Ray's Runners

Europort fun!


1 Jan 2076
- The runners are at the Loose Cannon’s warehouse and decide to do some more digging into the Regulus Detention Center. They contact their hacker contacts and give them an entire list to research. They also ask Widget (the Loose Cannons’ hacker) to research the same. After waiting a few hours, they decide they don’t want to wait any longer.
- Priest decided he had so much fun at the university in Hamburg, he left the party and went back to school.
- Knowing this job would take more manpower than they currently have, Covon reaches out to former associates (King and Horra) and ask them to come along for this mission. They gladly agree. King is a Nocturne (Night One) who used to serve with Covon on the Tir border. Horra is also an elf whom Covon met in Seattle.
- 0600 The team climbs into the chopper and they fly off to the detention center. They are able to land without issue and discover all AROs are in Dutch (which none of them happen to speak or read). Fortunately, the Loose Cannons tell them which door to enter.
They get to the sally port door and once again face a language barrier, but their new member, King, uses his knowledge of German to get a rough translation. Once they enter, OJ is very happy to find the guards also speak English…after all, this is the Netherlands!
The team discovers they’ve arrived during morning chow and see a long line of prisoners entering the chow hall. Two guards take their “prisoner” to in processing (who happens to be the Face from the Loose Cannons). Kayless looses his drone to try to figure out where Malcolm is located, and they discover solitary is behind one of the security doors leading from the main area. They ask Widget to hack the door, but she fails repeatedly…so she sends her sprite to access it. The sprite not only opens the door, but is also able to gain control of every door in the facility.
The team locates Malcolm and begin cutting through the door, which alerts security and the entire facility goes into lockdown. The runners are under concealment and get nervous when two guards enter solitary. King jumps one, but is dismayed when the guy shrugs off the damage. OJ tells Kayless to go ahead and partake in the combat while he continues cutting through the door. The team fires and fires and fires round after round into the guards, but they can’t seem to penetrate the armor. Oni shows up, which causes one of the guards to flee into a cell and lock himself in and the rest of the team focus fire on the other one and finally take him down. They know the alarm has gone off, so they take Malcolm and get out.
Kayless takes control of the chopper, but an inner voice tells him to come back and land…which he begins obliging. Widget then takes control of the chopper and she too takes the chopper to land…so OJ takes control of her thoughts and convinces her to fly away.
-0700 They make it back to the warehouse and discover Malcolm didn’t want to be rescued…he’s afraid an SK team is after him and that he doesn’t have much longer to live. He tells the runners about sending the disc to Frankfurt to a Hermann Meyer.
The team does some research and discovers the late Hermann Meyer was found dead, apparently killed in some sort of ritual. He was also a member of the Dr. Faustus society. All of Meyer’s possessions now belong to the Faustus society, which includes his manor house in Frankfurt. Of course, in a mere two nights, Hans Winokur, the current leader of the society is holding a huge gala there.
The runners decide it’s time to head to Frankfurt and work with Jane to get transportation there. Kayless is able to find another smuggler who is able to transport his drones to Frankfurt.
Oh, did I fail to mention the team left the Loose Cannon’s Face at the Regulus Detention Center?



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