Ray's Runners

Midnight, Part 2

Siege, travel, battle, travel...sounds like a series set in New Zealand

17 Oct 2075
- The entire team is finally in Chicago and ready to rock and roll!
- 1410L: OJ and Syndell finally make it to Chicago and meet up with Kayless and the boys from Calumet. After some discussion, OJ and Syndell tell Kayless he has joined up with the wrong side. They feel the the Greek and the mafia are not exactly the best people with whom to side…so they come up with a plan….
- THE PLAN: they contact the Spire and The Union and decide to assist them with defeating the Mafia. OJ convinces the Mafia’s leader (a large troll, who has seen far too many King of the Rings movies that the best plan is to charge up to the front gates with a large amount of explosives strapped to another troll, then detonate it. In addition, all the Mafia forces need to charge at the same time so as to confuse the sensors on the weapons drones. Finding this a brilliant plan, the troll sets his men to work and they end up charging in. Of course, OJ and Syndell arranged for the Union troops to show up after the charge is under way, so they can mop up what’s left. Kayless is in charge of distracting a group of mafia soldiers on the other side of the Spire with his drone…which does distract them…in fact, so well they get slaughtered.
- 1600L: The Spire is safe, the Union soldiers have mopped up, and The Greek is in custody. Wingman, the Spire leader informs the team that Sonora already left and is on her way to Denver. He offers to take them there via one of his riggers, Ricky Steelsky. The team loads up up into Ricky GMC Banshee and they make their way to Denver.
- 1900L: The Banshee crashes suddenly and the team discovers the electronics were fried by a couple of Thunderbirds. After several hours (2200L), the Banshee is back up and running.
- 18 Oct 2075
- 0100L: The Banshee starts descending for an unknown reason, so Syndell and Kayless check on the rigger, only to discover he is unconscious and an unknown technomancer is attempting to land the Banshee. Syndell sees their destination is an open field filled with a welcoming party. Both of them enter the Matrix and being a full blown assault to take the Banshee back. They eventually succeed and Kayless is able to fly the Banshee to the next stopping point.
- 0130L: Ricky is finally coming out of his unconsciousness and informs the team this is his refueling point. They need farmer Bob to enter the codes (biometric actually) into the refueling station in the garage, so OJ and Kayless go to the farmhouse to find him. Oops, the drones discover farmer Bob’s family dead in the kitchen with mysterious sores covering their bodies…but no farmer Bob. OJ decided to just crack open the security on the fuel and they begin dispensing it. Before they are able to finish fueling (80% complete), two pick up trucks filled with armed people show up at the farm and jump out. OJ comes up with plan to distract these people long enough that they are able to finish fueling, jump in, and get the hell out of there. OJ’s spirit lets him know the leader of this group has this weird taint to his aura.
- 0430M: The team lands in Sweetwater, where they have a layover to refuel, rest, and wait for patrols to pass. Bus driver George takes the team to the local diner, where they enjoy such things as eggs, bacon, coffee, flapjacks, and all sorts of good home cooking. Thereafter, bus driver George takes them to the boarding house, where Georgette leads them to their quaintly appointed rooms. OJ is just about crawling out of his skin right now since he’s not sure he likes home made quilts, doilies and oil lamps. The team then passes out from their exhausting trip and full stomachs.



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