Ray's Runners

New Dawn, Part 6

Sushi chefs are too cool

1 March 2076 (Sunday)
- 0700: The team boards Sergei Viper’s Banshee and make their way to Neo-Tokyo. On the way, the children look into Yakashima and Neo-Tokyo. They discover the CEO they seek collects various artifacts, but he does not appear to be a mage himself. They do discover they’ve recently been working with the Atlantean Foundation on a variety of projects, most of which have to do with gene modifications on their personnel. They discover Yakashima has two different facilities (though there could be more), but their primary target is the one in Neo-Tokyo (not in the bay). They team discovers there are four primary Yakuza groups running things in Neo-Tokyo and decide to approach the Watada-gumi in order to introduce themselves and their intentions.
- Upon arriving in Neo-Tokyo, they discover the news is filled with reports of a rogue band of terrorists who attacked the Yakashima building a day ago. Apparently a well armed terrorist group launched rockets and grenades at the building, then charged in with machine gun fire. NTPD responded within 30 seconds with heavily armed drones and SWAT units and cut them down. All terrorists were killed and investigations were ongoing to identify them.

3 Mar 2076 (Tuesday)
- 1500: The team goes to the Watada House as they heard that is the place to meet the Watada-gumi and they aren’t wrong. OJ ensures they bring an appropriate gift along and are greeted by Ken Muratomi in a private dining room of the Watada House restaurant. OJ successfully navigates through Yakuza etiquette requirements and strikes a deal. The team will be allowed to stay in one of the Watada safe houses and they may conduct their operation against Yakashima, provided they bring Ken data concerning Yakashima’s arrangement with the Atalantean Foundation. While there, OJ asks Kayless to figure out how much they would need to blow up the Yakashima building and asks Ken if he can supply it (for a price of course).
- The team settles into their safe house and gather more legwork on their target so as to determine the best method of entry. They discover the Sushi En will cater lunch this coming Friday at noon, so they decide they are going to hijack the catering truck at the Sushi En parking lot, load it with themselves, and the explosives and bluff their way into the underground parking lot at Yakashima.
- They also have the children probe Yakashima’s computers and discover a person claiming to be Sweetwater in the host. She claims to not know how she got there, but she will help them penetrate the facility, since she knows Kayless will get her out. She tells them she is in the Matrix lab, but believes the item they seek is on the third (top) floor in Yakashima’s office.

6 Mar 2076 (Friday)
- 1115: The team gets dressed in their ballistic masks and SWAT armor and wait for the Sushi chefs to come out to their vehicle. They observe three chefs (one older and two younger) approach the catering truck and OJ confidently and with great intimidation steps in front of them. Using his Japanese language skills, he threatens them…and all three Sushi chefs look upon him and tell him to back off. OJ, taken aback, begins speaking with the eldest and discovers this Sushi chef has no fear of the team and is as hard as stone…the same goes for his two compatriots. OJ then changes tactics and asks if they might be able to get a ride to the Yakashima building. The elderly Sushi chef agrees and tells the team to go ahead and hop in the back with the other two. As they make their way through Neo-Tokyo, one of the younger Sushi chefs makes sushi nigiri for each of the team members to try while the other sharpens his knives. Cosgrey and Covon observe the skill with which each uses their blades and discover these guys are far better with bladed weapons than they are. The elder Sushi chef calls from the front of the vehicle that the team is to not cause any mayhem until after 1300, as that is when the lunch break ends and they receive their tips. Starting anything prior to that will probably result in them losing their tips for the day.
- 1145: The elder Sushi chef guides the truck into the parking garage, makes small talk with the security guard and parks next to the underground entrance. As the team exits the vehicle, they discover they are in an absolute blind spot, the guard and the cameras cannot see them where they parked. The Sushi chef makes an off-hand comment about having done this before. They wish the runners luck and once again remind them to wait until after 1300 and the three Sushi chefs haul in their carts.
- The team begins penetrating the facility and make their way to the Matrix lab where Sweetwater told them they’d find her. On their way to the lab, they find the security cameras are under her control so the team remains undetected. They get into the lab and are not able to find Sweetwater, though she tells them from the main console that she is here. They decide to head down to the detention block to see if she might be there. When they get to the detention block, they encounter two guards and take them out…though not before one of the guards triggers the alarm. Surprisingly, the alarm only remains on for three seconds before it’s silenced. They find Sweetwater in a cell with a VR rig on her head. They safely disconnect her and head on out.
- Kayless goes about setting up the charges to destroy the building and the runners make their way up to the basement level, only to find four guards checking each room. They engage the guards in combat and the alarms go off again. They are able to disable the guards, but the element of surprise is now gone.



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