Ray's Runners

Midnight, Part 3

Shotgun wedding (or how to get a Banshee cheap)

18 Oct 2075
- 1000M: Jane has finished her next ritual and revealed the sextant is in Denver already.
- 1400M: The team, well rested after an 8 hour nap, wake up to pot roast, potatoes, carrots, and fresh apple pie. They take their fill and discover their rigger is missing. Upon checking around, they find the Stoffels came and grabbed him a few hours ago and took him away. Further investigation leads them to discover Papa Stoffel took him to the local church to force him to marry his pregnant daughter (apparently, this is a regular stop for Ricky). OJ goes to the airfield to speak with other riggers about possibly using them to go the rest of the way to Denver…however, another plan forms in his mind. The team go to the church, where Stoffel family guard it with shotguns and determination. They attend the wedding (on the groom’s side of course), attend the reception, then try to convince Papa Stoffel to let Ricky take them the rest of the way to Denver for a nice big payment for the happy couples future. Papa Stoffel’s having none of this. His new son-in-law is staying right there in town, living in an addition built onto the family home, and is going to learn how to farm. Once he’s earned enough, the family’s going to help him build a nice home for him and his new family…all nice and close to Papa Stoffel and his brothers. OJ’s mind goes into overdrive and they offer to purchase the Banshee to help the young couple start right…so off they head to the airfield. While there, OJ subtly influences Papa Stoffel to sell the Banshee to them for a mere 50,000¥ to start the new family off right. Amazingly, Papa Stoffel agrees, which angers Ricky enough that he breaks out to throttle OJ. Well, fortunately for OJ, the Stoffel boys know how to use the butt end of a rifle just as well as the shooting end! The deal is made, money transferred and the team get the hell out of Sweetwater.
- 1900M: The team lands in the Sioux sector of Denver and Kayless begins looking for someplace to get an SUV. They eventually find a rental place and get it on their security company account.
- 2100M: The team has Relnar start searching for auctions or special events.
- 2200M: Jane starts the ritual and OJ attempts to bind a spirit.
- 19 Oct 2075
- 0200M: Jane finishes the ritual and they narrow it down to the Ute sector, in fact a very remote part of the Ute sector, nearly on the outside border.
- 1400M: The runners get over to that side of the Ute sector and discover a campground filled with yurts. They discover the last one, nearest the forest has Sonora in it. Therefore, they begin sneaking around the campground, through the woods…and discover another team set up with LMGs pointed into the campground. They decide to start taking out the gunners…and the whole place erupts in suppressive fire, shotguns, SMG fire, yelling/screaming poorly clad people running around, pillars of fire going off….yeah, chaos. In the end, seven local mercs and a dozen or so Triad soldiers are dead or dying. They team loses some ammo and a drone to the action. They also see three guys all dressed in black, chanting in Latin, who were responsible for the pillars of flame, but also healing the people. They decide not to engage them in any form. Unfortunately, just as they finished the last of the mercs, they hear and see another Banshee in the woods. They barely spot Sonora getting into it and it takes off before they are able to stop it. They check out the dead mercs and discover Sonora is on her way to San Bernardino, CFS…looks like another trip is ahead for the team.



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