Ray's Runners

Spoiling for a Fight

Game date: 10 Feb 75

I’ve been spending the past week looking for better places to rent. I’m nervous because my apartment was provided to me by Rorshack. So far she has been good, but I don’t want to find out that she suddenly changes her mind about keeping my new identity a secret.
I’ve found a nicer apartment in the Elven District downtown, it’s a bit obscure. But it’s worth the extra bit of walking to get to it. Abandoning the apartment that Rorshak found for me is a bit hard on the wallet. It was paid for until the end of the month, but I’d rather be alive and broke. I’ve also decided to begin to study and get more supplies for changing my appearance. I’ve found a small obscure apartment in the University District also downtown, not too far from my first apartment. It’s a good bolt hold.
I’ve also told the guys that I’m looking for a good car. I want to paint it with electrochromatic paint so that I can change its appearance, means that I have a good way to get away without people noticing me. I hope that I never need to actually practice these things for my own defense.
As I’m talking to the guys a Japanese business man Honshu calls saying he wants to meet. He says outright that he is calling about me. I hope that I’m not going to have to run again. I’m not sure where I would go. I wait in the car as Covon goes to chat. Turns out the Yakuza who followed me didn’t let Honshu know what the deal was, since it’s his territory he’s a bit put out and has decided that he’s not helping the other family. Thank goodness, looks like I have a place to stay until the old family decides to share what I know.
We get in the middle of a ganger war at Roscoe’s, an Elvish restaurant. Luckily it’s over quick, before the Knight Errants arrive and we scoot.
We hang out again when Jazz calls and says a go gang is on her tail and she needs to lose them or she will lose her run. We are a good team, and in short time we manage to discourage the go-gang from following her. We get paid a small amount of which a portion goes into our resupply fund.
I plan on taking the next week and learning how to drive. Hopefully, we can find a good car before I need to really travel anywhere.



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