Ray's Runners

Time to get the compass

Let's play pirates or submariners...or something like that.

-19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1800: The team contacts Beauregard and agree to meet him at 2000. Syndell sends a message to Shadow to let him know about the TM children…after she berates Kayless about suddenly becoming a father and not taking proper steps to protect the children.
- 2000: They meet with Beauregard and discover his fiancee (Tia Ying) is going to be forced to marry a local sheung fa (overboss) of her triad. He knows where she is to get married and that she is currently held at his minions on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island. He can provide assistance in penetrating the facility, but reveals the compass is not going to be delivered until 1500 the day of the gala and it will be delivered via the boat docks beneath the museum.
- 2200: Syndell starts conducting matrix searches on various topics and is able to reveal the rough time and probable route Tia Ying’s escorts will take with the boat. They contact a local smuggler, Sergei Vipin, to see if he has a submersible which they plan on using to ambush the enemy boat. He does and they meet him at the docks around 0800 the next morning.

- 20 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 0830: The team uses a multi-prong attack to disable the boat, emerge from the submersible and rescue Tia Ying in true pirate fashion…without the sabers, cannons, and swinging from ropes…okay, maybe not true pirate fashion.
- 0900: They get back to the hotel and start researching information Beauregard gave them about the current owner of the compass, Hsui Li Bennett. They discover she has a large mansion and outsourced security. They discover her security will escort the compass to the docks via boat and they decide to repeat their previous success.

- 21 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 1330: They meet with Sergei, ride out to attack the escort team and…succeed just as easily as they did the first time. They contact Ehran who tells them he will meet them at the hotel this evening.
- 2000: They meet with Ehran and discovers the compass is the right one…but the chain attached to it is a fake. Without the chain, it’s “almost” useless. Ehran tells them they must go and get the chain. The team wants more money, so Ehran agrees to assist them with the various “issues” they face, e.g. helping OJ lose the bone spikes, helping Kayless find a Delta clinic, etc.



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