Ray's Runners

Midnight, Finally Done?

Woohoo, downtime!

20 Oct 75
- The team finally has all the pieces together, the map and the sextant. They give Jane the sextant who departs for parts unknown. Jane arranged for them to spend some time at a local resort, lodging and basic food paid. Before they take her up on her offer, they fly their GMC Banshee with Sonora back to Chicago to collect the bounty.
- They land in Chicago, turn her over, then make their way back to San Bernardino so they can take some much needed rest.

21 Oct 75
- 0000 they check into the lodge, get some rest and begin working on doing things such as learning new spells, binding foci, and improving skills.

27 Oct 75
- The team head back to Seattle and OJ starts selling everything they don’t need, including the Banshee. They continue improving skills and purchase new items, including some cool cyberware for Kayless. While recuperating, Kayless ask Rorschach to look into Sweetwater’s disappearance, but they are still not able to determine what happened. An interview with her university dorm roommate reveals some men in black came in the day after she disappeared and took all her stuff.

24 Dec 75
- The team has completed all their training, healing, cyber installs, and are now ready to get back in the game. After all, OJ needs more money to make reach his retirement goal!



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