Ray's Runners

Welcome to Seattle

New place, new problems

Game date: 1-5 Jan 2075

So, Ruthless and I have arrived in Seattle. My contact from the Cascade Ork, Victor Running Man, was able to get us passage from the border to here. Unfortunately, we have no transportation, no lodging, and no idea what to expect. Victor has directed us to speak with Jazz, an orc fixer from the Underground concerning employment. Though we are at home in the Tir forests in winter, this is a different environment and my survival skills are definitely not well suited for Seattle.

We meet Jazz at this place called the Big Rhino and are asked to keep two brother alive. The brothers are a dwarf named Joliet (Jake) and an elf named Elwood. We are to simply protect them during their downtime; they are musicians visiting Seattle from Illinois. We have been told that the Illinois Humanis Policlub is gunning for them. Jazz provides us a Rover Model 2072 to use while protecting the two.

During our engagement, we meet a rigger named Calas, who is well known at a “hippy camp” in the Redmond Barrens. We decided to use the camp as a safe location, where the brothers put on an impromptu concert for the inhabitants.

A group of ghouls attacks the camp and we are able to fend them off. A young child leads the ghouls, but we are not able to stop him. Investigating the ghoul bodies, we find a notebook written in Hebrew. We reach out to one of Ruthless’ contacts (the Outsider) and have him look at the notebook. He informs us that the notebook concerns the creation of zombies. We promptly offer him the notebook, which he takes after paying us.

During Joliet and Elwood’s final concert, the Illinois Humanis Policlub appears. We are able to make the fans believe their vehicles are part of the brothers’ entourage and whisk the brothers away.



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