Ray's Runners

Midnight, The Beginning

Man, it's cold out here!

15 Oct 2075
- The team has spent the last few months recuperating from their trip to Lagos. They have attended classes, shopped for new items, spent time in martial arts courses.
- Ruthless receives a call from Jane Foster about a potential job, so they arrange to meet at the Gray Line in Chicago to cover the details.
- 1800: Ruthless, Kayless, and Covon meet her there and they discover she wants to continue the hunt for the sextant. She tells them the sextant is in Chicago, but she’s not sure how long it will be there. She’s not able to provide further details here, because she’s afraid there might be ears listening. The team happily agrees to 10,000¥ each and another 100,000¥ for the team upon successfully retrieving the sextant. Note: Go and retrieve the artifact will get the team paid. Travel and lodging will be provided. She tells the team to meet her at the airport in no more than four hours so they can get on their way to Chicago.
- 1840: Having discovered it will be negative 15 degrees Celsius in Chicago thanks to a freak winter storm, the team meet up with Eugene to get some cold weather gear and trade items. They get fitted, pick out a whole lot of item, then make their way to the airport. While heading to Eugene’s, they decide they need a decker for the job and contact Relnar who agrees to do so for 1000¥ per day.
- 2010: They arrive at the airport and finally depart once the plane is loaded. During the flight, Jane reveals the map will identify the general area of the sextant, but the ritual takes four hours and is extremely taxing. She reveals that a mage named Sonora has the sextant and Sonora has been on the run. She tells them that there are others after the map, but doesn’t know who the other parties are.
16 Oct 75
- 0345 local: They arrive in Chicago, pick up their rental SUV and make their way to the hotel 5.5. They discover how poor the Chicago infrastructure truly is when they leave the airport grounds and must plow through snow drifts and poor roads. At the exit ramp, they discover the Tollkeepers, who accept their toll payments and they check in.
- 0600 local: Jane can now do a ritual with the Piri Ries map to determine the general location of the sextant and it reveals a 10 km x 20 km area of Chicago. Jane and Ruthless both take part in the ritual and when it’s done at 1000 local, Ruthless discovers she has been drained of all magic. Jane explains that this is a side effect and her magic should return in 12 hours.
- 1000 local: With the ritual complete, Kayless tasks Relnar with conducting Matrix searches on a variety of subjects. They hang out in the hotel.
- 1800 local: Ruthless has her magic back.
- 1900 local: Kayless and Covon head to the Pog Mo Thoin, a trading post, to see if they can get some information from Sean, the owner. In addition, Jane tells them to ask Sean for a new t-shirt size small since hers got destroyed in Lagos. Kayless decides to leave Relnar, Ruthless , and a drone there to protect the map (Relnar is still doing matrix work anyway).
- 2000 local: Kayless come upon a group of people who are under attack by wild dogs. They dispatch the dogs fairly quickly, though one of the women is lost to the pack. They escort the remaining people to their commune and provide them some supplies and also receive some information concerning the area.
- 2200 local: They finally arrive at the Pog Mo Thoin and speak with Sean. He tells them he hasn’t heard of this woman, but a good place to get information would be the Archangel Bounty Redemption Center. They have an active Matrix connection and bounty hunters should know something, maybe. Relnar comes back with information on Sonora: she’s a big league, international runner who takes a lot of Aztechnology jobs. She’s a female Latina mage, but as far as description, well, no one really knows what she loos like because her face keeps changing. She apparently uses altskin whenever she’s in LA, which is where she normally works out of. She also has a solid team to support her.
- 2300 local: Kayless and Covon get to the ABRC and Kayless subscribes to the local bounty boards. They discover there is a 50,000¥ bounty on her and 5000¥ on each of her team mates. They find out a bounty hunter by the name Bosco is also looking for her and they go into the sleeping area to check him and the rest of the bounty hunters out. They identify the likely magically active and then make their way back to the hotel.
17 Oct 75
- 0100 local: Covon and Kayless get back to hotel and Jane begins her ritual at 0200 (without Ruthless).
- 0600 local: Ritual done and sextant is still in the general area. Relnar’s searches reveal that Sonora might be trying to find a way out of the city. He finds there are a couple of smuggler groups on the area, one at Calumet (mafia run) and one at the Spire. The one at Calumet is lead by Don Roland “The Greek” Stephanopoulos. They decide to head to Lake Calumet to check to see if Sonora was there.
- 0900 local: Ruthless, Kayless, and Covon head off into the snow (with the SUV) and encounter a pack of gabriel hounds about two hours into their trip. They didn’t realize they were gabriel hounds, except Ruthless astrally perceived them and saw the deception. They are able to drive them off easily.
- 1100 local: The team reaches Lake Calumet and get a quick introduction to “the Greek”. Between Kayless quick thinking and Ruthless Doppel Keks, they earn the admiration of “the Greek”. He says they turned the girl away and she probably went to the Spire. They need help right now because they have besieged the Spire and don’t have a way to break the siege. They will be happing to help the runners get her, if the runners help them break the siege at the Spire. Ruthless and Kayless both agree, so they hop into a chopper, drop off some guards for the hotel, then finally land at the Spire shortly after 1400L.
- 1410 local: Time to take the Spire!



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