Ray's Runners

New Dawn, Part 5

Wedding reception fun

- 25 Feb 2076 (Tuesday)
- 1800: Ruthless and OJ head to the arcane library to research the mysterious heart they have in their possession and discover it’s called “The Black Heart”. It is apparently a very old artifact with unknown powers and various magical groups seek it. They decide they need to get it to Ehran and contact him. He is definitely interested in it so asks they bring it safely and secretly to him when they are done retrieving the chain. The team then spends the next couple of days just relaxing and preparing for the wedding reception.

- 27 Feb 2076 (Thursday)
- 1900: The wedding reception begins in the dirigible, the Aman Iki. It is a wonderful affair, with music, dancing, food, speeches and all sorts of celebration! Around midnight, the gift presentation begins with the young couple receiving everything from silks and linens to goats and sheep. Near the end of the presentation, Oni makes an appearance carrying a chest of gems, jewels, silver, and gold. There is a slight disturbance related to his entrance, but OJ quickly calms the tribes and invites his friend to seat himself at the head table.

- 28 Feb 2076 (Friday)
- 0200: After Oni seats himself, Tapio of the Kizilkristal, comes in and shares that their gift (the chain) has been stolen. OJ quickly goes into action, asking Oni to search the dirigible and the team goes off to investigate. Oni returns and says there are seven individuals with devices on the catwalk between the passenger section and the balloons. The team goes charging up and engage the enemy. As they fight their way through the operatives, they discover the devices are actually vector thrust drones, which are launched through the very skin of the dirigible. The team creates a pincer with Oni on one end and Covon leading the way on the other. As Oni advances, the operatives launch their drones as quickly as possible and then leap from the catwalk. One of the operatives is brought down, one of the operatives gets caught in the dirigible machinery, but the rest execute the most wonderful dives from the catwalk and break through the dirigibles outer skin into the open air…where they deploy airfoils from their suits.
- The Kizilkristal interrogate them and discover they are operatives from the Yakashima corporation in Neo-Tokyo and the chain is headed there. Enraged, Prince Ostrander demands the Kizilkristal bring him the head of Yakashima’s CEO and immediately formulates a plan to retrieve the chain. The Kizilkristal dispatch a multi-tribe strike team as soon as they land (0700) and arrange transport for the Prince and his team.



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