Ray's Runners

Splintered State 3

A stroll through the zoo

Game date: 8 Apr 2075/1500 (Monday)

The runners decide to make their way to the zoo after coming up with several different plans to ensure their own safety. Enroute, they decide to pick up a fairly new runner, Cosgrey Carbonstone, a dwarves physical adept known to have a temper.

Upon arriving, the discover the UCAS MPs running visitors through scanners and pulling over a few people to wand them. Syndell is able to access the scanners and causes them to begin glitching. Kayless contacts Sweetwater and asks her to access the zoo’s node and take control of the security devices. After a short moment, Sweetwater texts Kayless back and sends him his money back for the job because it’s nearly impossible to break into it.

Due to the confusion with the glitches, the backed up entrances, and now a full on Matrix alert, the team is able to slip through the main entrance without a hitch. Kayless sends two of his drones in a stealthily as possible and sets them up about 200 meters above the zoo, ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice.

Obnoxious Jones sets the team up in a crossfire pattern, ready to take on any enemies that may show up (or prepared to get him out in the event of an ambush).

OJ meets FBI Special Agent Seth Dietrich in the basilisk tunnel and finds that Dietrich calls himself Jake Armitage. Kayless recalls that Armitage was a runner from the 2050s that died. Dietrich/Armitage is confused about the entire meet, which seems to confuse OJ. When OJ recommends they exit the tunnel, Armitage goes along, until a bullet rips the back of his head out.

OJ and Syndell are taken totally by surprise when two bystanders activate cyber implant weapons and start blasting away at innocent bystanders. Covon and Cosgrey team up on one of the attackers but find it exceptionally difficult to overcome him. Cosgrey ends up getting shot at by the sniper, hiding somewhere near Syndell. Ruthless and Kayless are able to take down one of the assailants with a mixture of magic and heavy firepower. When Kayless finally spots the sniper position (sort of) with Syndell’s direction, he fires away with this drone. Unfortunately, for the drone, the sniper is a much better shot and metal, plastic, and bullets rain down into the zoo.

The sniper departs the area along with Covon/Cosgrey’s assailant. The team runs the opposite direction. Luckily, OJ remembers a few important details and grabs a bag and commlink from Dietrich/Armitage’s body. Ruthless commands her spirt of fire to distract the approaching UCAS MPs which helps the team escape the zoo.

A bruised and bloodied party speed away from the zoo and hunker down. Syndell takes off on her own with the second commlink, but the remainder of the party decide to hide out (somewhere).

OJ opens the bag and finds 100,000 nuyen in there on credsticks. The party places 10,000 nuyen in the party fund and splits the rest 6 ways.

At this point, Kayless asks OJ to assist him in purchasing several items which will take until 15 April to get (well all of it). Kayless also asks Cullain to get him several grenades which will take a couple of days to receive.

OJ buys himself a rapier and a tutorsoft to teach him how to specialize in rapiers.

Covon begins learning Small Unit Tactics (1 day) and Blades (1 day).


I must be hanging out with far too many combat heroes in the clubs recently; I spent some time reviewing our performance (I believe it is formally known as an “after action report”). We held our own against professionals when we were almost completely unarmed. We lost a drone, but no runners. Equipment can be replaced, competent and trustworthy (well… mostly) companions cannot.

[look at me! my therapist would be proud of this so called “personal growth”, at least that’s what she keeps telling me as she tries to psychoanalyse me; in the shower, before breakfast]

What really hurt us isn’t being unarmed. Our main combatants proved themselves. Covon and Cosgrey holding their own against a heavily trained and cybered foe; Ruthless taking down another with some of her wicked spell flinging; all while our decker was avoiding casualty and assisting our rigger in locating the sniper.

The sniper is what did us in. We only took damage from her, almost having a meat-body casualty along with a drone, from being unable to neutralize it.

So I talked to our rigger and sweet talked him (ok, ok, more like pressure sales tactics and a teeny bit of intimidation. And alcohol. And bribery.) into fulfilling a counter sniper role. Removing a snipers ability to see us (popping smoke, thermal smoke, hitting her with flashbangs) helps remove their advantages.

Splintered State 3

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