Ray's Runners

Splintered State #5

How long to go 45 stories?

Game date: 19 Apr 2075

So, the team survives the landing on the roof of Brackhaven Investments. While they are getting ready to infiltrate the building, two deckers assault BI security node. Once the deckers get in, they are able to take out a few of the IC programs, but have to exit before they exceed their GOD score.

Syndell easily hacks the maglock on the door and Missy takes the lead. Missy just barely notices the infrared trip beam emitters before stepping through the door. Once again Syndell works her decker magic and shuts them down.

As the runners are making their way down the stairs two Spirits of Air and two Spirits of Fire manifest and start attacking the rear of the party…which happens to be the two Dalmation drones. Security guards emerge from the 50th floor, whom Covon and Missy engage.

Ruthless casts two massive Lightning Balls taking out not only the Spirits, but the drones as well. Missy efficiently eliminates the majority of the guards while Covon realizes javelins are not as effective as his shock gloves. Syndell hacks into a guard’s commlink and does so well she is able to monitor their communications throughout the remainder of the infiltration.

Ruthless and Missy discover that neither of them are set up for Astral Combat when they peer into the astral and discover two astrally projecting mages. Ruthless calls up a very strong Spirit who rips the mages to shreds.

Kayless sets up booby traps using the salvaged grenades from the drones and they proceed towards the tenth floor as stealthily as possible. Kayless detonates the grenades after they’ve proceeded roughly 20 floors, causing further mayhem and confusion amongst the threat response team.

Once they reach the 10th floor, they are able to secure the server room and Syndell hacks the data node. It’s nearly child play because Syndell gets the data within a few seconds. Unfortunately, the team is spotted as they enter the 10th floor and threat response is sent to engage them. Ruthless gleefully pulls out her monofilament chainsaw and cuts a hole into the other stairwell and they begin climbing the stairs to “safety”.

Instead of heading to the roof, they decide to enter a different floor and escape through the windows. They are once again spotted and threat response is re-routed to their location. Ruthless breaks out the chainsaw and cuts a nice hole through the exterior windows and casts levitate on herself, Syndell, and Kayless…just barely able to keep from knocking herself out from drain.

Missy and OJ also levitate out, while detonating smoke grenades behind them. (OOC: how did Covon get out?)

As they make their escape, they hear threat response calling in “Drexel”. Shortly after finding a safe spot to hide, a few of the time see the distinct form of a small western dragon land on the BI rooftop. They make good their escape and meet their MCT contact to hand over the data.

The team is paid their 100,000 nuyen and earn 11 KP each.

The team also earns 1 point each of Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness due to their actions.

Kayless starts ordering a lot of items from Rohrschach.
OJ takes rapier lessons and orders some items as well.
Ruthless takes some time to increase her magical knowledge (initiate). Complete on 19 May 2075).
Covon takes time to learn Iaijutsu with his new katana.


Man, this was a tough situation. Usually our planning works out better than this. We were not as prepared as I would have liked. It was a good run though, we all survived with no loss of life or limb, got out, got paid, and walked away.

If anyone was watching it must have been a crazy sight to see us all levitating out of the newly made hole in the building, A troll with two elves hanging off of her, followed by another elf, and then one male elf hanging off of a tiny girl bringing up the rear.

Good thing we took the past month off, we gotta let that heat cool down some. I am concerned that Ruthless was in such a drained state afterwards, she looked like she was ready to pass out. That’s all I need, for an unconscious troll to fall on me. I will never get those wrinkles out! Syndell was able to save us from the AA guns and shredded through the matrix security as usual. Kayless really sacrificed the most though, two drones (and we all know how much he loves them…) with a mass of grenades.

Although he is kinda short and a little obnoxious (heh!), I hope our new dwarf minion, erm I mean companion, joins us. Missy is back home again after her short visit. We could use the firepower. The biggest takeaway I have from this run: where I can get the new Patek-Philippe-Cartier retro-watch timepiece before it’s release in the spring! Oh, and also how we each have a specialized niche in the group which works fantastic, but we don’t have much overlap to help in case everything goes sideways.

— OJ

Splintered State #5

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