Ray's Runners

Anchors Aweigh - part 2

Good thing everyone can swim

Friday evening is spent relatively uneventfully; Covon is preparing gear and snacking on milcorp spec protein-energy-microbe-enhanced bars; Ruthless is working at the little portable stove to get some cookies made; Kayless, as usual, tinkers away on his drones. All while Da’ Stroker is doing some legwork on the infil and exfil plan setup. The plans unnerve him so much that he decides to bow out, rather than infiltrate a warship using only his deck and his grenade launcher (not the best for such close, tight quarters). Luckily he knows a few chummers hard on their luck and needing a score, both relatively new to the scene – Lycus an infiltrator with that edge which only comes from being magically adept and Elvis a decker of some skill both in the matrix and in meatspace. They are accompanied by the rarely present Horra, who decides to join in the reindeer games.

Saturday morning everyone meets at the safehouse, to reevaluate the plan with the new team capabilities, handle a little more legwork, and ensure there is the level of professional mistrust among new associates. Once business is concluded, they set out for diving and climbing instruction at the beach.

The instruction takes place at a beachside bungalow styled shack, a complete dive shop with recreation vehicles, sporting equipment, and a portable climbing simulation wall. This is clearly a place more suited for vacation activities than high quality instruction, but the proprietor, a jovial dwarf of no small demeanor, makes it known that the team is getting first rate lessons. Climbing in the morning, lunch break, then diving in the evening (to better enjoy the bio-luminescent critters!) the team is in for a full day. As they are climbing out of the water during diving instruction the team is greeted by a large group of sailors, headed up by a stern looking man in charge.

Some tense conversation, and failed negotiation, the team is taken into custody. Boarding the CSS kittyhawk as and thrown in the brig, the team has to plot how to get out, find their gear, acquire the target, and find a new egress plan.

The team is interrogated by the XO, Commander Titus West. Cmdr. West appreciates Covon’s direct and honest approach, realizing that the team is really a covert unit appearing as if they are shadowrunners trying to infiltrate the carrier group. How else would the team have such confidential information? The commander arranges for the team to collect their standard issue gear from the quartermaster.

After getting dressed and geared the team makes a new plan to acquire the sextant. Horra will attempt to seduce the Captain to get into his quarters, from there she will subdue him and steal the sextant. The rest of the team will prepare the ex-filtration – blowing a hole in the side of the ship’s hull, creating a separate diversion, and escaping to swim to shore.
Horra is able to seduce her way into the captains quarters, past the stationed marine outside. She informs the captain of the mutiny in his midst headed up by the XO. The captain orders the XO to be detained, starting a huge commotion aboard the ship, and then successfully subdued the captain with a slap patch. The team meets at the aft launch ramp, finding a couple of Zodiac Scorpio. Launching the craft the team uses a spirit from Ruthless for concealment and the team’s stealth abilities to navigate to shore. Hopping in the van at the training location, the team head back to the safehouse.

Upon arrival at the safehouse not all is as it seems. There is no foot traffic, no random people wandering about their day; searching the matrix the team finds a group setup in ambush. Covon directs some small unit tactics and the team assaults the ambush! After a very lengthy fight, the CAS special force team is subdued, restrained, and healed (as much as can be, those that were not killed). Now the team only need to return the sextant, collect their payday, and head home for some much needed R&R.



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