Ray's Runners

The Key of Power part 3 - The Library and further into the void

or how I navigated Aztlan without Spanish

Tuesday 02September 2076 – 01:00

The team has finished raiding blight and are preparing to plan on how to travel to the Library, and how to raid it. The team heads to the safe house for a hot meal and a good nights rest.

Wednesday 03September 2076 – 09:00

Covon heads to the local stuffer shack for 20 doses of Psyche, Ange also picks up some Psyche. He then calls a smuggler, Rheingold, to see if he can smuggle them into San Antonio. He can get the whole team in, but it will take about 3 days. One day to stay at the end of Salish-Shide, one day to stay at the edge of Pueblo Council, then straight into San Antonio. Covon asks for some land craft to be awaiting them, which Rheingold is more than happy to arrange as well. The total cost will be 10,000¥ to smuggle the team into San Antonio. Covon attempts to negotiate, but fails miserably so the price is now 12,500¥ for smuggling the team + gear to San Antonio along with a vehicle awaiting upon arrival. Rheingold can pick up the team around 16:00 local time.

Covon attempts to get ahold of Sequoia to get some information on the library in San Antonio. She is able reach out to contacts she knows to find the team an introduction to a contact in the area.

Wednesday 03September 2076 – 11:00

Thundor calls his contact in the bar, but he doesn’t know of anything. He then calls his detective contact. The beat cop has heard of the location, but only in rumors.

Sequoia calls Covon back and gives Covon the contact details for Geto, whom will be awaiting for contact from the team when they arrive in San Antonio.

During the next two hours of down time the team contacts Cuillain to buy Thundor some SWAT armor and a ballistic mask customized like the rest of the teams gear.

Wednesday 03September 2076 – 16:00

The team heads out to meet Rheingold to get smuggled into Aztlan.

Thursday 04September 2076 – 23:00

The team made it to the first landing site for the evening near the border of Salish-shide and Pueblo Corporate Council.

Friday 05September 2076 – 23:00

The team lands at the second landing site near the border of Pueblo Corporate Council and Aztlan without incident.

Saturday 06September 2076 – 04:30

The team encounters an aztlan border patrol consisting of 5 troops in a combat helicopter. The team takes out the team, with no small amount of difficulties. Once they take out the patrol, Covon pulls the unconscious team into the craft and take off to hit San Antonio. Six hours later the team is back to fighting shape and land in town.

Saturday 06September 2076 – 11:00

Rheingold lands the craft in an abandoned warehouse district right outside of town, following the coordinates given to the team by Rheingold’s contact for meeting up with the ground vehicle. The team arrives to see a GMC Universe (Rigger 5.0 p. 59).

Covon calls Geto and asks for a safe house. The team is giving coordinates on the other side of town. The team heads to the safe house, a three bedroom apartment on the third floor of a tenement building. The team is given the safe house for a week, after that they will need to negotiate directly with the guy.

Ange decides to astrally assense the room to make sure it is clean, which it is. Then the team, from an audible perception test, realize that everyone is speaking Aztlaner Spanish. Luckily Ange can speak Spanish at a 2, so she can barely understand and communicate. The rest of the team does not. The team decides to learn Aztlanter Spanish together.

Sunday 07September 2076 – 09:00

Ange wakes up to cast some spells on herself. After preparing the team went out to the 2 block area where the Library is supposed to be located. The team notices the area is an old residential area that is now falling into disrepair. It is a lawless area where most people are barely surviving and tolerate existence by partaking of some vices, with people and gangs doing clearly illegal things in the street.

Ange decides to assense the area and notices that one building is heavily marked by a barrier surrounding it. She points out the building to the team who then decides to perceive in detail. This is a one story building with no obvious guards outside. Most people whom look like normal civilians of the area will noticeably avoid the building.

Ange asks around for some rumors of the area and find that a gang or group of people that inhabit the building are no joke. They have no qualms with beheading someone and leaving them in the streets. People don’t want to be caught even talking about the place, or looking in that direction.

Sunday 07September 2076 – 12:00

The team continued to wait and watch the location until after lunchtime. No one comes or goes in the location. Ange continues to ask around about the location, no one wants to discuss anything about the building or group in the building. Ange is able to tell the barrier was created by Geomancy, but nothing else.

The team decides to buy a breaching charge and wireless detonator from a local, as the area is full of lawlessness, a commercial explosive breaching charge.



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