Ray's Runners

The great artifact rush – prelude part 1

The end of something and the beginning of another

After subduing the spec-ops team sent to the team’s rented safe house in Australia, a decision is made to head back to Seattle and quickly. The team finds a coyote (Magnus) whom is able to take them the following morning, which turns into a rather uneventful ride. Upon arrival in Seattle the members split off, heading into their own bolt-holes to rest and re-equip. Covon takes the sextant and meets up with a new runner for support – Ange (pronounced ahnj) an elven witch that he has heard of, but never ran with before.

Covon sets up a meet with the Johnson in a local city park, a very antiquated spy-trid-esque hand off, on Tuesday, June 9th, 2076. Covon heads out to buy a new jeep before he and Ange scout the local park to setup defensible positions. Ange will take a sniper position on top of a nearby building while Covon does the exchange. After a good meal and a full nights rest both runners head to the local park at 14:00, a full two hours early.

Mr. Johnson arrives, sitting next to Covon, and nonchalantly picks up the duffel bag holding the sextant. A couple pleasantries later, Covon and Mr. Johnson part ways. This was the easiest meet the team has ever had, a pure milk run!

As the two runners leave they notice a go-gang driving around making a ton of noise. Ugh, Seattle life is not what it used to be. Sounds of gunfire reverberate when the team receives a call from an unidentified number. The caller at the end introduces himself as Moreau, the Mr. Johnson is working for Moreau to handle this run. Moreau is in need of the runners help directly – Mr. Johnson is being attacked at the park, risking the loss of the sextant. The team needs to only cause enough of a disturbance that will delay the gang so the Mr. Johnson can escape. Moreau will pay the runners a cool 7,000¥ for a (hopefully) short and easy afternoon.

The team is able to delay the Ork gang through judicial use of smoke grenades and spirit concealment ability for Mr. Johnson to escape. Moreau calls the team to send the payment and thank the runners, informing them to call him when they are ready for a new job.
The team takes five weeks of downtime to heal, rest, and improve themselves. During this time the team can’t help noticing the newest tag line in the news trids – The Great Artifact Rush. It seems that some new artifacts have been appearing all around the world and corps have been in a rush to snatch them for research and to further their own (P&L driven) agenda. These endeavors has become so heated and to become a blitz, spilling over out of the shadows and into the mainstream consciousness. Any and every situation is being attributed to The Great Artifact Rush; every murder is seen as a possible connection to an illicit meeting to exchange info on an artifact; every fire an arson used to cover a theft attempt; every explosion is envisioned to be criminal elements blowing their way into a building to steal information on artifacts. Not all of this is true, of course.



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