Ray's Runners

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 3

23 April 2076 (Thursday)
- 1600 Jian-Min does Matrix search to find out if they find Joanna’s team then searches for cameras. Kayless uses his Smuggling Routes to determine possible route.. Jian searches bug spirit activity. Kayless calls Raja and asks him to track Joanna and arrange transport to target location (Frankfurt).
- 1702: Arrive at airfield to catch flight out and arrive (0002/24 Apr). Kayless calls Rohrschach and leaves message that he’ll pay 1000¥ for 30 minutes of her time. Kayless runs to Bazaar to get Jian an MCT Fly Spy with ECM, chameleon suit and shock gloves.
- 2302: Rohrschach calls Kayless.

24 April 2076 (Friday)
- 0002 Arrive at a small airfield outside Frankfurt.
- OJ summons spirit to find Joann
- Kayless calls Piotr and they are take to Nightclub Paradies at 0145. They book rooms at Villa Kennedy.
- 0200: OJ summons spirit to bind until 0800.
- 0402: Get to rooms and get info.
- 1600: Everyone wakes up.
- 1700: Luigi shows up and takes them to Milan.
- 2330: Arrive in Milan.

- 25 Apr 2076 (Saturday)
- 0000 Get settled into B&B. Kalyess talks with local smuggler sand learns of deaths in Sarajevo.
- 0030: Jian searches for info on group (Joann’s).
- 0100: Jian finds smuggler form Milan to Sarajevo (Dragan).
- 0200: Dragan responds he is able to meet at port in 3 hours for 5000¥.
- 0500: Dragan meets party at port.
- 0530: Jian finds more info about ambush in Sarajevo.
- 0600: Turn around and arrive back in Milan.
- 1400: Synthia Schorders shows up and makes offer which the team refuses. Tells them she is with a different group of the Apep Consortium and that Corcoran is a master shedim who shouldn’t receive the heart.
- 1500: Jian searches for the orgs who ambushed Joann’s group and OJ summons a spirit of air.
OJ summons a spirit and seeks out a chem lab to see if he can get some KE-IV.

26 Apr 2076 (Sunday)
- 0600: OJ meets Jimmy Bob of Doctors Within Borders and give him the samples and they discover at 0900 that it is KE-IV.

27 Apr 2076 (Monday)
- 0930: The team discovers that the insect hive is in the old subways, buys a bunch of gear and make their way into the subway where they discover a strange tunnel with sentries and a couple of guys talking about something.



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