Ray's Runners

Splintered State #2
Where do all the puzzle pieces go?

Game date: 7 Apr 2075

Syndell examines the commlink the team gave her after the last run. She finds it has a meta-device built into and hacks into the device. She is able to decrypt and download the file on the meta-device. The file is a fragmented file, apparently half of a file, with the other half on another commlink.

The commlink belonged to a missing FBI Agent named Seth Dietrich whom they discover was investigating Governor Brackhaven and his connection with violent efforts to impede/stop Proposition 23. The fragments mention Operation Daybreak and a Bill as well as other Operations and political/shadow figures.

OJ reaches out to Detective Margese to get some background info on Oxycode. He sends them the entire police report on the “Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat Slaughter” as it’s being called. To his dismay, OJ discovers that his description was provided as the assailant. However, the police report clearly indicates that Oxycode was killed 6-12 hours prior to the assault, so OJ is not implicated in that death.

In order to find out more information on Oxycode, Syndell and Ruthless head down to the Redmond Barrens and find a group of Crimson Crush gangers. Syndell sweet talks one of the gangers and he reveals that they were hired to protect Oxycode from the Choson Ring because he had something on them. She is so smooth that they agree not to take out revenge on Obnoxious Jones.

They find that Oxycode was blackmailing an associate of the Choson Seoulpa Ring. They reach out to the Mr. Johnson (Kim Shin-jo) that hired them to see if he knows where the commlink came from. Mr. Johnson’s associate, Sun Yi Kwon, meets Syndell and OJ at the Korean Shanji Paper Clothing show and ensures the team that Mr. Johnson has no connection to the device or it’s information. However, if they are able to be more willing to divulge the information, Mr. Johnson might become interested.

They discover that Dietrich started working with a Shadowrunner team, but the entire team was found dead, except for Dietrich and the team’s decker, Tauren (son of famed decker turned fixer, Bull McCallister). Dietrich has been missing since Nov 2074.

The team determines that each of these operations already concluded and that they really don’t have any further leads to pursue when the commlink itself rings at 2355. Syndell takes proper precautions against tracing and answers the commlink.

FBI Agent Seth Dietrich (or someone posing as him) introduces himself and tells Syndell that he would like to purchase his commlink back for 100,000 Nuyen. They are to meet him in front of the basilisk exhibit at the Ft. Lewis Zoo tomorrow at 1500. He will have the money on him for the exchange. Syndell agrees and they disconnect.

At 1300 on 8 Apr, the team meets at the “office” to discuss their visit to the zoo. They come up with a basic outline of a plan when there is a knock at the door.

An oriental gentleman with swords and two ninja-clad individuals are standing at the doorway when OJ opens the door. The oriental man, Shinji Kajio, requests that the team provide him the commlink since the Yakuza did a favor and protected Syndell from the out of town Yakuza. Shinji and OJ exchange words about OJs prowess with western dragons and Shinji then offers participate in a one on one duel for the commlink. OJ turns and calls for Covon.

Covon steps from the shadows as OJ lights a cigar and waits for the duel to begin.[[:detective-margese | Covon (pronounced koe-fon)[[:kayless-1 | [[:obnoxious-jones | Kayless]][[:syndell | Ruthless]]]]]]

Splintered State #1
Hotel, flames, and explosions

Game date: 1 Apr 2075

Sequoia contacts Kayless about a job offer from a Mr. Johnson. They are to meet him at the Banshee at 2100.

Everyone except OJ meet about an hour prior to the actual meet and do some research on the place. It turns out that a couple of different gangs frequent the place, the Bad Mountain Boys and the 162s.

As the team is getting ready to enter, OJ pulls up in a limousine and they enter the establishment together. Mr. Johnson waves them over to his table and lets them know that they are to retrieve and item from an individual and bring it back.

OJ presses Mr. Johnson for more info, but he is reluctant to divulge any more facts until they have concluded negotiations. OJ pushes his advantage and is able to get triple the original offer. Mr. Johnson informs them that his employer needs a commlink currently in the possession of small time criminal known as Oxycode. He is staying at the Novelty Sleep and Eat in room 312 a few blocks away. Once they retrieve the commlink, they are to bring it back to him. Mr. Johnson doesn’t care what happens to Oxycode.

Syndell does some background searches on the hotel and discovers it is a converted warehouse with about four stories of stacked rooms. It is not known for its high security.

Kayless sends in his drones and finds Oxycode underneath his bed with two commlinks on the floor near him. Ruthless astrally scouts the area and finds that Oxycode is actually dead.

OJ decides to purchase some flats from the nearby Stuffer Shack and hire one of the “ladies of the night” for the evening in order to get in the place. Covon and one of the combat drones set up near the front entrance (where there are 5 Crimson Crush gangers) while Ruthless, Kayless, and a drone set up around back.

OJ enters and finds five more Crimson Crush gangers in lounge area and escorts the escort to room 312…only to “realize” that his room is 112. He leads her there and quietly neutralizes her (on the second attempt). He then makes his way back up to room 312 and picks the lock allowing him entrance.

Inside he finds Oxycode’s body, the two commlinks, and a stash of drugs. He takes everything and before leaving the room asks Kayless to check the lounge area. Kayless informs him that four of the gangers are heading upstairs at which point he tells Covon to rush in to help him. He then vaults over the railing and lands in the lounge injuring himself. Drone 1 (with Covon) and Covon put the gangers on the ground (through some nice suppressive fire and a hand grenade). Ruthless launches Flamethrower after Flamethrower on the hotel setting rooms on fire (all the while mystically picking rooms without occupants). Kayless launches a high explosive grenade at the back door and takes out not only it, but a huge section of the wall, killing a bystander in one of the rooms…ooops.

Covon makes his way into the lounge area finally and kills one ganger with a knife to the throat and injures another, while Kayless starts sniping…taking out the injured ganger and one more. Drone 1 ensures none of the gangers outside have a chance to do anything. The last two gangers surrender to the clearly obvious overwhelming team and throw their possessions down.

The team takes the commlinks to Mr. Johnson who examines both and keeps one of them. He tosses the other one back and says it might be of some value. Kayless hands it to Syndell so she can do what she does with it. The team leaves with cash in hand.

Kayless sells the drug stash to the hippy camp for a small profit which he then puts back into the group fund. He also begins learning Small Unit Tactics (which will take one day to learn-2 Apr75).

Covon begins increasing his First Aid skill (4 Apr 75)

OJ starts learning Unarmed Combat from scratch (7 Apr 75). He also assists Kayless in purchasing a ghillie suit (half a day).

Helicopters, speed boats, and ships...oh my...

Game date: 25 Feb 75

It is finally time that Rohrschach reveals our “big” mission for which we’ve been waiting. We are to steal a portable office from off the roof of the Renton office building we observed previously. We are able to use the Ares Dragon for this mission and come up with a very simple plan.

After some research, we discover Indigo agents will be visiting the location later, however, due to inclement weather, the time table is moved up.

OJ and Covon are to cut a hole in the container, toss in a flash bang, then Covon jumps in to take out any further opposition. Syndell provides our Matrix overwatch and uses her decking skill to great effect. Calas rigs his drones and brings in the helicopter to get the office. Ruthless is to cut anything connecting the office to the building’s structure.

Covon uses a few charges from this shock gloves and discovers that taser guns are slow. OJ proves himself in battle (sort of). Syndell shows the true value of a combat decker. Calas does what Calas does best!

Interrogation and reviewing the data files reveals that Rohrschach has been taken prisoner and is being held on the Orca (a container vessel). Odin’s boss (the young dragon) might be dead. A few young dragons have been assassinated as well. We enlist the aid of Rohrschach’s contacts and assault the container vessel. They act as a decoy while we sneak up in a powerboat, board the vessel, and find Rohrschach. Low and behold, when we free Rohrschach, she turns into a feathered serpent and employs draconian measures to rid the vessel of it’s Indigo vermin. We get off the vessel ASAP.

A day or so later, we get a nice surprise in each of our bank accounts.

Recon...ho hum

Game date: 23 Feb 75

We receive a call from Rohrschach requesting that we discreetlyinvestigate three separate locations. She believes one of these is a possible Indigo HQ. We are to ensure we do not engage any forces at these locations.

Location A: an office building with space available in Renton. It is three stories tall. There’s something odd about the structure and set up, but we can’t quite put our fingers on it.

Location B: an abandoned 3D printing shop near a fading mall in Tacoma. It has a vaulted ceiling, a vat for chemicals and a mainframe in said vat.

Location C: an abandoned warehouse in Ft. Lewis that was recently swept and something heavy was moved.

We provide the intel to Rohrschach and that’s it. Pretty straight-forward.

Detective work

Game date: 18 Feb 75

Once again Rohrschach arranges to meet us, this time in the “Jungle”. She hires us to get some information on a company called Macc Trailers where a mid-level exec named Peter Gravings works. She believes he may be part of Indigo since he seems to have more resources than would be expected for his pay grade.

Macc Trailers is a logistics company (subsidiary of Macrogem Research) that is competing with DocWagon. They have a small fleet of vans and provide office supplies to hospital.

We infiltrate the offices disguised as auditors, but Gravings smells a rat and disappears. We are able to find an Indigo chip which clearly shows his connection. We also discover that he has a cottage outside Seattle filled with a lot of electronics. However, the cottage is destroyed in a barrage of missiles (or a Thor shot)…we’re not sure which.

The elven arms dealer arranges to meet us at the train yard to speak with me. His name is Cullain and he reveals that the Ancients have connections with Tir Tairngire. While at the meeting, we receive a call from Sweetwater that we are about to be attacked. I warn Cullain and we all go our separate ways in one piece. Oh, and we learn that the Indigo bullets need to remain cool because heat can cause them to explode.

Dragon's Lair
...and some car shopping.

Game date: 12 Feb 75

We receive a call from Rohrschach asking us to head to an address in the Barrens concerning a job offer. Since we have been receiving good missions from her, we accept.

The job seems to be a simple one and designed especially for our Face, whom I have come to call OJ. We are to negotiate a “cease fire” with Odin’s boss. Rohrschach wants us to share our information on the Indigo marked bullets with him because they appear to be designed for hunting dragons. We are asked to not bring Ruthless along, which does not make me happy, however, we comply.

We are flown to a remote area in the mountains and are lead to a lair. Inside this lair we meet Odin’s boss, a young western dragon. OJ speaks with the dragon and we somehow get an idea to eliminate a Salish Shidhe patrol. The patrol is eliminated quickly and we now have supplies for our HQ.

We discover that Indigo acts as a governmental organization, though they have no national ties.

We decided to help Syndell out and acquire an Opal Luna for her. Calas spends some time modifying it to better suit her needs.

Spoiling for a Fight

Game date: 10 Feb 75

I’ve been spending the past week looking for better places to rent. I’m nervous because my apartment was provided to me by Rorshack. So far she has been good, but I don’t want to find out that she suddenly changes her mind about keeping my new identity a secret.
I’ve found a nicer apartment in the Elven District downtown, it’s a bit obscure. But it’s worth the extra bit of walking to get to it. Abandoning the apartment that Rorshak found for me is a bit hard on the wallet. It was paid for until the end of the month, but I’d rather be alive and broke. I’ve also decided to begin to study and get more supplies for changing my appearance. I’ve found a small obscure apartment in the University District also downtown, not too far from my first apartment. It’s a good bolt hold.
I’ve also told the guys that I’m looking for a good car. I want to paint it with electrochromatic paint so that I can change its appearance, means that I have a good way to get away without people noticing me. I hope that I never need to actually practice these things for my own defense.
As I’m talking to the guys a Japanese business man Honshu calls saying he wants to meet. He says outright that he is calling about me. I hope that I’m not going to have to run again. I’m not sure where I would go. I wait in the car as Covon goes to chat. Turns out the Yakuza who followed me didn’t let Honshu know what the deal was, since it’s his territory he’s a bit put out and has decided that he’s not helping the other family. Thank goodness, looks like I have a place to stay until the old family decides to share what I know.
We get in the middle of a ganger war at Roscoe’s, an Elvish restaurant. Luckily it’s over quick, before the Knight Errants arrive and we scoot.
We hang out again when Jazz calls and says a go gang is on her tail and she needs to lose them or she will lose her run. We are a good team, and in short time we manage to discourage the go-gang from following her. We get paid a small amount of which a portion goes into our resupply fund.
I plan on taking the next week and learning how to drive. Hopefully, we can find a good car before I need to really travel anywhere.

Office Space
Do we WALK past the Heli we NEED to get a second one??

Game date: 1 Feb 75

I’ve spent the last week getting to know these shadow runners that I’ve been dropped among. S It’s been an interesting and dare I say, educational week.

Tonight we are heading out to get some ammo, we’ve heard there’s a “sale”. We make the buy and as we do we realize that one of the bullets holds the logo of the Dragonslayers. We decide to share this info with Rorschak. We give her one expended round and one live one. Hopefully, she will feel the need to share whatever she finds with us.

She has a job, she needs an Ares Dragon, a helicopter used for heavy lifting. We manage to find one and get it without too much trouble (once I convince the guys that walking PAST the heli we need in order to steal a SECOND is just asking for things to go bad). In the bargain we stole the helicopter during a transfer of an industrial office and we were able to keep the office as our home base. This will be a sweet place once we set it up.

Syndell Meets the Gang

Game date: 17 Jan 2075

When I land at Sea-Tac Airport I am greeted by a large troll in pink camo armor and a fancy dressed elf, both match the descriptions that Rorschak has already sent me. . I have already seen evidence that the Yakuza know I’m here, or maybe just know the journal is here, and that I need to get out of the airport. I walk up to the troll and let him know that he should make a hole and get us to transportation.

Of course, the Yakuza follow us. Once outside I see someone waving hands at another of the men supposed to be meeting me. I try to crash his comm to distract him, as far as I can tell he just changes his hand waving to my direction. We fight, the hand waver ends up smashed under the truck while we pile in and run.

On the net the airport is alarming, protesting this violence. The gates aren’t lifting to allow us to leave. I attempt to hack the gate itself to allow us to leave the airport, I’m able. However, a car is blocking our way. The mad rigger driving decides to ram him. We get bounced around but manage to get on the other side of the car and make trails toward our meeting place with Rorschak. Even manage to crash a drone, by shooting it down, not by my skills.

We get to the meeting place, where our fancy pants elf trys to negotiate for our damages. However, I’ve already been paid so I refuse to contribute to the deal. Getting my life back is worth it.

I think I’ll stick around this team, see what can be done. Of course, they started right off in asking questions. The front of the journal had an icon that they’ve seen before. I don’t know what it means but I was honest enough to say that the owner of the journal and I were close (close, is that what we call it these days) and that I may know more then I think I do. But I left it at that, they aren’t getting my story from me quite so easily!!

Non-lethal...we need that?

Game date: 14 Jan 75

Nearly a week has passed since our last mission. Ruthless has been deep in study concerning the arcane arts. Since we do not know if we have been followed, I have maintained a watch over him to ensure our mutual safety.

We receive a call from Sequoia asking us to meet her at the Big Rhino for a job offer. It seems that a certain Detective Margese has information she desires. She asks that we do so quietly.

We hire a decker to get information on this detective and find out he is assigned to a local Tacoma precinct with LoneStar. The decker is able to provide his home address in Ft. Lewis and find that he is in some sort of trouble with Internal Affairs.

We are able to infiltrate his residence and discover him upstairs. Unbeknownst to me, our new face is far from combat effective. I also realize that I am far too combat effective in that I do not possess non-lethal devices. We are able to quickly subdue the detective and find that he is investigating a Project Indigo as a side project. They are a black ops team with unknown backers that might be hunting dragons.

We receive an offer to purchase the same information from someone named Rohrschach. She is a well dressed South American female and we decide to sell her a copy.

After this point, I discover shock gloves.


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