Ray's Runners

The Key of Power - part 1

Yet another seek and find mission, yay

Monday 07September 2076

The team reads the file and asks Kayless to negotiate with Jonathan Packard, the information broker, to collect Hasdatean’s contact info. The team pays 500¥ for the info.

The team does some legwork on Hasdatean, finding out that he is a white hat, a person that follows his or her own social agenda. Posting information to show negative light on horrible corporate actions, suspicious political assassinations, etc. From the research the team notices what at first appears to be a corrupted stream, but also shows repeating patterns. Kayless was able to run some algorithms similar to electronics warfare algorithms which show a commlink code, one different from which they purchased.

Kayless sends a message to the boards thanking Hasdatean for the information and that the team would like to intervene, if possible. Almost instantly a reponse comes to Kayless with the message of “meet here” and a location which is a matrix club.

The team link up their devices via the P-Tac and trodes to log into the matrix club where they were told to meet. The team heads into a back room as directed by arrows that appear and meet a tall, slender, well dressed elf. The team introduces themselves after Hasdatean introduces himself. After explaining how the team came about his contact info, Kayless realizes the specifics of etiquette in this type of encounter and is able to persuade Hasdatean that the team is here for actionable information, but may for another reason, and that they are able to contact him via both channels.

After explaining the GLF and how Petru’s cell has been escalating violence, Hasdatean tells the team of Petru’s last known location and that since their aims are aligned, he can send them something to help. The team doesn’t seem to be very technically savvy. Hasdatean then winks out of the matrix.

The team logs out to discuss the newest revelations when sensors on the HQ warn of an impending drone. The team prepares for an attack, when an incoming message asking for landing is received. Kayless directs the drone to land and receives a dongle. Plugging it into a burner comm they see a message from Hasdatean, “hope this is of aid, it will help pull any information from devices pertaining to GLF and Petru”.

The team decide to head to the last known location of Petru’s cell, an abandoned building in the pullyup barrens.

Upon arrival the team does some quick scout work – kayless uses flyspys to look for people and signals, while ange astrally perceives the area. They do not see any signals or people, except for a couple of homeless people around the area. Nothing magical is in the area.

Covon and Thundor decides to sneak around the area, trying to track whom was in the area, what they were doing, and where they were going. The two find that some people were leaving, a few going back, and some carrying heavier loads. Some of the people milled about in strange areas which led the team to find a flash-pak setup as a trap. Kayless is able to disarm the trap, but not able to save the flash-pak.

The team decides to slice the pie to help assist Thundor in searching for more traps while Kayless is searching for any wireless trigger signals. There are three more traps found: one flash-pak near the end of the hallway the stairs, one high explosive on the landing of the stairs, and one high explosive under the stairs meant to explode at the same time, dropping the stairs and anyone on the stairs.

Kayless is able to disarm the flash-pak at the hallway easily. He then decides to take a hit of Psyche to help him concentrate as he disarms the high explosives. Ange decides to take a hit of Psyche as well and increase her strength, agility, and reflexes. Ange summons a spirit to guard Kayless and the team against any glitches. Kayless spends the next 20 minutes disarming both high explosive traps.

The team searches the top floor finding one room still intact which contains the tag for a wireless receiver. Ange astrally projects into the room and sees a strange device on top of a table on one wall, with papers strewn about and a computer terminal. Kayless jumps into one of his kenmushi crawlers to go under the door and look at the device. It is an ANFO explosive with an optical trigger toward the door and a wireless trigger.

The team backs up while Kayless cuts a hole into the room away from the optical trigger. Upon entering the room he sets up an area jammer on his drone to look at the bomb. He realizes the device has the triggers in a metal shell, which takes some hardware work then disarm the bomb. After thinking, plotting, planning, the team changes directions to not disarm the bomb; Kayless uses a flyspy with a directional jammer on the bomb only and then uses the dongle on the terminal while his other flyspy scan the room taking video of the paperwork. Upon leaving the bomb detonates, incinerating the drone.

The team head back to the HQ to analyze the intelligence they have just recovered. Ange tries to decipher the paperwork, realizing it is arcane in nature. She cannot decipher most of the writing, it is written in an encrypted form that doesn’t make much sense. She can tell that the terrorist cell was trying to create or use a magical ritual. The texts also contain references to Alchera, which she describes to the team.

Covon plugs in the dongle and receives a comm code that is a location in the matrix. The team enters the matrix to find an area decorated like a kindergarten play field. Blocks, toys, and a chalk board. An anime styles rabbit icon seeming to be made of data arrives and starts showing data on the chalkboard. The team is given a little history of Petru, showing himself as an icon of justice and how his cell has escalated their violence. Ange realizes that Petru is showing himself as the manifestation of Tyr, the Viking god of justice. The icon also shows the team a globe showing dots linked by dotted lines, indicating locations where the cell has been. It ends with a location after where this intelligence was found, a place at the Seattle pier. Kayless finds a satellite image exactly 4 days prior, the time frame where Covon and Thundor estimate when the cell left. It shows people with moving trucks, in an area about the size of a block.

Monday 07September 2076 – Early Evening

Covon does some matrix searches on the GLF, finding that they are an eco-terrorism organization. The team then decides to head to the site for some surveillance. Upon arrival the team go to a soycafe for a meal as the flyspys survey the area. The block is made up of buildings in a 2×3 formation. The far one at the back, near the shore, has two guards outside with people coming and going, not carrying anything. This is very suspect and causes Kayless to coldsim a flyspy into the building. It is a series of rooms, with two guards outside, four guards inside, and two workers at terminals. The couriers come into pass and collect information, then leave. Kayless parks his flyspy and uses EW to siphon up the signals. He passes the encrypted data to the team, Covon then puts it on a commlink and plugs in the dongle.

The team get a weird signal of a rabbit walking around the comm to eat a carrot at which time Kayless receives a note showing locations. His knowledge of Seattle aids Kayless in identifying the sites as either former terrorist locations or drug safe houses, except for one. This last site is in San Antonio, just across the border in Aztlan.

The team begin discussions on planning to raid the drug safe houses and help make the sprawl a better place…



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