Covon (pronounced koe-fon)

The muscle of the party.


An average looking elf about 2 meters tall and weighing in around 80kg. As with most elves, Covon appears to be in his 20s. He wears his silver hair in a military style haircut (high and tight). His eyes are a striking Persian blue and he has a tanned caucasian skin color. He moves with an easy grace of one used to moving silently through a forest. Many say he appears to move like a cat and never wastes a gesture. He has no visible piercings or tattoos.

He dresses in black BDU pants and wears a military style belt with them at all times. He prefers wearing combat boots with the BDU pants properly bloused over them. His shirts will usually be of solid colors with no ornamentation/decorations. When he is out and about, he tosses a military style black jacket over the entire ensemble.

On occasion, he will sport blue jeans instead of the BDU pants, but he will keep his military belt, combat boots and jacket on.


Covon was born and raised in Tir Tairngire. He attended the Tir schools and upon completion joined the Tir Border Patrol. His early life was spent with other elven children and practically no exposure to the other races besides family trips when they would see humans, orks, trolls, or the more exotic races.

During his tenure with the Tir Border Patrol, he came to not only know Ruthless (the assigned Troll mage), but to trust Ruthless with his life. He came to appreciate the value of the other races, but still held a distrust of humans based on his experiences on the borders.

His duties brought him into frequent contact with various smugglers, whether the Cascade Ork or independent operators. He also encountered small enclaves of ork and troll villages seeking refuge from oppression; he found these beings were oppressed by the humans from the UCAS, Free State of California, and even the Native American Nations.

For reasons he has not told the team, he left Tir Tairngire using his contacts from the Cascade Ork. Knowing Ruthless would probably suffer with his departure, he brought Ruthless with him to Seattle to start fresh.

From his actions (and sometimes words) it is clear that he holds humans in low esteem, thinks of the other races as “lower beings”, but has a soft spot for oppressed/down-trodden orks and trolls.


Covon (pronounced koe-fon)

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