Ray's Runners

Where's the chain?

Second Tigers, Drunken Monkeys, and Wendigos named Yuri

21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 2100: Syndell decides she’s going to hack into Bennett’s home node and try to find any files related to the compass. She successfully cuts through the node and discovers there was a theft at her mansion a few days ago. The team reviews the video footage and see three individuals with the same Chinese symbols on their outfits, which translates to “Second Tigers”. They decide to go to bed and check into this in the morning.

22 Feb 2076 (Saturday)
- 1300: Syndell wakes up and she and Kayless review the footage again together. She does some more matrix searches and finds they are a team of runners who usually hang out at the Drunken Monkey, which turns out to me a merc bar.
- 2200: The team heads down to the Drunken Monkey and find one of the Second Tigers hanging out there with about another five customers…a really light night at the bar. They get into a verbal altercation with Lung Ping, the Second Tiger leader and lure him outside where they capture him and take him to be questioned. After questioning him, they discover the Second Tiger’s decker must have swiped the chain while they tried to make their way out of the mansion. The decker, Stepan Martinez, departed for Karavan a couple days ago to look for work. This is typical of him. The team asks around and discover Karavan is a traveling city and it’s currently on the Afghan border. While conducting their legwork, they discover Sergei happens to be headed that way. They contact Sergei who agrees to take them along and will depart the next day at 1000.

23 Feb 2076 (Sunday)
- 1000: The runners meet with Sergei, load up and take off for what sounds like a long trip.
- 1200: Unfortunately, while trying to skirt the Maya Cloud around Tibet, a tendril of magic reaches out and causes the Banshee to crash land in the Himalayas. The team sends out spirit scouts and discover there is some sort of dual natured creature not far away. They set up a defensive position and both Sergei and Kayless begin working in shifts to get the Banshee up and running again. Needless to say, it’s exceptionally cold up there!
- 1700: The spirits come under attack from a large furry creature who is exceptionally stealthy. The team has one heck of a time trying to hit the creature, but Ruthless saves the day when she stunbolts it a couple of times, knocking it unconscious. They secure the creature and discover he is able to speak. Yuri the wendigo reveals he was extremely hungry and didn’t mean to scare the team. He begs for food and the team gives him rations. After the banshee is repaired, the team releases Yuri with some of their rations.

24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The banshee finally comes into a valley and the team finds Karavan. Sergei speaks with the various “aircraft controllers” and gets permission to land. As the banshee approaches, their commlinks chirp and they discover the local laws (the yassa) downloaded. They review them and Syndell reminds everyone to NOT accept gifts. The children begin asking various questions about the yassa’s meaning and Kayless does his best to explain it to them.



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