no one can take beatings like that forever. I honestly thought I was going to die, but on the third day, I arose … sort of. More like I was picked up by some runners hired by Tauren to find me.

During my convalescence, Tauren and I talked. I came clean about who I was. I expected him to be furious, but he just laughed and said I was “One crazy fucker.” Two weeks later, I was well enough to leave under my own power, albeit a little slower. I contacted the runners who had saved me, a street sam named Bingo, a rigger named Dice, and a shaman called Three-Feet (don’t ask—I wish I hadn’t). I had grown tired of playing defense and decided to go on offense. Two weeks of kicking down doors amid the chaos of the DA mur- ders got us some solid leads, which led us to a small warehouse in Renton. I don’t really recall those few days very well, mostly because I don’t want to. I was in a rage over what was happening in the Underground, and what happened to me. All of it. I did things I never thought I would do. I beat information out of people, just like it had been done to me. I lied, not the usual trickery law officers often use, but I lied and stabbed people in the back. I knew that I was slowly becoming that what I hated in order to get those who were hurting others. That didn’t bother me so much, as I was starting to like it.

After a few bashed-in heads, we got a solid lead to Bill’s location. The source had it on good authority that it was one of Bill’s safe house/staging areas. There was no guarantee that Bill would be there, but I had nothing else at this point. So my team and I (yeah, I was a real shadowrunner now) did what all runners do. We scouted the place, did our legwork, and then blew open the front door. After a quick little firefight with a few gangers hired to watch the place, we hit paydata. Located in a vault in the back of the safe house were several data chips with not only detailed plans about the fire bombings and the attempt on MacCallister, but about an upcoming oper- ation labeled Daybreak (see#4471-Charlie).

What I read among the files made me sick. This was an order for wholesale murder and wanton destruction. Also contained on the chips were several correspondences between Brackhaven’s chief of staff and Bill. Most of them were direct orders from Brackhaven to begin various stages of the plan as soon as Bill was ready. Also included were account numbers for funds, preferred targets both living and locations. It was all laid out. But I also learned something else, Daybreak was a plan that would never happen.

According to the various letters, Brackhaven was pissed. Thanks to meddling and operations behind his back by his own staff, Day- break was scrubbed and new objectives were ordered. These objectives corresponded with several of the incidents that had already occurred in the underground. It was all there, ready to go. There was only one problem: While I knew who Bill was talking to, there was no way for me to prove it. These files could easily be forged. I needed to find a witness, I needed to find someone to verify these files were real. I needed someone to testify.

As my grandfather use to say, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Two days before the vote, I received a comm message from Ed- mund Jefferies. He didn’t come out and say it, likely for fear someone was listening in, but he indicated that he would be willing to testify against Brackhaven in exchange for protection and immunity. I am now on my way to the meet to speak with Jefferies. I’m taking along backup, my “crew,” and we’re going to see if we can convince Mr. Jefferies the benefits of doing the right thing. I don’t know how this will end, and in case this goes badly or this is a set up, I am sending this out in the hopes that it will find the right hands.

/Open/file:4462-Romeo/execute OPERATION DAYBREAK Purpose:

1.To prevent the passing of Proposition 23 by highlighting the dangers of Ork Underground.This will be achieved by hiring operatives to commit random and various crimes and plant evidence that they are from the Underground/Project Freedom.

2. To prevent the truth from coming out by eliminating members of Project Freedom.
3.To increase the public level of fear and hatred against Project Freedom and the Ork Underground.
4.To increase the level of public admiration of the Seattle government by allowing them to successfully deal with the ork menace.

General Plan:
Step one: Hire various deniable assets using funds from emergency accounts.
Step two: Leak specific information to various media outlets in exchange for favorable press and public support. Bonus if

opportunity is presented to government to kill Prop 23 on grounds of public safety.
Step three: Begin elimination of key figures in Project Freedom.
Step four: Using Knight Errant and/or Metroplex Guard, assault and/or seal up Ork Underground.
Step five: Create siege of Underground, cut off all power and food supplies and starve them.
Step six: Send in various forces to take control of the Underground.
Notes: Steps one and two should begin no later than 02/01/74 and be completed by 04/01/74. If unsuccessful, proceed directly

to step three and then four. Key leaders of Project Freedom should be eliminated by no later than 06/01/74. Total completion expected on or about 09/01/74. If vote for Proposition 23 goes forward, and is passed, adjust plan/timetable as necessary but keep overall mission parameters.

Addendum 12/9/74
Still alive. Last thing I remember is Dice’s blood, all over me, slippery on my hands. Trying to kick out the window of our Rover as it plummeted into the sound. Sucking wind and blood through a bullet hole in my lung, watching the pressure of the deepening waters crack the glass. I was sure I was done for. Then I woke up here.

Some safe house in First Nations territory, under the watchful eye of a Shaman named Glass Child. Guy’s no child, must be nearly a hundred years old, brown, leathery skin like a wrinkled paper bag, ceremonial headdress, buckskin ghost shirt. He says the spirits walk with me, walk through me. That’s not a good enough explanation. No idea how I got here, how I survived. No idea where Jeffries is. Public tridnews says it’s been nearly a month since the last thing I can remember. That can’t be right. At first I thought it was some elaborate con, a scenario set up by Brackhaven’s thugs to get me to talk. But Glass Child let me walk right outside. It’s Seattle, all right, and I seem to have my freedom.

But what happened to the last month? It’s just gone, like a black hole. Not quite, I can see, reflections, in the deepest, blackest waters of the pit where my memories should be. Other people’s lives, like dreams, memories. Incredibly vivid, something vague that I’m not seeing, something more like a feeling. No idea what to do next. Don’t know who to trust. Someone sold me out. I don’t know who—my contacts still in the bureau, Tauren, MacCallister? Don’t want to think about any of them betraying me to Brackhaven. Brackhaven. Bas- tard. Son of a bitch must think I’m deader than Ness.

At least I’m not the only one after him. Looks like Seattle’s district attorney got a hold of my case files, and that finally put a bug up her ass. She empaneled a grand jury to go after Brackhaven, and she’s indicted Jefferies in absentia. More power to her, but I’m not sure how far she’ll get without more evidence. The evidence that I was so close to when everything changed. Shattered.

Glass Child says I need to go, says that I am not welcome with the First Nations, only the spirit that walks with me. The gangbanger kids around here might laugh at Glass Child behind his back, but deep down, they respect him. They want me gone too; after I came to, some of them tried to talk to me in Sioux, made inside jokes with me, things they expected me to get. Like they thought I was someone else. Wish I could consult my own mage, because this shit is spooky. Reminds me of the shedim, but from what I’ve read, you need to be dead first and you never wake up. Anyway, they want me out. Just as well. Need to hit the streets, need to build up my resources, figure out what to do. If Brackhaven thinks I’m dead, at least I have the element of surprise, if nothing else. Still got a few credits in my pockets, even if I don’t remember ever buying these clothes—they’re not exactly my style. I think I still know where I can pick up a nanopaste disguise kit at the Crime Mall.

Addendum 1/17/75

Happy new year to me. More lost time. Happened again, last week. Woke up in a warehouse down at the Tacoma docks. Surround- ed in shamanic paraphanalia. Dog collar, dog tags, a paperweight, kneeling in a magic circle. There was a piece of mirrored glass next to me; I was wearing a synthleather duster and mirror shades I’d never seen before. A crumpled piece of paper in my pocket had this written, in handwriting that was almost, but not quite, my own: “Who are you and what do you want from me?”

The blackouts are getting longer, and more frequent. I don’t know how to continue the Brackhaven investigation like this. I’ve faced down death dozens of times in the field, but this is different. I’m scared, my dreams are haunted with memories that aren’t mine. What the hell is happening to me?

Addendum 2/27/75

Came to in the Redmond Barrens, having an argument over the price of zen with this piece of shit ork dealer named Oxycode. He was really freaked out, he said my accent changed and everything, that a minute ago, I’d been talking with a Scottish brogue. But now I was me again, and I had no interest in the wares he was peddling. He got pissed off, told me never to come back. I’m happy to oblige. Forget all of that, even if I am going insane—and it’s not like I can seek out any kind of treatment with Brackhaven still gunning for me— even if I lose who I am forever, lose control of this body to whatever the hell is happening to me, at least I can take Brackhaven down with me. I’ve got it, I’ve got the missing piece, I’ve got everything I need to see him fry. Jeffries is dead or underground, but I managed to get to “Bill,” William Greene, Brackhaven’s corrupt, bigoted weasel of an energy secretary. It took every bit of pull I had left in this town, and it’s a miracle I kept this cobbled-together cyberdeck from shorting out before the hack was done. But I managed to get one of Greene’s agents to relay a message.

Greene is willing to deal, willing to spill the goods on Brackhaven if he can get a pass. The district attorney doesn’t want to let Greene walk, because she never believes she’ll have damning enough evidence to nail Brackhaven to the wall. But I can make promises I don’t have to keep. Greene confessed to me that the governor’s chief of staff Emile Corrigan has an “insurance” policy on Brackhaven that even the governor doesn’t know about. A drek list a mile long, financial records, recorded conversations, enough evidence to bury Brackhaven six feet under. Corrigan has it stashed on a secure server at the Brackhaven Investments headquarters that even the gover- nor doesn’t know about, on the mainframe on server room #8 on the 10th floor. Now, if I can only get it out of there, if I can only keep it together long enough …

Captain’s Log Stardate 779123-Alpha

What the blazes is this doohickey?

Splintered State 3
A stroll through the zoo

Game date: 8 Apr 2075/1500 (Monday)

The runners decide to make their way to the zoo after coming up with several different plans to ensure their own safety. Enroute, they decide to pick up a fairly new runner, Cosgrey Carbonstone, a dwarves physical adept known to have a temper.

Upon arriving, the discover the UCAS MPs running visitors through scanners and pulling over a few people to wand them. Syndell is able to access the scanners and causes them to begin glitching. Kayless contacts Sweetwater and asks her to access the zoo’s node and take control of the security devices. After a short moment, Sweetwater texts Kayless back and sends him his money back for the job because it’s nearly impossible to break into it.

Due to the confusion with the glitches, the backed up entrances, and now a full on Matrix alert, the team is able to slip through the main entrance without a hitch. Kayless sends two of his drones in a stealthily as possible and sets them up about 200 meters above the zoo, ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice.

Obnoxious Jones sets the team up in a crossfire pattern, ready to take on any enemies that may show up (or prepared to get him out in the event of an ambush).

OJ meets FBI Special Agent Seth Dietrich in the basilisk tunnel and finds that Dietrich calls himself Jake Armitage. Kayless recalls that Armitage was a runner from the 2050s that died. Dietrich/Armitage is confused about the entire meet, which seems to confuse OJ. When OJ recommends they exit the tunnel, Armitage goes along, until a bullet rips the back of his head out.

OJ and Syndell are taken totally by surprise when two bystanders activate cyber implant weapons and start blasting away at innocent bystanders. Covon and Cosgrey team up on one of the attackers but find it exceptionally difficult to overcome him. Cosgrey ends up getting shot at by the sniper, hiding somewhere near Syndell. Ruthless and Kayless are able to take down one of the assailants with a mixture of magic and heavy firepower. When Kayless finally spots the sniper position (sort of) with Syndell’s direction, he fires away with this drone. Unfortunately, for the drone, the sniper is a much better shot and metal, plastic, and bullets rain down into the zoo.

The sniper departs the area along with Covon/Cosgrey’s assailant. The team runs the opposite direction. Luckily, OJ remembers a few important details and grabs a bag and commlink from Dietrich/Armitage’s body. Ruthless commands her spirt of fire to distract the approaching UCAS MPs which helps the team escape the zoo.

A bruised and bloodied party speed away from the zoo and hunker down. Syndell takes off on her own with the second commlink, but the remainder of the party decide to hide out (somewhere).

OJ opens the bag and finds 100,000 nuyen in there on credsticks. The party places 10,000 nuyen in the party fund and splits the rest 6 ways.

At this point, Kayless asks OJ to assist him in purchasing several items which will take until 15 April to get (well all of it). Kayless also asks Cullain to get him several grenades which will take a couple of days to receive.

OJ buys himself a rapier and a tutorsoft to teach him how to specialize in rapiers.

Covon begins learning Small Unit Tactics (1 day) and Blades (1 day).

Splintered State #2a
Rooftop duels

Game date: 8 Apr 2075/1315 (Monday)

Covon checks the straps on his ballistic mask to ensure they’re tight and steps out of the office into the afternoon sun. The sensors built into the mask have already told him the air speed, wind direction, temperature, but it also notified him of three unidentified shapes on top of the office. A quick glance at two more readouts indicates that the human before him is not cybered and has no more weapons than those he clearly wears with practiced ease.

“Once again, I must prove the superiority of our race over these humans. He is small, but his confidence is large. He must be magically enhanced to be so calm in confronting our group.” thinks Covon as he eyes his opponent and his two cohorts. “Ah, his cohorts are cybered and quite ready to move into action.” Covon sends a mental command to his commlink directing it to text the locations of the five cybered ninjas. It is preset to text in the preferred language of communication with each member, whether the native tongue or that of the humans in this land.

Covon moves within 5 meters of his opponent and sends a mental activation command to his trusty shock gloves. “Though I have little to no intention of letting this daronit survive, it might be advantageous to let him live. After all, they have kept the foreign based Yakuza from coming after Syndell.” comes to Covon’s mind as he watches his foe draw his sword.

The sun is directly overhead and casts extremely short shadows on the opponents. It is not low enough to cause problems for either combatants vision. The area is clear of foreign debris that will hinder either side.

In a blur of speed and grace, Covon covers the 5 meters and those observing hear the distinctive sound of cyber spurs popping from a hidden sheath. The three spurs fly towards the Yakuza and penetrate his defenses and bury themselves deeply into his stomach. The blood pouring from his stomach (as Covon removes the spurs in preparation for a counter attack) is a clear indication that the blow was nearly fatal. The force of the blow is such, that the smaller Yakuza is knocked immediately to the ground.

Clearly shaken, the Yakuza uses his sword scabbard to bring himself to his feet, holding his stomach tightly. Covon steps two meters back, flicks the blood from his spurs onto the ground, and mentally orders the spurs to return to their sheath as he takes a defensive stance.

With reverence and excruciating physical pain written on his face, the Yakuza kneels before Covon and extends his sword with both hands in a clear sign of surrender. Covon cautiously approaches the kneeling human, quickly deactivates the shock gloves and grasps the sword.

Without looking up, the Yakuza says, “Covon-san, you have proven a far worthier opponent than I had at first suspected. My sword and my life are yours. I owe you a debt for not shaming me in this combat, but for also not killing me outright. When you have need of me Covon-san, please call upon me.”

Covon thinks to himself, “This is interesting, I meant to kill him with that single blow, but the little human is tougher than he first appeared. Let him believe I am gracious, and not that he is simply lucky.”

Removing his mask and looking upon the Yakuza, Covon says “Accepted, now leave your number with OJ and be gone before our drones and mage slay your fellows on the office.”

With that, the Yakuza transmits his number to Obnoxious Jones and departs along with his ninja.

OOC: FYI, I rolled everything for both characters and had super amazing rolls for Covon and super crappy rolls for Shinji Kajio.

Splintered State #2
Where do all the puzzle pieces go?

Game date: 7 Apr 2075

Syndell examines the commlink the team gave her after the last run. She finds it has a meta-device built into and hacks into the device. She is able to decrypt and download the file on the meta-device. The file is a fragmented file, apparently half of a file, with the other half on another commlink.

The commlink belonged to a missing FBI Agent named Seth Dietrich whom they discover was investigating Governor Brackhaven and his connection with violent efforts to impede/stop Proposition 23. The fragments mention Operation Daybreak and a Bill as well as other Operations and political/shadow figures.

OJ reaches out to Detective Margese to get some background info on Oxycode. He sends them the entire police report on the “Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat Slaughter” as it’s being called. To his dismay, OJ discovers that his description was provided as the assailant. However, the police report clearly indicates that Oxycode was killed 6-12 hours prior to the assault, so OJ is not implicated in that death.

In order to find out more information on Oxycode, Syndell and Ruthless head down to the Redmond Barrens and find a group of Crimson Crush gangers. Syndell sweet talks one of the gangers and he reveals that they were hired to protect Oxycode from the Choson Ring because he had something on them. She is so smooth that they agree not to take out revenge on Obnoxious Jones.

They find that Oxycode was blackmailing an associate of the Choson Seoulpa Ring. They reach out to the Mr. Johnson (Kim Shin-jo) that hired them to see if he knows where the commlink came from. Mr. Johnson’s associate, Sun Yi Kwon, meets Syndell and OJ at the Korean Shanji Paper Clothing show and ensures the team that Mr. Johnson has no connection to the device or it’s information. However, if they are able to be more willing to divulge the information, Mr. Johnson might become interested.

They discover that Dietrich started working with a Shadowrunner team, but the entire team was found dead, except for Dietrich and the team’s decker, Tauren (son of famed decker turned fixer, Bull McCallister). Dietrich has been missing since Nov 2074.

The team determines that each of these operations already concluded and that they really don’t have any further leads to pursue when the commlink itself rings at 2355. Syndell takes proper precautions against tracing and answers the commlink.

FBI Agent Seth Dietrich (or someone posing as him) introduces himself and tells Syndell that he would like to purchase his commlink back for 100,000 Nuyen. They are to meet him in front of the basilisk exhibit at the Ft. Lewis Zoo tomorrow at 1500. He will have the money on him for the exchange. Syndell agrees and they disconnect.

At 1300 on 8 Apr, the team meets at the “office” to discuss their visit to the zoo. They come up with a basic outline of a plan when there is a knock at the door.

An oriental gentleman with swords and two ninja-clad individuals are standing at the doorway when OJ opens the door. The oriental man, Shinji Kajio, requests that the team provide him the commlink since the Yakuza did a favor and protected Syndell from the out of town Yakuza. Shinji and OJ exchange words about OJs prowess with western dragons and Shinji then offers participate in a one on one duel for the commlink. OJ turns and calls for Covon.

Covon steps from the shadows as OJ lights a cigar and waits for the duel to begin.[[:detective-margese | Covon (pronounced koe-fon)[[:kayless-1 | [[:obnoxious-jones | Kayless]][[:syndell | Ruthless]]]]]]

Splintered State #1
Hotel, flames, and explosions

Game date: 1 Apr 2075

Sequoia contacts Kayless about a job offer from a Mr. Johnson. They are to meet him at the Banshee at 2100.

Everyone except OJ meet about an hour prior to the actual meet and do some research on the place. It turns out that a couple of different gangs frequent the place, the Bad Mountain Boys and the 162s.

As the team is getting ready to enter, OJ pulls up in a limousine and they enter the establishment together. Mr. Johnson waves them over to his table and lets them know that they are to retrieve and item from an individual and bring it back.

OJ presses Mr. Johnson for more info, but he is reluctant to divulge any more facts until they have concluded negotiations. OJ pushes his advantage and is able to get triple the original offer. Mr. Johnson informs them that his employer needs a commlink currently in the possession of small time criminal known as Oxycode. He is staying at the Novelty Sleep and Eat in room 312 a few blocks away. Once they retrieve the commlink, they are to bring it back to him. Mr. Johnson doesn’t care what happens to Oxycode.

Syndell does some background searches on the hotel and discovers it is a converted warehouse with about four stories of stacked rooms. It is not known for its high security.

Kayless sends in his drones and finds Oxycode underneath his bed with two commlinks on the floor near him. Ruthless astrally scouts the area and finds that Oxycode is actually dead.

OJ decides to purchase some flats from the nearby Stuffer Shack and hire one of the “ladies of the night” for the evening in order to get in the place. Covon and one of the combat drones set up near the front entrance (where there are 5 Crimson Crush gangers) while Ruthless, Kayless, and a drone set up around back.

OJ enters and finds five more Crimson Crush gangers in lounge area and escorts the escort to room 312…only to “realize” that his room is 112. He leads her there and quietly neutralizes her (on the second attempt). He then makes his way back up to room 312 and picks the lock allowing him entrance.

Inside he finds Oxycode’s body, the two commlinks, and a stash of drugs. He takes everything and before leaving the room asks Kayless to check the lounge area. Kayless informs him that four of the gangers are heading upstairs at which point he tells Covon to rush in to help him. He then vaults over the railing and lands in the lounge injuring himself. Drone 1 (with Covon) and Covon put the gangers on the ground (through some nice suppressive fire and a hand grenade). Ruthless launches Flamethrower after Flamethrower on the hotel setting rooms on fire (all the while mystically picking rooms without occupants). Kayless launches a high explosive grenade at the back door and takes out not only it, but a huge section of the wall, killing a bystander in one of the rooms…ooops.

Covon makes his way into the lounge area finally and kills one ganger with a knife to the throat and injures another, while Kayless starts sniping…taking out the injured ganger and one more. Drone 1 ensures none of the gangers outside have a chance to do anything. The last two gangers surrender to the clearly obvious overwhelming team and throw their possessions down.

The team takes the commlinks to Mr. Johnson who examines both and keeps one of them. He tosses the other one back and says it might be of some value. Kayless hands it to Syndell so she can do what she does with it. The team leaves with cash in hand.

Kayless sells the drug stash to the hippy camp for a small profit which he then puts back into the group fund. He also begins learning Small Unit Tactics (which will take one day to learn-2 Apr75).

Covon begins increasing his First Aid skill (4 Apr 75)

OJ starts learning Unarmed Combat from scratch (7 Apr 75). He also assists Kayless in purchasing a ghillie suit (half a day).

Helicopters, speed boats, and ships...oh my...

Game date: 25 Feb 75

It is finally time that Rohrschach reveals our “big” mission for which we’ve been waiting. We are to steal a portable office from off the roof of the Renton office building we observed previously. We are able to use the Ares Dragon for this mission and come up with a very simple plan.

After some research, we discover Indigo agents will be visiting the location later, however, due to inclement weather, the time table is moved up.

OJ and Covon are to cut a hole in the container, toss in a flash bang, then Covon jumps in to take out any further opposition. Syndell provides our Matrix overwatch and uses her decking skill to great effect. Calas rigs his drones and brings in the helicopter to get the office. Ruthless is to cut anything connecting the office to the building’s structure.

Covon uses a few charges from this shock gloves and discovers that taser guns are slow. OJ proves himself in battle (sort of). Syndell shows the true value of a combat decker. Calas does what Calas does best!

Interrogation and reviewing the data files reveals that Rohrschach has been taken prisoner and is being held on the Orca (a container vessel). Odin’s boss (the young dragon) might be dead. A few young dragons have been assassinated as well. We enlist the aid of Rohrschach’s contacts and assault the container vessel. They act as a decoy while we sneak up in a powerboat, board the vessel, and find Rohrschach. Low and behold, when we free Rohrschach, she turns into a feathered serpent and employs draconian measures to rid the vessel of it’s Indigo vermin. We get off the vessel ASAP.

A day or so later, we get a nice surprise in each of our bank accounts.


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