Ray's Runners

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Part 1

Off to Istanbul

- 20 April 2076
- The team has spent several weeks to make improvements and receive a call from Jane. She informs them they have a Job offer from an Evan Corcoran in the Federal District of Columbia. All expenses will be paid just to listen to the job. Their flight takes off at 1800 to the FDC.
- 21 April 2076/0400: They land in FDC where a limo picks them up and takes them to one of the nicer hotels in the area. Kayless checks into safe houses in the FDC and thinks the best place to find them would be the Anacostia Barrens.
- 0500: They meet with Corcoran and negotiate for 50,000¥ each, up to a party of 5. Corcoran informs them an artifact lent to the George Washington University for study was stolen. Ehran lent them the artifact (the weird heart they found in Karavan). Corcoran’s agents believe the heart is enroute or already in Istanbul and will be sold there. The team reviews security footage of the heist and believe the group who committed it are The Loose Cannons, the same group they encountered back in Europort.
- 1900: The team boards a private charter aircraft and depart for Istanbul.

- 22 April 2076
- 0520: The team arrives in Istanbul, rent a Toyota Gopher from the local Avis and depart for their hotel, the Sura Hagia Sophia. The Avis employee tells them to contact his cousin Raja if they need anything for their stay.
- 0700: They arrive at their hotel, get settled in and call Raja to see if he can assist in finding one of the Loose Cannons, Yuri, whom they believe would be the one most likely to stand out.
- 0900: They go to the Grand Bazaar and Kayless sets loose his fly spies to see if they can find any of the Loose Cannons via facial recognition. OJ summons a spirit of air and sends it to search for Yuri as well. While they wait for the drones and spirit to do their things, they decide to do a little shopping for information (and stuff). They discover rumors of a sale taking place this coming Saturday at the Grand Bazaar for an item to a group of Kharijites (servants to the great dragon Aden). They also meet Sam (a talismonger) who shows OJ a beautiful, obviously magical, walking cane. OJ assenses it, but cannot determine it’s exact powers, so Sam tells them he will call his cousin (Izzett, son of Kadir) to come look at it for him.
- 1400: Izzett, son of Kadir, arrives at Sam’s shop and they look at the cane. Izzett reveals it has a sordid history and is cursed. Over a century ago, it belonged to a British officer who used it to take out his displeasure on his servants, and all who saw him while he had it, felt he had a presence about him which demanded respect. When he used it during his tirades, he became a vicious person and would not stop unless he exerted a huge amount of self control (or was forced to stop). OJ purchases it and immediately begins the bonding process.
- 1900: OJ also decides to bind his spirit of air and spends the next 6 hour doing so (finished 23 April 2076/0100).



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