Ray's Runners

Dusk, The Conclusion

Ghouls and formal attire

5 Jul 2075/0001 (Friday)
- Syndell arrives in Lagos and contacts OJ to let the rest of the team know she’s in country. She makes her way to the Novo Porto hotel to find Calas recovering from his earlier bout with food poisoning.
- OJ, Ruthless, and Covon decide to head down to the hotel to pick up the remainder of the team, then fly to the palace with the statue and prisoner in tow. Unfortunately the truck runs out of gas on the way down, so they have to hoof it. Fortunately for the team, judicious use of a spirit of air gets the trio there rapidly.
- 0200-0400 The entire team flies to Ife where the Oni’s advisor rewards them mightily with 100,000 Naira….after OJ gets offended with the first offer of 50,000.
-0600-0800 The team flies back to Lagos and OJ convinces Syndell of the need to go shopping….which Syndell gladly does.
-1000 After a fruitful shopping trip, they arrive at the hotel and crash after the night’s activities.
-1800 Jane shows up and says she wants to take them to Lagos Island so they can get some outfits for the next night’s auction (black tie affair) as well as treat them to some real food. The group is ecstatic and join her.
- Unfortunately for them, their okada drivers take a detour through a really nasty part of town and they discover a ghoul party about to commence, with them as the main course. Calas demonstrates how effective a shotgun can truly be, while the rest of the team barely hold off their hungry attackers. Eventually, Jane looks to OJ and tells him she’s had enough and casts some sort of massive spell which leaves the ghouls dead…all of them. She then passes out from the casting.
- 2000 They finally make it to Lagos Island, check into a hotel and do yet more shopping. They eat a hearty dinner and retire for the evening.

6 Jul 75/Saturday
- 1900 The team arrives at the auction, held in the Global Sandstorm building and watch as artifact after artifact is sold. Eventually, the Piri Ries map comes up, but Jane is quickly outbid. The final sale price, 2.1 million Nuyen. Jane tells OJ her employer wants the map and to get it. At this point, OJ brings up the very poor wording of the original agreement and demands a second payment equal to the first to retrieve it (17% of the value). Well, needless to say, Jane is vexed, but she finally comes to an agreement to increase the overall payment. She has also learned to word her future deals with runners exactly. Thanks OJ!
- 2115 The winner of the bid, Medjay. He collects the map and while he is doing so, the Apep Consortium and Azzie teams make their way to the garage. Assuming they will probably attempt to take the map, Syndell waits until Medjay enters an elevator, then has a sprite use gremlins on it….forcing it to move very slowly, then release the brakes the last four floors. The team takes the other elevator and discover the other two teams waiting in their vehicles for Medjay.
Syndell hacks the vehicles, locks the doors, and disables them with the occupants still in. Once the elevator crashes, they rush to secure the map, to find Medjay still alive, bruised, but alive. Fireballs start enveloping the team and Medjay, so Syndell blacks out the windows on both vehicles (so the occupants can’t see out) and the fireballs finally stop. They find Medjay has been knocked unconscious and they take the map case and make their escape. Jane meets them and they make a dash to the airport where they catch a flight out with Innocence and eventually make it back to Seattle. They receive their pay and each head off to their domiciles to spend some much needed time relaxing, training, and probably…more shopping.



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