Ray's Runners

The Ring of Oroboros Part 6 - Infil/Exfil

Abduction, theft, and smuggling, oh my

Covon and Ange begin questioning Professor Olympia while wearing ballistic masks to hide their identities. Ange casts influence on Olympia with the suggestion that Olympia should be cooperative with her kidnappers questions, she was taken due to the team needing information. Covon sits back in his swat armor and ballistic mask as Ange begins the interrogation.

The teams asks her if she has seen the ring, where it is currently located, and it’s physical description. She has analyzed it, cleaned it, and authenticated it; she was taken to a shed/warehouse/tool storage location at a large house near the bay; The ring is in the shape of a big snake eating it’s own tail, the ring is made of stone, and extremely large. It could fit around Covon’s waist, it is also thick. Covon asks if her sight was hindered in someway during traveling to the ring; she was picked up in a vehicle and the driver blackened all the windows so she couldn’t see where to go. Covon also asks if she was hired by Randolph, which she was. He then decides to ask if it poses any danger, which it does not. He was wondering about the ring’s properties; the ring does appear on the astral plane, but it is fuzzy and doesn’t show detail. The ring didn’t respond to any known tests to understand it’s powers, but it also did not react to any sort of magic either – fire or acid couldn’t touch it, even magic. Olympia kept her notes of the ring for another dissertation, which Covon accessed on her commlink after removing his ballistic mask.

Covon asks Chang to access the commlink and see if she has looked for any of the other artifacts. She has looked at many artifacts, but has not seen the four coins of luck or the seal of green gloves. She has seen many different version of the key of power over the years, but they all turned out to paper lotus, not the real artifact. No one knows what the key of power looks like, but her colleague sounds as if she has seen the actual artifact. Her colleague known as Amanda Stroh.

After this questioning, Covon releases Olympia’s manacles and gave her a venti double chocolate frappachino, then releases her at the soybucks.

The team heads off to the rented safehouse.

Thursday early afternoon 03September2076

Covon spends some tally points to get karma (8 tally for 5 karma). He then spends the following day with Chang learning the basics of computer skill.

Friday early afternoon 04September2076

The afternoon after learning computer Covon does a computer search to see if he can find plans for the house of Rudolph T. Donovan, III. With 5 hits Covon is able to find some aerial plans of the compound along with electrical diagrams showing alarm systems, back up generators, and recent satellite images.

Covon then decides to continue the search from some lucky find random financial statements of Rudolph. The satellite images show three Evo Aquavita boats at the pier, one is owned and two are rented. The financial statements has some inconsistencies which do not match the Aquavita, a little deeper look shows that Rudolph has also recently purchased the 85,000,000¥ Lurssen Mobius.

Kayless is able to show that the Mobius could be moored out near the house pier in Bainbridge Island, but it couldn’t go all the way around Bainbridge due to the size and narrowness of the canals. Rudolph will probably be ferrying people to the Mobius on the Aquavitas.

Covon calls OJ to see if he has connections, Johnny Bluestone perhaps?!?; OJ doesn’t have an invite to the soiree as he thinks Rudolph is a poser. He gives Covon the number of Johnny Bluestone. Covon calls Johnny Bluestone to see if he can get an invite – five personalized invites for the team. He knows a guy, a forger, that can make invites at 1,000¥ per invite. He will call Covon in the morning after Covon pays him 7,000¥

The invite will be for Magnus Magnusson (Kayless), Erich Leitner (Covon), Pat Mendelsohn (Ruthless), Ragnar Loghbruch (FNG), and Laegatha Loghbruch (Ange).

Covon does a quick matrix search to show the layout of the Mobius ship, which is an easy find. After the search Ange astrally projects to the boat and finds it is in the normal configuration with only a few options added such as a diving deck and extra hot tub, but it is not setup for the artifact or the party at this time. She remembers the ring was in a “warehouse or toolshed” when Olympia was authenticating it. Ange searches an outlying building and notices something on the astral plane that is magical and couldn’t see any security within the building, just camera on the outer buildings as would be expected on a high value property.

The team makes the decision to infiltrate the property tomorrow evening, Saturday.

Friday late afternoon 04September2076

Covon heads to the local marina and purchases himself a Proteus Lamprey and some diving gear.

Saturday 05September2076

Covon studies piloting watercraft for the full day of Friday.

Sunday 06September 2076

The team decides to do a water infiltration with Covon’s new toy, the Proteus Lamprey, early morning on Sunday at 02:00. After stuffing all their needed gear into dry bags, they don their diving gear.

Covon navigates the Lamprey into the bay and leave the Laprey in the ocean offshore to hover in place about 10m from shore and 10m down (the coast line is very deep, approx. 30m in total depth).

Both Covon and Ange are able to use their diving skill (in Ange’s case trying to imitate Covon’s maneuvers) to get to shore. On shore Ange has her spirit of Water to use concealment power on both of them. After being concealed they both change out of diving gear and into their assault gear.

Covon and Ange sneak to the front of the toolshed, Ange attempts to meld the lock on the door with toxic wave, but was unable. Covon cuts the lock with a miniwelder; the team sneaks into the room finding a table in the middle covered in a blanket. Removing the blanket they find the ring locked down to the table with mechanical ties. After cutting the tie downs a couple of orks appear.

Ange is able to tell that they are speaking in Or’zet and say they noticed the sheet moved so something should be in the toolshed. The team stays silent and unmoving watching as two more orks and then followed by another two orks. One of them stares at Covon, whom becomes unnerved and moves. The one ork continues to stare at Covon and then tries to cast a bold of acid on Covon!

Covon and Ange are able to kill all of the orks, although not without some difficulties. The magical ork hit both of the team members with a very powerful ball lightning spell which injured each, while also causing the team to focus on him until slain. After combat Ange assesses the magical ork and finds 4 preparations (which later expired) and a foci. Taking the predator V pistols, ammo, and commlinks, the team uses an earth spirit to help take the ring of oroboros to the diving gear and onto the Proteus Lamprey. A short dive home, Kayless is awaiting the team’s arrival with the Roadmaster.

Covon calls Chang to offer to let him examine the Ring for a full day to collect the 3,000¥. He gives the team a location of a research lab in Seattle that has a loading dock to drop it off tonight. The team drops off the ring at Chang’s lab then Covon calls Simon and gives him a full dossier on the ring.

Monday 07September 2076

The team pick up the ring from the research lab and drop it off at locations specified by Laurent. He thanks the team for such a good mission, the streets are silent on the job itself with only rumors floating around that the team is still deeply involved in the great artifact rush. At the end of the day the team has netted a cool 16,000¥ each and a small file with information gathered by the information broker on the next item – the Key of Power.



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