Ray's Runners

Hamburg trip

Woohoo, a non-feral city!

25 Dec 75 (Merry Christmas)
- Jane contacts the team and asks them to meet Mr. Aaron Johnson at club Infinity for a job offer. She explains he is her employer.
- 2300 The team goes to Infinity and meet Mr. Johnson for the first time and discover he is none other than Ehran the Scribe, former Prince of Tir Tairngire. He asks them to retrieve the Phaistos Disc, which was stolen from the Heraklion Museum. He agrees to pay them 10,000¥ and a 60,000¥ finder’s fee. He explains that Jane has a hound on her trail and has already departed for Hamburg, AGS. They are to meet her there in 72 hours. Ehran gives them 5000¥ each for travel expenses. He informs them they are to meet with a contact in Hamburg named Hardy Wagner, who can provide them information concerning the thief.

26 Dec 75
- 0000 OJ booked a first class flight to Hamburg and will arrive at 1000 local. The rest of the team reach out to Rhinegold to see if they can get a smuggler willing to take them from Seattle to Hamburg. Rhinegold puts them in contact with Brunhilde, a Japanese smuggler, who wears a helmet over her long curly blond locks and carries a spear at all times. She is more than happy to take them over for the right price.
- 0400 The remainder of the team meet Brunhilde and they take off for Hamburg. She plays Wagner throughout the duration of the flight and Kayless engages in a very long discuss with Covon about Tir history, politics, and culture…of which Covon is very knowledgable.

27 Dec 75/1200
- The team arrives in Hamburg where OJ meets them with a VW Sleipnir minivan (for them). He was able to rent a BMW 400GT for himself and Covon. OJ spent the entire day sight-seeing and overall enjoying himself as he familiarized himself with Hamburg. Jane isn’t due to arrive until 29 Dec at midnight.
-1400 They get to the hotel, unload, and take showers. They decide they need some basic equipment and discover a local fixer named Red Anya. They meet with her about an hour later and ask her for a few items. She agrees to get them the items and asks them to come back the following day.
- 2100 The team decides to go out for the evening with Ruthless and Priest finding the local university and joining in parties there. OJ and Kayless head off to the Tower Bar to find out a bit more about the local scene and what’s going on. OJ and Kayless call it an early evening and get back to the hotel at 0300 (28 Dec) and Ruthless and Priest roll in at 0600 after having had breakfast with the college students.

28 Dec 75
- 1500 The runners meet up with Red Anya and get their requested items. They return to the hotel and make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant (for 2315).
- 2315 They get to the restaurant and begin having a nice meal.

29 Dec 75
- 0000 Jane arrives and they go over their plans. They call the number for Wagner and get a voice drop instead of a live person. Jane provides them Wagner’s address, so they depart for there arriving at 0100. They discover Wagner’s place has been burned via phosphorous grenades and different accelerants. They find nothing of use at the apartment. It is at this point, Kayless sends some fly spy drones to follow a local Hansec patrol. After recording them for several hours, they discover nothing of value.
- 0600 Jan Brecht contacts OJ and informs him they are to meet tomorrow at a place and time he will designate, but they must come unarmed and install a CARE package to their commlinks. Oj “agrees”, but they decide they will try to find Hardy via a different method.
- 0700 Kayless calls the deckers Ehran offered to provide assistance and asks them to research a variety of topics, including Wagner. They discover he is a two timing info broker connected with the Penose (a Dutch gang) and is good friends with the Water Rats (a local smuggler gang). They finally get a pic of Wagner and decide to send spirits to search for him. They also send a spirit to find the disc (to no avail).
- 1200 The spirits track Wagner to a location 20 meters below the streets of Hamburg, directly below a park. They contact the decker and get maps for the sewer system and decided to head in.
- 1300 They get to the park, find a manhole cover, and follow the sewers down until they reach a bunker door. They are able to cut through the bunker door and discover Wagner hiding down there. As they are speaking with him, a team ambushes them, knocking OJ unconscious and causing some minor injuries to the runners. Upon awakening, OJ discovers his bound spirit has now gone free and is willing to negotiate a pact with him. They get the heck out of there after collecting the enemy team’s equipment and head back to the hotel.



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