Ray's Runners

New Dawn, The Finale

Boom...oops, we forgot something

- 6 Mar 2076
The team is able to move up the stair wells and encounter heavy resistance at the top floor landing. Once they overcome the guards, they find the hallways deserted and make their way into Hiroshi Yakashima’s office. He is there waiting for them and, to their surprise, congratulates them on their efforts. He offers them the chain and OJ lets him know the building is going to be destroyed shortly. Non-plussed, Hiroshi grabs a katana and wakazashi and tells them to take what they wish. He then exits, they take the chain and they make their escape from the facility. Fortunately for them, a pack of dogs attack officers awaiting outside which assists with their own distraction and they make their way back to their safe house. As they depart, they trigger the explosives they’ve planted and down comes the building. On the way to the safe house, OJ suddenly remembers they were supposed to some information out of the host for their Yakuza hosts. They decide to send the children on a run against the Yakashima facility in the bay and the kids come back with pay data.
- 1600: They get back to the safe house and contact Ken about getting out of Neo-Tokyo. He tells them they are to go to the Port Tokyo Harbor and catch a ride on the freighter “Calico Ghost Town” which departs at 2000. The trip will take four days to travel from Neo-Tokyo to Cara’Sir (Portland).
- 7 Mar 2076: The first day goes well and they contact their fixers back in Seattle to order some great.
- 8 Mar 2076: A heavily armed group arrived in a helicopter and attacks the ship. The team is able to take out the attackers and destroy their helicopter in the process.
- 10 Mar 2076: They arrive in Cara’Sir, deliver the chain and travel back to Seattle. Once in Seattle, they take some time to work out, learn some new skills, and do all the fun stuff they need to do to get better.



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