Ray's Runners

AU, Give the Devil His Due, Finale

27 Apr 2076
- 1030: The team launchers their assault against the nicely dressed ork bug spirits and after a long battle including grenades, drones, sniper rifles, spells, they overcome the entire group. They recover the heart and make their way out. Luckily Kayless has his Fly Spy drones out and sees a group heading the way they came, so they are able to avoid them. They make their way to a luxury hotel and decide to rest and recuperate.
- 1100: OJ calls Jane Foster and offers to give her the heart for Ehran. She calls back several hours later and agrees to send a representative to retrieve the heart and she offers them the same amount they would have received from Corcoran (50,000¥). OJ also asks for an Ares MP Lancer.
- OJ calls Lotta Blossom and invites her to come to Milan to party for a week.
- Kayless calls Brunhilde to arrange transport back to Seattle. He also invites her to come to Milan to party for a week.
- After they party for the week, they depart for Seattle and arrive in Seattle on 4 May 2076.

- Covon spends the next two weeks learning a new martial arts technique (12 May 2076)
- Ruthless increases her Perception from 3 to 4 (4 days-8 May 2076)
- Kayless increases his Charisma from 3-4 (4 weeks), learned Chinese (1 day), and improved his Pilot Watercraft from 1-2 (2 days) (4 Jun 2076). Kayless purchases Control Rig (beta, Rating 2) and Tailored Pheromones (Rating 3), which take a month to get.



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