Ray's Runners

Splintered State #1

Hotel, flames, and explosions

Game date: 1 Apr 2075

Sequoia contacts Kayless about a job offer from a Mr. Johnson. They are to meet him at the Banshee at 2100.

Everyone except OJ meet about an hour prior to the actual meet and do some research on the place. It turns out that a couple of different gangs frequent the place, the Bad Mountain Boys and the 162s.

As the team is getting ready to enter, OJ pulls up in a limousine and they enter the establishment together. Mr. Johnson waves them over to his table and lets them know that they are to retrieve and item from an individual and bring it back.

OJ presses Mr. Johnson for more info, but he is reluctant to divulge any more facts until they have concluded negotiations. OJ pushes his advantage and is able to get triple the original offer. Mr. Johnson informs them that his employer needs a commlink currently in the possession of small time criminal known as Oxycode. He is staying at the Novelty Sleep and Eat in room 312 a few blocks away. Once they retrieve the commlink, they are to bring it back to him. Mr. Johnson doesn’t care what happens to Oxycode.

Syndell does some background searches on the hotel and discovers it is a converted warehouse with about four stories of stacked rooms. It is not known for its high security.

Kayless sends in his drones and finds Oxycode underneath his bed with two commlinks on the floor near him. Ruthless astrally scouts the area and finds that Oxycode is actually dead.

OJ decides to purchase some flats from the nearby Stuffer Shack and hire one of the “ladies of the night” for the evening in order to get in the place. Covon and one of the combat drones set up near the front entrance (where there are 5 Crimson Crush gangers) while Ruthless, Kayless, and a drone set up around back.

OJ enters and finds five more Crimson Crush gangers in lounge area and escorts the escort to room 312…only to “realize” that his room is 112. He leads her there and quietly neutralizes her (on the second attempt). He then makes his way back up to room 312 and picks the lock allowing him entrance.

Inside he finds Oxycode’s body, the two commlinks, and a stash of drugs. He takes everything and before leaving the room asks Kayless to check the lounge area. Kayless informs him that four of the gangers are heading upstairs at which point he tells Covon to rush in to help him. He then vaults over the railing and lands in the lounge injuring himself. Drone 1 (with Covon) and Covon put the gangers on the ground (through some nice suppressive fire and a hand grenade). Ruthless launches Flamethrower after Flamethrower on the hotel setting rooms on fire (all the while mystically picking rooms without occupants). Kayless launches a high explosive grenade at the back door and takes out not only it, but a huge section of the wall, killing a bystander in one of the rooms…ooops.

Covon makes his way into the lounge area finally and kills one ganger with a knife to the throat and injures another, while Kayless starts sniping…taking out the injured ganger and one more. Drone 1 ensures none of the gangers outside have a chance to do anything. The last two gangers surrender to the clearly obvious overwhelming team and throw their possessions down.

The team takes the commlinks to Mr. Johnson who examines both and keeps one of them. He tosses the other one back and says it might be of some value. Kayless hands it to Syndell so she can do what she does with it. The team leaves with cash in hand.

Kayless sells the drug stash to the hippy camp for a small profit which he then puts back into the group fund. He also begins learning Small Unit Tactics (which will take one day to learn-2 Apr75).

Covon begins increasing his First Aid skill (4 Apr 75)

OJ starts learning Unarmed Combat from scratch (7 Apr 75). He also assists Kayless in purchasing a ghillie suit (half a day).



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