Ray's Runners

The Great Artifact Rush part 2

Plan and (hopefully) execute

Covon and Ange are joined once again by Ruthless, Lycus the adept, and Jian-Min the technomancer on Thursday, 23rd July 2076. The team does some more legwork on Dr. Amanda Stroh and the lab where she works. They find nothing new on the target besides she has a corp sin and no criminal sin, but did find the lab performs unspecified research. The team also tries to investigate why Amanda keeps working for the corps when she is extracted back and forth – none of their contacts come up with anything specific, only that she was born to corp parents and has always been in the corp-drone life. The team then decides to do a stakeout of the lab.

Covon decides to contact a smuggler, Viktor Running Mountain of the Cascade Ork tribe, for some help in smuggling Dr. Stroh out of seattle. Viktor is able to pass along contact info of a fixer in Salish-Shide – Damon Price. Background on Damon shows he is a generalist when it comes to being a fixer, always trying to get as much money as possible with as little danger; he is not the most courageous man. Damon does try to stick with moving people via coyotes as it gives him maximum profit with little personal risk and exposure.

Ange calls Damon for some info. He is able to find a position, but will take two days (Saturday, 25th July) and cost 3,000. After some failed negotiations Damon is willing to find a position matching what the team needs for 4,000.

On Friday Damon calls Ange back with info about a corp within the Salish-Shide that has an opening for a parazoology researcher, someone with arcane knowledge and research ability. Phoenix Biotech is looking for a person that has a valid, unrestricted sin, and a CV capable of passing the HR department review (they must be able to actually perform the job). The company is based in Denver, with a satellite office in Seattle, but the position is in the field in Salish-Shide.

Jian does research on Phoenix Biotech finding that they do research to find ways to create new implants for the biotech and cybertech markets, finding inspiration in parazoology and parabotany.

The following day (Saturday) the team decides to do some physical surveillance of the lab.
The lab is two stories, with the main floor lobby being glass front and along the sides of the building partially. Across the other two sides of the building are other two story corp locations, one of which has a soy café, and a park behind the lab consisting mostly of some trees, a fountain, and benches where the employees have lunch frequently. The lab has an airbridge to cross the street out from for the employees to reach the worksite from a residence hall. The lobby of the lab is guarded by three guards, one behind a desk checking ID and bags, with two more posted in conspicuous locations. None of the guards carry heavy weapons, these are mostly to show a physical presence. The building has cameras in the lobby and also along the roof top. Lycus uses some crazy parkour to scale building and investigate the roof. The roof has one door to the building, secured with a maglock, and no visible air vents for a possible entry point.

Jian does matrix surveillance and find the host is a rating 8 host with patrol IC running constantly and two spiders. It doesn’t seem to have any obvious technomancer backdoors.

Ange and Ruthless begin assensing the site finding that there are two watcher spirits (both summoned from separate mages) and a force 6 air spirit guarding the site.

Ange, Covon, and Lycus all call their fixers to see about getting a fake sin at rating 6 for the doctor. Lycus can get one for 20,000 and it will take a week; Ange is able to also get one in 1 week for 20,000. Covon gets extremely lucky when he calls Jazz from the Ork Underground. Jazz just happens to have one sitting around that matches the doctors CV very closely. It will take only three days (to be delivered on Tuesday 28th July) and will cost only 9,000 to setup.

The team stay at the site until evening watching as the late, dedicated, researchers leave around 20:00. Guards also change out a little after this – a van pulls up to the entrance, two guards exit taking up recon positions as three guards walk from the van to the lobby and replace the three on duty. Then the van pulls away with the two recon guards and three replaced guards.

The team follows the van to a site a few blocks away, another residence style hall that seems to contain only security personnel and a garage full of security vans. The team notices a bowl noodle vendor along the street. They stop to grab some (well, for covon a lot) of food and see if the guy has some info. Nothing really actionable, unfortunately, so the team heads home for some needed rest.

The team shows up the following morning (Saturday, 25th July 2076) to find the lab was attacked just minutes prior! A barricade separates the trid news media from EMTs and other emergency personnel who are helping injured researchers. Firefighters are working to stop some small blazes that are under control. The team asks around and searches the matrix finding clear video showing a vehicle pull up to the front, a team of people hop out and open fire on the lab. They rush in, pulling out someone and taking off with surgical precision.

Covon is able to tell they have some military training or at least some background while Ruthless notices that the obvious leader of the team is none other than Commander Titus even though he is not in uniform! Some quick small unit tactics combined with local area knowledge from Covon and Lycus point that the team would want to lay low for a two or three days in a very defensible yet remote site. This will let any heat die down before they deliver the doctor to wherever they are destined. The team find the perfect location, an abandoned airport just outside seattle proper.

The team heads to the team HQ, grabbing gear suitable for a heavy conflict and drive to about 1km of the airport. Jian sends his flys-spy drone in to look around, giving the team a rough map of the area when it is suddenly destroyed. The team is able to deduce that the shot was suppressed and came from the control tower. Knowing they are dealing with a sniper the team is frozen, just perceiving the site from afar. They notice that a few hanger type buildings have some Orks from an obvious gang (the hooks, a relatively unknown and new ork gang known for their penchant for violence and excessive greed) patrolling and swapping positions from three that guard the fuel depot.

After a very furious and dangerous combat the team is able to kill the sniper in the control tower and one razor guy, with the rest of the runner team escaping on a VTOL craft. Not before (former) Commander Titus telling the team that this will not be the last they see of him.

The team find Dr. Stroh bound in the corner of the maintenance shed. Now that she is “safe” team only needs to get her to her new life. Easy as a milk run.



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