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New Dawn, Part 4

Banshees and wedding...is there a link?

- 24 Feb 2076 (Monday)
- 0700: The team arrives in Karavan and conduct some research on the different tribes which comprise the moving city. They believe their primary focus should bee the Lhasso (the tribe which works on every armament and military piece of gear which comes into town). Before heading off, they ask Ruthless to summon a spirit to search for Stepan Martinez. Kayless also sends out his Fly Spies to see if they can find him using facial recognition. Unfortunately, neither method reveals Stepan’s presence. Kayless takes the lead with the Lhasso and they discover such an individual might go to the Asma to sell such an item.
- 0800: The team decides to head over to the Pjelykosts tribe since they are the magically inclined group. Though they do not find the chain there, they discover Stepan might have gone to the Asma to sell it. A Pjelykost gentleman approaches OJ and Ruthless and works on recruiting them into the tribe’s magical group. After much discussion and seeing the roving library, both agree to join the group the following night.
- 0900: Chang was asked to retrieve information concerning Stepan and reveals he took a job out of the city. It appears he conducted some sort of trade in the city before he left. She also tells them about this nice old lady who needed help carrying some stuff when the lady dropped her cigar box. The team makes their way back to the Banshee and discover an old heart inside the box. Ruthless assesses it, but it doesn’t really exist on the astral plane. Not knowing what it is, they store it in the Banshee, only after Kayless agrees to fetch some cigars for Sergei the rigger.
- 1000: The team gets to the Asma and discover Stepan was there, but the merchants could not afford his asking price: a long range vehicle with several gerry cans of fuel. They sent him to the Seljukok.
- 1030: The team heads over to the Seljukok and meet McGregor, a Scottish weapon smith who sells Kayless a wooden sword with which he may “train” Jian-Min. Unfortunately, Kayless discovers Jian-Min is far more athletic than he expected for a 9 year old.
- The beautiful Princess Yasamine approaches the most charismatic character she spots (OJ) and offers to gift him the information he seeks. Note she offered to gift it to him twice. OJ accepts and realizes only after getting close to the Sultana’s tent that she used the word “gift” twice. They enter the tent, where the Sultana is deep in planning a raid with her various war-chiefs, but sends them off as soon as Yasamine tells her of the great news. The Sultana immediately begins negotiating her dowry with OJ. Though OJ attempts to convince the Sultana that he and his bride need to reside in Seattle due to his other obligations, the Sultana is obstinate and insists the Prince, the future leader of the Seljukok, just lead from the front…or at least set up the wonderful corporate style training structure he described…that really sealed the deal for her. He was able to get her to agree to let him get married (tonight per her choice), but hold off on the reception for two nights, then grant him 1 year and 1 day before he must return to take his place. This translates to OJ returning on 27 Feb 2077 once he ties up what he needs to do!
- The Sultana reveals the chain was gifted to the Kizilkristal who own the two dirigibles which guide the city. The Kizilkristal are not allowed to get rid of any gifts for at least one year from which they received it. She agrees to set up a meet for Prince Levi Ostrander (aka OJ) and his team (now members of the tribe) tomorrow.
- 1800: Between the end of the negations and 1800 Kayless trades his services (automotive) to get the kids food and wedding clothing. The wedding takes place and there are huge celebrations throughout the entire city. You would have thought it was the wedding reception, but that is yet to come!

25 Feb 2076/Tuesday
- 1300: Levi…err…OJ leaves the nuptial tent and purchases some B&E gear for our 9 year old technomancer Jian-Min.
- 1500: The team goes to meet the Kizilkristal and enjoy a tour of the 3 deck dirigible. They also discover the Kizilkristal is hosting the wedding reception in the main ball room the next night and are very happy to treat the newlyweds to a night aboard in the honeymoon suite. OJ broaches the subject of the chain and is able to convince the Kizilkristal rep that they would like to have the chain as a wedding gift. He things it would not break any traditions and both tribes enter negotiations.
- 1700: They finish the dirigible tour and both Ruthless and OJ head over to the Pjelykost and start on the ritual to become members of the magical group. While those two are off doing that, Kayless calls Rorschach, Sequoia, and Jane Foster to share the wonderful news about OJs wedding. Jane seems really surprised and they discover they are all in Karavan right now. Jane meets OJ and Covon to hang out with them. Unfortunately, Jian-Min decides he’s going to sneak out of the Banshee and explore the town on this own…causing his adopted father no end of frustration….Kayless now realizes how difficult raising young, technomancer children can be. Jane takes pity on him and sends one of her spirits to escort the young child back to the Banshee.


Yes, yes, yes. The rumors are true – the most eligible bachelor is now (sort of) officially off the market.

This was the single most difficult decision of my existence. Give up the lifestyle to which I have been accustomed: the life of a red carpet attending, crossing the velvet rope as a VIP in Dante’s, eating hors d’oeurves in accompany of many of the most beautiful (and successful) of Seattle’s elite. What did I trade it all for? Yasmina, and the rightful title of Prince.

The wails of seattles starlets and fledgling models can be heard around the world…

New Dawn, Part 4

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