Ray's Runners

Splintered State 4

Meetings, set ups, and flights

Game date: 9 Apr 2075-Tuesday

- Takafumi Maeda from MCT leaves a message on Obnoxious Jones’ commlink offering the team 200,000 Nuyen for the information from Dietrich.
- Karen King from Ares leaves a message on Syndell’s commlink offering the team 200,000 nuyen for the information from Dietrich.

Obnoxious Jones calls Maeda back to ascertain if he really wants the information on the commlink or a portion of it. Maeda wants all of it related to Brackhaven.

Syndell does the same with Karen King, but is insulted and decides not to deal with her.

Game date: 12 Apr 2075-Friday

Obnoxious Jones sets up a meeting at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with the MCT rep (Kiyoko Inoue). He and Syndell meet her, make the exchange, and get out as another group shows up at the meet. As they depart, they see that Kiyoko had an entourage of bodyguards who confront the other party.

At the same time as the meet, Missy (a friend of OJs from Chicago) and Covon “ambush” the office where Kayless is located (using Ares weapons and dressed as Ares personnel. The entire incident is recorded, the previous conversation with Karen King re-worked, to make it look like Ares has the information from the commlink.

Game date: 19 Apr 2075-Friday

MCT contacts the runners and offers them a job infiltrating Brackhaven Investments and retrieving information found on a server on the 10th floor of the building. MCT provides them various equipment, weapons, and an equipment fund to accomplish the mission. They also provide them the means to get to the roof of the building while a demonstration is happening outside.

Syndell reaches out to her decker friends and asks that 10 deckers assault the BI Matrix system while the team infiltrates the facility. They pay the deckers 500 nuyen each to attack the system.

While gliding towards the roof (from the Seattle Space Needle), Syndell attempts to hack the antiaircraft weapons on the roof, but has a difficult time of it. The weapon activates, but she is finally able to crash the targeting software, causing it to fire randomly in the airspace around the building. The team lands safely and prepares to infiltrate the building.



These write ups are always fun. Thanks for doing this. I always enjoy the extra notes and flourish added in.

Splintered State 4

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