Jeannette Twenten

Owner of Twenten's, (A Soy Bar), Connection rating: 2


It’s processed soy just like mom used to make … or would have, if she cooked. Anyway, Jeannette “Jenny” Twenten dishes out the soy at a price that makes her place haute cuisine by Puyallup standards. She’s been running the place for over twenty-five years and shows no signs of slowing down in spite of being in her eighties.

Contact of:
Obnoxious Jones


When she first opened the restaurant, Jenny had some trouble with the Mafia trying to lean on her. That is, until the legbreakers discovered what a powerful shaman Jenny was! Her spells had them packing in no time and eventually, the Families just gave up and left her alone. Since then, Jenny has kept a motherly and protective eye on a lot of the neighborhood’s Gifted kids, especially trying to keep them out of the gangs and the syndicates.
> Lyran
> Although many comment on her amazing vitality, Mrs. Twenten seems to shrug it off, usually with the comment “everybody has their time.” Although she has looked after many youngsters with the Talent, even taken a few under her wing, it seems as though she is still waiting for something . . . or perhaps someone.
> Ethernaut

Jeannette Twenten

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