Ray's Runners

Dusk, Part 4
Dang, we're racking up the miles...

- 4 Jul 2075 (Thursday)
- 1200/OJ and Kayless finish speaking with Hippo and they head to the Novo Porto to get the rest of the team. Unfortunately, cat on a stick doesn’t agree with Kayless and he ends up spending the rest of the day in his room. Ruthless is feeling much better though and is ready to get out of the hotel! Both Ruthless and OJ summon some spirits for the upcoming visit the the Dancing Ork (Silence’s usually hangout), but are so exhausted from the summoning, they rest for a couple more hours.
- 1400-1600/They head up to the Dancing Ork (in Agege) and not so subtly enter the brothel to find Silence. They are apparently so distracted with the run down, dirty, putrid joint, they don’t notice as Silence makes his way out of one of the back rooms and out the back door. It is only through pure chance (really, really pure chance…one could say an act of the Almighty), that Ruthless notices the rear exit door shutting. Ruthless decides to check it out and sees the person they seek trying to climb onto the roof of the next building. She goes into full action and attempts to capture this guy and realizes she is not the grappler of the party. She calls for help and Covon and OJ get out there to subdue him.
- 1600-1800/They head back to the Novo Porto via okada and wait for the thief to awaken. Once they do, they successfully interrogate him to discover he stole the artifact for Uzochi Oluleye. He already gave Uzochi the artifact so he has no idea where it’s at. They call Jane to pick up Silence and she does so at 2000.
- 2200/They head over the Three Friends because they remember they saw Uzochi there. When they arrive, they discover he hasn’t been there, but Hippo let’s them know he is throwing some sort of get together tonight around midnight at his compound in….Agege. The runners realize they have to rush to get back to Agege.
- Midnight…they arrive at the compound to discover chanting coming from the courtyard, while guards patrol the exterior. Ruthless goes astral and sees a half dozen guards inside as well as a couple of mages around an artifact in the courtyard. They decided to climb the wall and get on top of what appears to be a living complex. They do so wonderfully and start throwing flash bang grenades and ball lightnings throughout the courtyard. Covon discovers he is far better at hitting targets up to 12 meters away with his knives than at close range, and these AK-97s are not all that bad. After nearly a dozen seconds, they dispatch all the opposition and grab not only the statue, but Uzochi and toss all of them into the white Toyota pick up truck they found in the courtyard. Covon jumps behind the wheel and OJ tells him to head off to Ife while he takes his place behind the medium machine gun mounted in the bed of the truck.
- 5 Jul 75/0002 (Friday): It’s off to Ife…what will happen on their 168 km drive?

Dusk, Part 3
Dinner with the Oni and a happy Hippo

3 Jul 2075 (Wednesday)

- Kayless finally arrives in Lagos and meets up with OJ and Covon. Priest and Ruthless have come down with a terrible stomach virus and can’t make it out of the Novo Porto hotel.
- Since Kayless wasn’t able to bring all this toys along, they decided to head up to the Dudu Dud Oja (arms market in Agege). There, Kayless is like a kid in a candy store and gets loaded up.
- Jane arranged for them to fly to Ife via Innocent. He gets them there safely, though they are shot at enroute. Once they arrive, they discover the palace is massive with loads of guards and red-robed priests who escort them around the entire time. Their room is beyond beautiful and they had down to the viewing in the basement levels of the palace.
- They split up to see if they can spot Samriel and the sextant; they spot the former with a group of elves, but not the latter. OJ sees this large map on display and an internal voice tells him this thing is of great power.
- After the viewing, the head up to the formal dinner with the king. Also at the table are the other individuals interested in various artifacts:
- Geogiy Abelev: a Russian archeologist who keeps thugs around him at all times.
Dr. Raoul Menendez: an Aztechnology exec whose guards do not hide they are Aztechnology security.
- Medjay: a Nubian who has no entourage and fits in with every group
Dr. Julianna Smyth: a collector from Hong Kong who has a couple of bodyguards and an assistant
— Katherine Silveroak: an elven lady accompanied by three clearly trained bodyguards and Samriel (who appears less a part of their group and more as a hanger-on).
- Kayless, who has never attended such an elaborate affair, does a fantastic job emulating the other guests and makes it appear as he attend formal banquets on a regular basis. During the course of the meal, Kayless notices Katherine’s snide remarks concerning the meal, the setting, and just about anything (in Sperethiel). Sickened with her comments, Kayless turns to the head of the table (at which the Oni is sitting) and in his best Sperethiel, tells the Oni how wonderful this entire affair is. Much to his confusion, the Oni asks an advisor to translate, but the advisor simply shrugs her shoulders and whispers that she believes he was very appreciative based on his body language, though his words were unintelligible. In fact, none of those who spoke Sperethiel had any clue as to what he said.
- They finish dinner around midnight and are escorted back to their rooms. About 0100 Thursday morning, the palace guard burst into everyone’s rooms and begin searching for a missing artifact, a small statue to be exact. Not finding it, they switch out the guards and dispatch units to find it. Jane is able to discover that the statue was prized by the Oni and it appears an Igbo agent stole it. OJ and Kayless attempt to question several people, but the guards do not talk. However, one of the servants says it was probably an Igbo thief who took it to dishonor the Oni. OJ is able to surreptitiously pass on information to the guards that the elven contingent probably has the statue and they receive further attention from the guards.
- Jane asks the runners to retrieve the thief and the artifact and bring both back to the palace (with the thief alive) so she can gain the Oni’s favor and get an invite to the auction itself.
- 4 Jul/0700: The team flies back to Lagos with Innocent and OJ calls Hippo so they can meet and see if he can get some information about the possible suspect. Hippo agrees to meet them at 1000 at the Three Friends.
-1000: After sampling some of the local cuisine (cat on a stick), OJ is able to discover that an Igbo thief by the name of Silence is probably the culprit. OJ thanks Hippo with a 10,000 Naira fee and agrees not to reveal where the source of this information, which makes him a very happy Hippo indeed.

Dusk, Part 2
Shopping in Lagos

2 Jul 2075 (Tuesday)
- Realizing they really need their face, Ruthless contacts Obnoxious Jones and tells him about the run their on. He comes to Lagos and meets them at the market. They discover how far their Naira actually go and purchase quite a few items they need (and some they may need in the future).
- The begin their search for Samriel and find no one matching his description has checked into any of the local hotels. OJ gets and idea to check out the evening activities where influential members of Lagos society may go. He finds a place called The Three Friends where local fixers apparently conduct business. There he finds two men, Hippo Kojoli (a very large and well connected fixer) and Uzochi Oluleye (an older human male, who is an elder amongst the Igbo). OJ decides Hippo is the better person to befriend. OJ easily makes acquaintances with the man and Hippo directs him to an antiquities dealer at the Leventis store named Kayin.
- Off they go back to the market and meet Kayin. He tells them he knows of this Samriel and that the elf is probably in town to go to the black market antiquities auction the Yoruba king is putting on this weekend. In fact, the king (Oni Adegoke) is holding a viewing of the items up for auction and Kayin might be able to get them in…if they perform a small service for him.
- Kayin asks them to just head into Surulere to retrieve and iron mask he would like to have. The team checks into this Surulere and discover 100% of the populace were wiped out during the VITAS outbreak and is thought to be haunted. The team makes it to the edge of Surulere and discover a rather high border has been erected made of garbage. They sneak into the district and almost make it to the house undetected. A young girl is sitting on the steps of the next door house crying and tells OJ she needs help finding her brother who is in the house. She fears for his life. OJ wants to just move on, but disembodied voices goad her (Priest). When it looks like the team is going to continue on past, dark figures come rushing out of the house and attack the concealed runners.
- The team is evenly matched and after the girl’s friends start getting hurt/knocked unconscious, she calls for a truce. She and OJ come to an agreement that she will allow them to get the mask if he delivers cadavers to the border on a specified date at a specified time. He agrees and they retrieve the mask and take it back to Kayin.
- True to his word, Kayin has arranged for them to take part in the viewing. OJ mentions to Kayin that he needs several Area Boys to pick up some items from the Surulere border on the specified date and time.
- The team returns to the hotel to get some rest before heading to the airport to catch a flight to the palace at Ife (about 186 km from Lagos).
- Realizing they really want their decker, rigger, and physical adept along, they place calls to each to see if they’re available.
- In reviewing the details of the arrangement with OJ, Ruthless realizes she forgot to mention that Jane will split the finder’s fee for the item (a sextant), which comes to about ¥50,000 for the party to split as they will.

Dusk, Part 1
Taking a trip

Game date: 29 Jun 2075

- Ruthless and her new companion, Priest, receive calls to meet a Ms. Johnson that evening at the 77 Club in Renton. They agree to go and meet Ms. Johnson. She needs a team to accompany her to Lagos in order to track down an elf by the name of Samriel Lockwood. It seems her employer (a private antiquities dealer) recently lost an item from his collection and the only clue points to this elf. Ms. Johnson tell them she is going, so they’ll act more as protection and assistance.
- With some great negotiating (read: none), they agree to ¥2000 per person per day, plus a per diem of ¥250 per person per day with a minimum of 5 days (per diem) paid up front. She also covers lodging and travel to and from Nigeria. Ms. Johnson tells them to call her Jane.
- Priest recommends they purchase several items for the trip, so they go off shopping for items they believe they need. Unfortunately, both of them realize they can’t use Linguasofts and neither of them speak the local languages. They just hope they can find someone local willing to act as translator.
- The next morning (30 Jun 2075), they meet at the airport and take off to Lagos. Each team member may only take a duffel bag and backpack onto the plane as there is very, very limited space. After what seems like a long, long flight (actually a couple), they land in Lagos and make their way to the hotel Porto Novo. Before they leave the airport, Ms. Johnson exchanges their per diem into the local currency and they each receive 25,000 Naira.
- The Porto Novo proves to be quite a disappointment, with most of the money apparently going into security than into the hotel. Bugs are not an issue as each room is equipped with its own lizard. They tip the hall guard nicely, who guarantees no one will steal their stuff and he directs them to George, one of the young boys who wait outside to act as guides, translators, etc.
- Jane mentions she needs to head to the local market to pick up ammo, as she didn’t bring much with her. They take off in a couple of okada (a modified motorcycle taxi) to head off to the Levants Store (an indoor shopping center/outdoor market).
- On the way, they see several men with AK-97s pulling young men and women out of a bus and forcing them to the ground. Some of the young people are forced into the back of a pick up truck. This infuriates Jane who gets out with her gun. Priest, Ruthless, and Covon follow suit. After a short battle, they drive away the last surviving gunmen and continue to the market.
- Welcome to Lagos!

Dreamchipper, The Conclusion
Chips, but no salsa

Game date: 28 May 2075/2300

Pengrave, desparate to stay alive, promises the team anything they desire. The team decides they want him to arrange a meet with Cooperman before the big gang meeting. They tell him to arrange the meeting for 1300 the next day underneath one of the underpasses used for the underground rigger games. Pengrave gladly coordinates the meet. They ask him further questions, but Engrave only knows Cooperman and is able to provide limited information. The team arrives at the meeting site and sets up an ambush. Cooperman rides into the site with eight of his horde and bravely approaches the runners. They banter back and forth before they trigger their ambush. Covon tosses a flash bang grenade with variable effect to each gang leader and Cosgrey charges Cooperman, taking him down in one fell swing. As each gang leader is finally able to act, four of them turn tail and run away. Four attempt to put up a fight, but two are eliminated and the final two surrender their arms. The team finds Cooperman’s chip and remove it…noting it killed him when he went unconscious. The team must finally figure out how to find Griffin, the street samurai who has the final chip. They review their notes and notice several joy boys and girls have been found sliced and diced on the streets of Seattle. Kayless reaches out to Det. Margese and after a massive donation, the detective points out all the killings have taken place in a 15 block area. The team decides to check out the area and find out more information related to the killings. They come up with a plan to subdue Griffin, through using magic to disguise OJ as a lady of the night. After some time, Griffin makes his appearance and the team springs their trap. Covon opens up in an attempt to take Griffin down, but is knocked unconscious in a single swing. Cosgrey charges him in a rage and injures Griffin significantly, but not able to take him out. Kayless places a well aimed shot, killing Griffin instantly. They grab the chip and call Roxanne to make arrangements to hand off the chips and get paid. Roxanne sets the hand off for 0900 at the Banshee.

- 30 May 2075/0900 – The team meets in the backroom of the Banshee with Roxanne, who examines the chip and pays them the agreed upon sum. While there, they hear gunshots coming from the front of the bar and OJ has them open the door. When he sees Junior Martelli is in the other room with 5 associates, he casts Influence upon him, causing him to leave the bar. Roxanne immediately calls KE and the team escapes as quickly as possible…though Kayless wanted to run them down with their vehicle.

Dreamchipper, Part 1
Naked beauty, the dwarf, and the beast

Game date: 26 May 2075/1800

Rorschach calls the runners and tells them Ms. Johnson has a job offer for them at the Banshee at 0100. The team arrives around 0030 and hands over their heavier weapons to the dwarf manning the weapon’s check. They immediately spot Ms. Johnson, who leads them to a back room, where they meet Urlan Manes, President of Global Technologies.

He hires them to recover three data chips stolen from his company. He is not concerned about the thieves and only know one of his own, Tee Hee, was involved. A security team dispatched earlier to Tee Hee’s apartment discovered he had been evicted two weeks prior. Ms. Johnson, introduced as Roxanne Wunter, brings out a cube of Tee Hee’s stuff brought from his cubicle.

The team believes they can use the items to magically track Tee Hee and go to the Hippy Camp to seek assistance from the elders (assuming there is a mage or shaman at the camp). The elders direct Kayless to “Crazy Bob” who proves that possession is nine-tenths the law as he points out Kayless is the owner of said property. He warns Kayless of the nanite threat and asks OJ to assist him in tracking Tee Hee. They spend several hours in Crazy Bob’s magical lodge, while Kayless and Cosgrey examine the other items. They discover a toolkit with an inscription reading “Future Good Luck, Flair”, and a Holocube with pics of Tee Hee and an older gentleman named Dr. Hendrix “Flair”. They also find some herbal tea with “Orion Organic Grocery” on it as well as a lighter that says “Breadboard Quaff and Stuff.”

Once OJ is done holding hands with Crazy Bob, he reveals Tee Hee is on the third floor of an apartment building somehwere near Cascade Rd. Cosgrey and Kayless discovered the two stores are located on Cascade Rd as well. The team decides to head down there to see if they can find Tee Hee. Prior to departure, OJ orders some Urbanbrawl tickets from Johnny Bluestone set three weeks from today.

Upon arriving, Kayless dispatches four drones with instructions to begin searching for Tee Hee. After an hour, they discover Flair coming out of an apartment building whom OJ decided to tag with a stealth tag (successfully). Kayless sneaks the drone into the building and finds an unconscious Tee Hee in a third floor room.

Ensuring Flair isn’t on his way back, Cosgrey uses his substantial combat abilities to subdue Tee Hee whom they spirit out to their brand spankin new Ares Roadmaster.

The team decides to capture Flair as well and almost easily overcome Flair…but they do. They then take the pair to Camp Hippy for questioning.

Once Tee Hee awakes, with some First Aid, he spills everything he knows. Thomas Martelli (also a Global Technologies employee and Urlan hater) is behind the theft and is working with Booker Pengrave from HSE. There is a fixer named Cooperman, a samurai named Griffin, and a rigger named Val. Tee Hee reveals the data chip info is on Juniors computer, but doesn’t know where they are. He knows there was a mage name Freya on the team, but she was left behind.

On 27 May 75 at 1200, they go to Dr. Bob’s, where Freya is supposedly located. After some excessive bribery, they are brought directly to Freya who gives them even more info about the run against Global Technology as the team members. She offers to assist the team when they go against Cooperman, because she wants some sweet revenge.

They return to Camp Hippy and set Flair and Tee Hee to some Matrix Legwork in exchange for their lives….they comply easily.

28 May 75/0100: Tee Hee and Flair emerge from the Matrix with a lot of information. Pengrave has a major party tonight at his condo, Cooperman is holding a huge “war council” on Wednesday evening, and they gather more intel about a lot of different topics/subjects. They discover there are still tickets left to the party, so OJ gets Johnny Bluestone to get him some. He calls Freya and invites her to the party as his date.

At 1100, the team drops Flair and Tee Hee off at Jeannette Twenten’s Soy Cafe so that Roxanne can pick them up. Wisely, Kayless leaves a drone to observe the pick up, only to see two orcs enter the cafe and murder both men. He follows them out with the drone to see them enter a Westwind…with Junior behind the wheel. He maneuvers the drone onto the vehicle, which leads them back to Global Technologies parking garage.

Around 1700, Kayless sets himself up on a nearby rooftop after securing a safe house in the area. OJ, Freya, and Cosgrey go to the party and mingle. They discover the rigger calls herself Clea and has Pengrave bewitched. They meet several contacts at the party and watch the couple. Pengrave and Cleo depart, only to have the team follow them to the dock. The team sees them get into an Aztech Nightrunner and decide it’s time to take them as well.

They drop a flash bang on the boat and Cosgrey charges in to incapacitate anyone left standing, only to miss. OJ sends a beast spirit in, which still doesn’t knock them out. A well placed shot from Kayless’ drone takes down Pengrave and Cosgrey finally gets Cleo/Val.

The team takes them away and pull the chip from Cleo/Val…whom they bring back to consciousness only to discover she has no memory since inserting the chip. She is able to confirm Cooperman’s warehouse and more details from that night. The team decides to release her and get ready to speak with Pengrave.

Engrave quickly agrees to give them whatever they want…we we’ll see what happens next.

DNA/DOA Part 2
Back-stabbing, confusion, and racists

-12 May 2075/0630
The team arrives at the safe house arranged through Rohrschach. OJ calls Kiyoko to see if MCT might be interested in the items and researcher they recovered. She lets him know she will speak with her superiors to see if they are interested. Kiyoko calls back and offers them 5500 Nuyen for the entire package, which is far too low for OJ and the team.
At 0700 Rohrschach calls the team and lets them know that their Johnson is currently in the safe keeping of a group of orks from the Ork Underground. She is able to arrange a meet between them and the leader of the group, Allan Bronston. They are to enter the Underground via the Lordstrung entrance.
The party meets with Mr. Bronston, an extremely old ork that seems extremely confused. He is under the impression that the team will rescue several ork women and children that disappeared near the research facility they infiltrated. In exchange, he offers to put them in contact with their Mr. Johnson, but only after they complete the rescue. The team is likewise confused and vehemently inform Bronston that they must complete this mission before they will even think about this second mission. In consternation, they leave and try to get ahold of Rohrschach, but she does not respond to OJs calls or texts.
In the mean time, the team starts coming up with alternative plans and Syndell orders a survival bubble. After a few hours (at 1500) Syndell finally gets ahold of Rohrschach who lets her know that Bronston must have been extremely confused as to what was promised. She agrees to contact him and arrange a meet for them with their Johnson. She is able to provide his address in the Barrens and they proceed there.
Around 2130, they arrive at the safe house and see Mr. Johnson’s assistant in the window. With their typical caution, they scan the area as well as astrally recon it to find there are a large number of people in there. They are permitted entry, only to find that Mr. Johnson is not there. They are “greeted” by a human who is an obvious racist and assumes their human leader will make his way in. Not wanting to risk the capture of their cargo, they instruct Kayless to leave (who does so only after some cajoling). After some rather hostile “negotiations” OJ drops a flash bang at his own feet and combat ensues. OJ passes out from damage, Syndell flees, and Covon takes down the speaker, scoops up OJ and runs out. One of the humans is brave enough to yell obscenities at their fleeing forms, but does not depart the building.
The team finds another safe house and Syndell calls Shadow to see if they can get further information about what the devil is going on. Come to find out, there’s not a mysterious conspiracy involving Rohrschach (as suspected), but Mr. Johnson’s assistant (Wendell Holmes) is actually a traitor with the Hands of Five. The Hands of Five want the samples to create a weapon against metahumans and Mr. Johnson has not been receiving their meeting requests. Bronston had no clue that Holmes was a traitor and was dealing in good faith. Rohrschach is able to contact Biogene (Johnson’s company) and arrange a meet with a different Johnson. Biogene wants the samples to create products to help metahumans. Aztechnology is after the samples so they won’t fall into anyone else’s hands. They meet with the new Mr. Johnson (13 May/1200), hand over the samples, and hand over the researcher for a nice sum.
OJ starts ordering an Ares Roadmaster, some SWAT armor (for the team), and begins learning Arcana. The team takes this downtime to prepare to return to speak with Bronston about rescuing the orks from the research facility.

DNA/DOA, Part 1
Throwback Sundays

Game date: 11 May 2075

Obnoxious Jones receives a call, which he sends direct to voicemail. An apparently brand new Johnson (and we mean inexperienced) leaves a message that he has a short notice job for them. OJ calls back and speaks with Mr. Johnson, who tells them that they are to meet him at the Space Needle.

They arrive at the Space Needle and meet in a private booth. The job is simple; they are to break into an Aztechnology biotech research facility and recover data files related to the experiments conducted there as well as whatever samples they can recover. Mr. Johnson provides them with a van filled with gear and agrees to pay them 150,000 nuyen (half up front).

The team agrees to the job and takes a look at the van, which meets their satisfaction (for the most part). Syndell does some research on the facility and finds that a Dr. Owens and Dr. Peterhoff are the lead researchers who do not get along. Dr. Peterhoff actually runs the place as his own personal lab. It appears that an incident occurred a day or two ago and the place has been put on lockdown along with several Aztlan reps being flown in.

The team locates the entry point and discover a large number of denizens in the sewers, whom they avoid (except for a couple of ghouls). They are able to penetrate the facility and find that the place has been torn apart and amber lights are flashing everywhere. They overcome a couple of orcs (that used to be guards) and find Peterhoff. They convince him they are there to rescue him, the data, and the samples, and get ready to make their way out.

Unfortunately, a Spirit of Fire manifests and begins Fearing the team. Through a lot of teamwork, the team is able to take down the spirit, but Ruthless leaves thoroughly drained.

They make their war to wharf 114, where they are to meet Mr. Johnson. They set up their snipers and OJ and Syndell approach the ship. Unfortunately for the, Mr. Johnson is not there and it appears they have met with a different party. Ruthless notices incoming helicopters and APCs, so the team decides to bug out. They contact Rohrschach to get a safe house and make their way there.

The team learns that Aztechnology hit the ship and docks with a large number of military personnel and caused extensive damage. As of right now, they are hiding out at the safe house and have asked Rohrschach to find buyers for the professor, data, and samples.

What will happen next?

Splintered State #5
How long to go 45 stories?

Game date: 19 Apr 2075

So, the team survives the landing on the roof of Brackhaven Investments. While they are getting ready to infiltrate the building, two deckers assault BI security node. Once the deckers get in, they are able to take out a few of the IC programs, but have to exit before they exceed their GOD score.

Syndell easily hacks the maglock on the door and Missy takes the lead. Missy just barely notices the infrared trip beam emitters before stepping through the door. Once again Syndell works her decker magic and shuts them down.

As the runners are making their way down the stairs two Spirits of Air and two Spirits of Fire manifest and start attacking the rear of the party…which happens to be the two Dalmation drones. Security guards emerge from the 50th floor, whom Covon and Missy engage.

Ruthless casts two massive Lightning Balls taking out not only the Spirits, but the drones as well. Missy efficiently eliminates the majority of the guards while Covon realizes javelins are not as effective as his shock gloves. Syndell hacks into a guard’s commlink and does so well she is able to monitor their communications throughout the remainder of the infiltration.

Ruthless and Missy discover that neither of them are set up for Astral Combat when they peer into the astral and discover two astrally projecting mages. Ruthless calls up a very strong Spirit who rips the mages to shreds.

Kayless sets up booby traps using the salvaged grenades from the drones and they proceed towards the tenth floor as stealthily as possible. Kayless detonates the grenades after they’ve proceeded roughly 20 floors, causing further mayhem and confusion amongst the threat response team.

Once they reach the 10th floor, they are able to secure the server room and Syndell hacks the data node. It’s nearly child play because Syndell gets the data within a few seconds. Unfortunately, the team is spotted as they enter the 10th floor and threat response is sent to engage them. Ruthless gleefully pulls out her monofilament chainsaw and cuts a hole into the other stairwell and they begin climbing the stairs to “safety”.

Instead of heading to the roof, they decide to enter a different floor and escape through the windows. They are once again spotted and threat response is re-routed to their location. Ruthless breaks out the chainsaw and cuts a nice hole through the exterior windows and casts levitate on herself, Syndell, and Kayless…just barely able to keep from knocking herself out from drain.

Missy and OJ also levitate out, while detonating smoke grenades behind them. (OOC: how did Covon get out?)

As they make their escape, they hear threat response calling in “Drexel”. Shortly after finding a safe spot to hide, a few of the time see the distinct form of a small western dragon land on the BI rooftop. They make good their escape and meet their MCT contact to hand over the data.

The team is paid their 100,000 nuyen and earn 11 KP each.

The team also earns 1 point each of Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness due to their actions.

Kayless starts ordering a lot of items from Rohrschach.
OJ takes rapier lessons and orders some items as well.
Ruthless takes some time to increase her magical knowledge (initiate). Complete on 19 May 2075).
Covon takes time to learn Iaijutsu with his new katana.

Splintered State 4
Meetings, set ups, and flights

Game date: 9 Apr 2075-Tuesday

- Takafumi Maeda from MCT leaves a message on Obnoxious Jones’ commlink offering the team 200,000 Nuyen for the information from Dietrich.
- Karen King from Ares leaves a message on Syndell’s commlink offering the team 200,000 nuyen for the information from Dietrich.

Obnoxious Jones calls Maeda back to ascertain if he really wants the information on the commlink or a portion of it. Maeda wants all of it related to Brackhaven.

Syndell does the same with Karen King, but is insulted and decides not to deal with her.

Game date: 12 Apr 2075-Friday

Obnoxious Jones sets up a meeting at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with the MCT rep (Kiyoko Inoue). He and Syndell meet her, make the exchange, and get out as another group shows up at the meet. As they depart, they see that Kiyoko had an entourage of bodyguards who confront the other party.

At the same time as the meet, Missy (a friend of OJs from Chicago) and Covon “ambush” the office where Kayless is located (using Ares weapons and dressed as Ares personnel. The entire incident is recorded, the previous conversation with Karen King re-worked, to make it look like Ares has the information from the commlink.

Game date: 19 Apr 2075-Friday

MCT contacts the runners and offers them a job infiltrating Brackhaven Investments and retrieving information found on a server on the 10th floor of the building. MCT provides them various equipment, weapons, and an equipment fund to accomplish the mission. They also provide them the means to get to the roof of the building while a demonstration is happening outside.

Syndell reaches out to her decker friends and asks that 10 deckers assault the BI Matrix system while the team infiltrates the facility. They pay the deckers 500 nuyen each to attack the system.

While gliding towards the roof (from the Seattle Space Needle), Syndell attempts to hack the antiaircraft weapons on the roof, but has a difficult time of it. The weapon activates, but she is finally able to crash the targeting software, causing it to fire randomly in the airspace around the building. The team lands safely and prepares to infiltrate the building.


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