Ray's Runners

Exit the pyramid, downtime, and Hong Kong

Geez, archeology is tough!

- 5 Jan 2076 (Sunday)
- The team emerges from the eastern pyramid and face some serious opposition on their way out. Fortunately for them, Covon and Syndell are still waiting for them and they escape. They make their way back to Sarajevo and catch a flight back to Seattle with a smuggler whom Jane arranged to meet them.
- The runners take some time to purchase some equipment, conduct some training, and all those fun things they do during downtime.

- 16 Feb 2076
- They receive a call from a Johnson asking they meet at a corner cafe late in the evening. When the team arrives, an elf in make up runs up to them, transfers 5000¥ to their accounts and runs off. To their dismay, a security team comes running around the corner and mistakes them for the elf for some reason. After a brief firefight, Ehran the Scribe shows up and offers them a ride in his limousine while they discuss business.
- He wants them to travel to Hong Kong to retrieve Shantaya’s Compass from the Hong Kong Museum of Ancient Artifacts. He offers them a private ballistic shuttle, hotel, and transportation in Hong Kong. They agree to go and complete the mission for 25,000¥. He also offers an option to get equipment for them instead of conducting a cash payout for any item they desire. King takes advantage of it and gets SWAT armor with a helmet and a better fake SIN. Ruthless requests a sword focus and a fake SIN. Payless and Covon both go for fake SINs.

- 18 Feb 2076/0015: The team gets to the airport, loads their gear and takes off for Hong Kong.

- 19 Feb 2076 (Wednesday)
- 1000/The group lands safely in Hong Kong and meet with Penelope Wang, who is an assistant to Ehran. They check their equipment and load up in a diplomatic flagged Nightsky. They are brought to a luxury hotel (The Peninsula Hotel), check in and decide to have lunch and contact Hacker A to do some research on the hotel and compass. They discover there is a big event to be held at the Museum of Ancient Art in a few days, at which the compass will be displayed. They ask Penelope to arrange a special visit to the museum so they can check it out.
- 1500/They arrive at the museum and receive a guided tour. During Kayless’ drone scouting, he encounters two children living in the air ducts. After some confusion, he discovers they are Technomancer orphans. Kayless arranges for the children to leave the museum and takes them back to the hotel, where he decides he’s going to adopt them. The children perform some actions, such as transferring funds from a pair of Atlantean Foundation Reps to Kayless’ commlink. They also order a lot of “food” (read: junk in front of it) and act as typical 11 and 9 year old orphan technomancer children. The team discovers the kids know Beauregard (who works at the museum) is having some problems and might be willing to help the runners in exchange for help.



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