Ray's Runners

Splintered State #2

Where do all the puzzle pieces go?

Game date: 7 Apr 2075

Syndell examines the commlink the team gave her after the last run. She finds it has a meta-device built into and hacks into the device. She is able to decrypt and download the file on the meta-device. The file is a fragmented file, apparently half of a file, with the other half on another commlink.

The commlink belonged to a missing FBI Agent named Seth Dietrich whom they discover was investigating Governor Brackhaven and his connection with violent efforts to impede/stop Proposition 23. The fragments mention Operation Daybreak and a Bill as well as other Operations and political/shadow figures.

OJ reaches out to Detective Margese to get some background info on Oxycode. He sends them the entire police report on the “Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat Slaughter” as it’s being called. To his dismay, OJ discovers that his description was provided as the assailant. However, the police report clearly indicates that Oxycode was killed 6-12 hours prior to the assault, so OJ is not implicated in that death.

In order to find out more information on Oxycode, Syndell and Ruthless head down to the Redmond Barrens and find a group of Crimson Crush gangers. Syndell sweet talks one of the gangers and he reveals that they were hired to protect Oxycode from the Choson Ring because he had something on them. She is so smooth that they agree not to take out revenge on Obnoxious Jones.

They find that Oxycode was blackmailing an associate of the Choson Seoulpa Ring. They reach out to the Mr. Johnson (Kim Shin-jo) that hired them to see if he knows where the commlink came from. Mr. Johnson’s associate, Sun Yi Kwon, meets Syndell and OJ at the Korean Shanji Paper Clothing show and ensures the team that Mr. Johnson has no connection to the device or it’s information. However, if they are able to be more willing to divulge the information, Mr. Johnson might become interested.

They discover that Dietrich started working with a Shadowrunner team, but the entire team was found dead, except for Dietrich and the team’s decker, Tauren (son of famed decker turned fixer, Bull McCallister). Dietrich has been missing since Nov 2074.

The team determines that each of these operations already concluded and that they really don’t have any further leads to pursue when the commlink itself rings at 2355. Syndell takes proper precautions against tracing and answers the commlink.

FBI Agent Seth Dietrich (or someone posing as him) introduces himself and tells Syndell that he would like to purchase his commlink back for 100,000 Nuyen. They are to meet him in front of the basilisk exhibit at the Ft. Lewis Zoo tomorrow at 1500. He will have the money on him for the exchange. Syndell agrees and they disconnect.

At 1300 on 8 Apr, the team meets at the “office” to discuss their visit to the zoo. They come up with a basic outline of a plan when there is a knock at the door.

An oriental gentleman with swords and two ninja-clad individuals are standing at the doorway when OJ opens the door. The oriental man, Shinji Kajio, requests that the team provide him the commlink since the Yakuza did a favor and protected Syndell from the out of town Yakuza. Shinji and OJ exchange words about OJs prowess with western dragons and Shinji then offers participate in a one on one duel for the commlink. OJ turns and calls for Covon.

Covon steps from the shadows as OJ lights a cigar and waits for the duel to begin.[[:detective-margese | Covon (pronounced koe-fon)[[:kayless-1 | [[:obnoxious-jones | Kayless]][[:syndell | Ruthless]]]]]]



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