Ray's Runners

The hunt for the ring of ouroboros - legwork and negotiation attempt

how I stopped worrying and learn to love the face who can negotiate

Covon takes the captured Rusty Nail Ork out to the roadmaster and stays guard to watch him. Kayless scans the crowd looking for anything odd, realizing that these are working stiffs, the rugged type that drink their paycheck away each week; he is the one sticking out as he is overdressed.
Covon and FNG are able to get Bertrand the Rusty Nails Ork to agree to be a contact for a favor they may need. Covon gives him a burner commlink, one of the metalink commlinks the team keeps in the roadmaster and the team headquarters, to use for this contact.
Kayless decides to stop in a drive through to give the guy a bottle of cheap liquor while Covon provides 1,000¥ to the Ork. The mages in the group (Ruthless, Ange, and FNG) all began assensing the Ork.
The team grabs a good meal and sleeps until 11:00 (they arrived at 03:00)

Sunday morning 30August2076
The team decides to perform some legwork on the location of soiree. Kayless realizes that the location of the house is in an extremely wealthy location, a gated community where the nouveau riche live, a community that value security + privacy. The area has contracts with both Lone Star and KE for response teams; if an event would occur both Lone Star and KE would arrive on the scene. Luckily for the team each corp would use their own response, not coordinating with the others, unfortunately they each use HTR teams.
FNG and Ange know that both KE and Lone Star will respond with HTR teams with a response time in minutes.
The team decides to look for a helicopter for ingress/egress. Kayless is able to locate many chop shops in the area, one of which specializes in aircraft. The team rolls into the chop shop, with Kayless leading the negotiation. He flounders by trying to impose his force of will on the fixer whom owns the chop shop, to sell him a specific helicopter. The fixer does have one in the shop, but it was checked in under the name “Smith” not “Magnus Magnusson”.
Ange steps in to try to see if the fixer is able to procure a vehicle for the team. The price of the vehicle will make it six weeks; negotiation between Ange (defaulting) and the fixer has the new deal to be two weeks when the shop can try to get a vehicle in the 6 week delivery time.
The team heads outside for Ange to use a spirit of earth to conceal the team. Covon and FNG are going to sneak around the facility to find the helicopter. They find the helicopter in an outside attached lot under an awning to protect the craft and other crafts. Covon and FNG search for security around the area. Cameras have the whole area, with a fence that is locked using chain and a lock. The aircraft has the blades folded up, under the awning, and sitting on a wheeled platform to be moved by tugs.
The team decides to steal the craft now, at 13:00 on Sunday when the chop is fully staffed. Ange is going to summon a spirit of air with one service. She asks the spirit to conceal Kayless while Ruthless levitates Kayless over the fence into the storage area.
Kayless releases his flyspys, each with the area jammer and directional jammer into the storage area. Kayless enters the craft and connects as a rigger to find that the craft is in perfect working order, except it is missing a vehicle ID. This is a stolen craft…
The team pulls off the awning and rolls the craft out from under the roofed area to the landing area in a stealthy manner. After locking the blades in place, kayless starts up the rotors in a stealthy manner, opening the doors to let FNG and Covon into the craft, while directing the Fly Spys to return to the Roadmaster 10 minutes after taking off. Ruthless and Ange ride in the Roadmaster back to the hippy camp, chasing after the stolen helicopter.
Upon arrival at the hippy camp Kayless paints the vehicle and works up a list of mods to do to the vehicle.
Spoof Chip – threshold complete, 500¥, no slots
Landing Drone Rack – medium x1 – threshold 14, 10,000¥, 4 slots, weapon slot
Landing Drone Rack – micro x1 – threshold 8, 1,000¥, 1 slot, weapon slot
Heavy Flexible Concealed weapon mount – threshold 24, 10,000¥, 9 slots
Two days for delivery on the weapon mount; one day delivery on the other items with a total of 21,500¥. Kayless pays 23,000¥ to Rorshach.
Covon decides to call Sweetwater to find a vehicle facility, one that can be had for cheap (trying recoup their losses), that still has all the equipment available. Sweetwater was able to find a facility for 30,000¥; covon pays 40,000¥ to her for the vehicle facility. He labels it “Covon’s Cave” and sends the GPS coordinates to Kayless to come see his “ninja-man cave” or “elf-cave” that he just purchased.
The rest of the team sleeps and rests for the next two days. Covon learns free fall. FNG increases his free fall to 2. The micro rack took 5 hours to install on day 1; the medium rack took 7 hours. Day 2 kayless works on installing the weapon mount, giving up after 7 hours of trying. He did another 6 hours and gives up again. At the end, Kayless payed 3,600¥ for a professional to come install the weapon mount. Ruthless summoned and bound a spirit of man and spirit of fire. Ange just rests for the three days.
Thursday morning 03September2076
The team decides to check on the container vessel, during the matrix search Kayless was lucky enough to come across some news articles about container ships being hit by pirates in the area early this week. Pirates are using this as a living, the vessels will cut their losses of a few containers, unwilling to risk the ship and just pull on insurance for replacement value, while the pirates use this as a form of living (somali pirates?!?). This vessel is specifically listed as being hit by pirates.
Ruthless and Ange astrally project onto the ship and found that two of the five containers are no longer containing magical items. Two are stacked full of reagents with one having a small amount of foci.
Covon looks on the matrix to verify the soiree is still on. Even with all the pirates operating, the soirée is unaffected. He then decides to call Victor Runningmountain to see if he has any information on these containers being smuggled somewhere. Covon pays him 500¥ for the knowledge that a few groups are working in the area; one team is newer and headed up by a former Naval Commander (former Lt. Cmdr. Titus West) because this is a highly coordinated and targeted attack.
Covon called Jane Foster to get info on the appraiser, Olympia. He finds she is well respected in her field and sometimes teaches at a local MIT&T branch. Ange checks to find that she is teaching a course for Autumn semester – archeological techniques in unearthing artifacts.
Ange and Ruthless head to the local MIT&T branch. After class Ange begins small talk with Olympia and attempts to plant a crawler into her briefcase. Olympia notices the crawler, becomes suspicious and calls campus security. Both Ange and Ruthless head out into the quad.
Covon and FNG find the facility parking lot to the north-west and decide to ambush the professor. Kayless drives up the block near the lot with magecuffs at the ready. As soon as she appears Covon and FNG shock Olympia to unconsciousness, put her in the Roadmaster, then pick up Ange and Ruthless. Covon heals Olympia to consciousness.



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