Ray's Runners

Frankfurt, Faustions, Theft, Phaistos, and Bosnia

Sneaking (v): depends on whom you ask

- 4 Jan 2076/1900: The team dresses up and heads off to the gala. They rub elbows with the various high ranking magical and educational leaders of the world. Kayless plants his drones in various areas and is finally able to get them into an air duct which also opens into the servants passages.
While planting their drones, they notice the Apep Consortium (who sent their buddy Georgiy Abolev) also planting cameras.
The team finds the “secret” entrance to the passages and manage to sneak into them, using both Ruthless and Horra as distractions. Once back there, both Kayless and OJ must work together to crack the various security devices protecting the doors. They succeed (barely) and discover a secret library/ritual area downstairs. They find the Phaistos disc and in true Indiana Jones fashion, swap it out for a book (of similar weight). They sneak out with the disc and hand it off to Jane, who reveals she must conduct a ritual to discover the true discs location…it appears this is a copy made with elements from the original disc.
Low and behold, the trail leads to an archeological dig in Bosnia, to be exact, the Bosanska Pirimida Sunca about 30 km north of Sarajevo. They do some research and discover it’s a wartorn land with UN forces attempting to enforce the peace. They also discover Aztechnology has been leading a dig at the pyramid site.
- 5 Jan 2076 (Sunday): The team arrives in Sarajevo, do some more legwork, get a Humvee and head off to the dig site. They set themselves up on the ridgeline near the northern pyramid and observe a veritable tent city/armed camp set up between four pyramids. Their best estimate is that there are 300+ individuals here. They also discover (to their dismay) that the area is an astral shallow, which means all magical effects are clearly visible to anybody.
They decide to leave Covon with Kayless’ sniper rifle on the ridge with Jane. The rest of them decide to sneak to the pyramid they need to enter, overcome the two guards, and enter the tunnels below. They discovered the tunnels thanks to Kayless’ drones.
They sneak upon the guards, but the only one able to achieve surprise is Ruthless who casts a Flamethrower spell unsuccessfully. Horra takes the initiative and opens up with her unsilenced machine pistol (oops…did I mention this is a valley?). Kayless is up next and decides he will follow suit and opens up with his unsilenced automatic shotgun (oops…did I mention this is a valley?). Ruthless, not wanting to be left out, draws her Ruger Super Warhawks and opens fire as well…do I need to mention it is also unsilenced? Do I need to mention…it’s a valley? OJ remains in stealth mode and attacks with his rapier. They finally take down the two guards and enter the pyramid.
The team descends about 200 meters and follow the tunnel to a large chamber. To their surprise, it’s filled with trees, water, plants, and birds…though the drone saw (and sees) nothing but a big black cavern. OJ shoves Kayless through the portal to the chamber and discovers it’s some sort of Astral Gateway…since Kayless’ body is now laying in a pile on the floor, but they can clearly see him standing in the idyllic area. They all enter and the same thing happens to their bodies.
They meander through and see the Phaistos disc upon a pedestal which is on a dais. There is a male and female elf standing to either side of it. After an odd conversation about creators, anguished, and other stuff, they tell the elves of the party that one of them must offer to become an anguished in order to receive the disc. There’s is much debate and OJ finally agrees. He immediately falls to the ground in pain and spikes erupt from his skin…from this entire body. They destroy his clothes and armor and he discovers they do the same when he returns to his body.
With the true Phaistos disc in hand, the idyllic area disappears and they decided to head out the eastern passage, in the general direction of their waiting humvee and Covon.



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