Ray's Runners

Dusk, Part 4

Dang, we're racking up the miles...

- 4 Jul 2075 (Thursday)
- 1200/OJ and Kayless finish speaking with Hippo and they head to the Novo Porto to get the rest of the team. Unfortunately, cat on a stick doesn’t agree with Kayless and he ends up spending the rest of the day in his room. Ruthless is feeling much better though and is ready to get out of the hotel! Both Ruthless and OJ summon some spirits for the upcoming visit the the Dancing Ork (Silence’s usually hangout), but are so exhausted from the summoning, they rest for a couple more hours.
- 1400-1600/They head up to the Dancing Ork (in Agege) and not so subtly enter the brothel to find Silence. They are apparently so distracted with the run down, dirty, putrid joint, they don’t notice as Silence makes his way out of one of the back rooms and out the back door. It is only through pure chance (really, really pure chance…one could say an act of the Almighty), that Ruthless notices the rear exit door shutting. Ruthless decides to check it out and sees the person they seek trying to climb onto the roof of the next building. She goes into full action and attempts to capture this guy and realizes she is not the grappler of the party. She calls for help and Covon and OJ get out there to subdue him.
- 1600-1800/They head back to the Novo Porto via okada and wait for the thief to awaken. Once they do, they successfully interrogate him to discover he stole the artifact for Uzochi Oluleye. He already gave Uzochi the artifact so he has no idea where it’s at. They call Jane to pick up Silence and she does so at 2000.
- 2200/They head over the Three Friends because they remember they saw Uzochi there. When they arrive, they discover he hasn’t been there, but Hippo let’s them know he is throwing some sort of get together tonight around midnight at his compound in….Agege. The runners realize they have to rush to get back to Agege.
- Midnight…they arrive at the compound to discover chanting coming from the courtyard, while guards patrol the exterior. Ruthless goes astral and sees a half dozen guards inside as well as a couple of mages around an artifact in the courtyard. They decided to climb the wall and get on top of what appears to be a living complex. They do so wonderfully and start throwing flash bang grenades and ball lightnings throughout the courtyard. Covon discovers he is far better at hitting targets up to 12 meters away with his knives than at close range, and these AK-97s are not all that bad. After nearly a dozen seconds, they dispatch all the opposition and grab not only the statue, but Uzochi and toss all of them into the white Toyota pick up truck they found in the courtyard. Covon jumps behind the wheel and OJ tells him to head off to Ife while he takes his place behind the medium machine gun mounted in the bed of the truck.
- 5 Jul 75/0002 (Friday): It’s off to Ife…what will happen on their 168 km drive?



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